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Rylah Reblog

This is not precisely a ‘reblog.’ I have decided to republish a Second Opinion newspaper column, submitted about 15 years ago, by my daughter, who now presents her opinions on her own… 476 kata lagi


Today in History: Dec. 9

Most centenarians become famous upon reaching their 100th birthday. Not many are already famous. The most renowned show business figures to achieve this milestone are probably Bob Hope and George Burns. 293 kata lagi


Did you know most people die at 3-4am?

Several stories once circulated regarding the mystery of how and why most of the people die on their sleep at 3-5am. Due to a number of people suddenly dying on that certain time, they call it the “devil’s hour”. 56 kata lagi


Did you know that babies has more bones than a fully grown adult?

Babies are born with 300 bones, while a fully grown adult has a total of 206 bones in the body. What happened to the rest of the bones? 30 kata lagi


A Christmas wish... and 10 more "things"

Ah, Christmas; a time for giving, sharing, for thinking of far-flung friends etc.

I don’t expect to be receiving any cards over here this festive season, particularly as I’ve still never seen a postman. 579 kata lagi

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