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[Listen] Showbiz Smackdown: Maribeth From Algonquin

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Maribeth just dropped her hubby at the airport. Will she win the cash to have a surprise for him when he gets home? 21 kata lagi


Curious Number Patterns #1


An Interesting Palindromic Prime

9128219 is an interesting number. It’s a palindromic prime (both a palindrome and a prime).

In addition, the digits of 9136319 (which is also a palindromic prime) appear in the 9128219th position of the digits of  32 kata lagi


January 16

The League of Nations met for the first time on January 16, 1920 in Paris, France. It was organized in the Paris Peace Conference, also known as the Treaty of Versailles, that ended the First World War. 102 kata lagi


A To Z Challenge – T

This will be a DIY, or interactive post, for the letter

Back last April, when I decided to try this challenge, I also decided to cheat (a bit). 386 kata lagi


January 16 in History

Citizens from twenty-eight communities located in the “New Hampshire Grants”—land across the Connecticut River to the west of the colony of New Hampshire—declared independence 240 years ago today. 385 kata lagi


Film and TV Fact #113

Gangs Of New York :-

Leonardo DiCaprio accidentally broke Daniel Day-Lewis’ nose while filming a fight scene. Day-Lewis continued to film the scene despite the injury. (IMDB)


Trivia Recap - Jan. 15, 2017 - Oscar's Sports Grille

Our “Gruesome Twosome” of ‘Pods visited Oscar’s Sports & Grill in Saline for a helping of Sporcle Live trivia. OK, so we’re not technically “that” gruesome, but there really aren’t that many words that rhyme with “twosome.” Maybe use the phrase “Wild Pair” instead?” That was the name of the singers who sang in the “Opposites Attract” duet with Paula Abdul in 1988. 1.094 kata lagi