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Question: What’s the only state name that can be typed using only one row of typewriter keys?

Trivia tonight comes courtesy of The Land of Badger via Jeopardy


Trivia Crack Review

rivia Crack is a fun trivia game where its main purpose is to put your knowledge to the test. This asynchronous multiplayer game from Etermax… 360 more words


Making lemonade

With ten screenplays written and none sold or produced, you might think I’d be frustrated and angry. You’d be half right: It sure is frustrating. But angry? 497 more words


Tuesday Trivia #3

Ireland is often referred to as The Land of Saints and Scholars. During the Dark Ages in Europe, much of the continent was overrun by barbarian tribes. 36 more words


"Leave the rent with the gent up in the penthouse"

The life of the late great Ian McLagan of Small Faces, Faces and Rolling Stones fame might have turned out very differently if he had followed in his father’s footsteps. 56 more words


"One cool million for one cool caress"

Regular readers will know that I am not a big fan of 80s music. But there are two Trevor Horn produced albums that stand out for me as rather excellent. 54 more words


"Come on in, and close the door"

Remember Peters and Lee who had a UK number one with “Welcome Home” in 1973? Well did you know that Lennie Peters (a.k.a Gary Hall, a.k.a Leonard George Sargent) was the uncle of… 11 more words