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Day 055

Flat mate is back from galavanting across Europe. So that means back to Pub Quiz! Our weekly ritual. And we came third. Not bad for the first week back in eight weeks!

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Philippine Literary Festival 2015

I accidentally knew about Philippine Literary Festival 2015 when a good friend of mine saw a poster about it and she said, “Oy, punta ka dun oh. 961 kata lagi


Futurama Trivia #9

What is Lrrr’s favourite TV show from 2000?

Find out if you were correct by going to ‘PAGE 2’ below!

Single Female Lawyer


Half A Millennium

No! That title doesn’t refer to my age. That whiny rant will be coming up later this month. Stay tuned for your chance to legally stick it to the old Archon. 340 kata lagi

That's Life


September 1 in history:

The last known passenger pigeon in captivity, named Martha, died on September 1st, 1914 at the Cincinnati Zoo. Ironically, the Ohio legislature was asked to protect passenger pigeons in the 1850s, and a study committee concluded that the species was so plentiful, there was no need for protection. 115 kata lagi

Today In History

Moments of Joy: July 2015

Last month, I recounted a friend’s wonderful heart-to-heart speech that she worked long and hard to prepare.  This month’s happy moment also involved preparation — for a big surprise!   941 kata lagi