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Sandra: The best restaurant - The Italian Experience 2011 #NYC

What would I want to ask to an Italian? A one way ticket to the best restaurant, to taste authentic Italian food. The Italian Experience is your best chance to find out what “italian way of life” really means. 18 kata lagi

Best Restaurants In NYC

Do You Need an International Travel Plan?

Do I need an international travel plan? Whenever I travel internationally one of my key concerns is communication. How can I communicate with friends and family back home? 612 kata lagi

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An Italian Summer

We took a car from Naples and went around the south of Italy. I feel every young person should do this trip with their best friends or at least any road trip. 264 kata lagi

The Salt Route

Hiking the Path of the Gods

Photo by Ken Mayer (Flickr)

“Sheer beauty prevails as the steep rocky cliffs of the Amalfi Coast meet the undulating waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Tiered colorful towns appear which were once simple fishing villages. 386 kata lagi

Italy Travel

Bottle of the Week- Vietti Barbera d'Asti Tre Vigne

I have been drinking a lot of Italian wines lately (hello, Amarone), and it’s no coincidence, because in two short months I will be in Italy! 388 kata lagi