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Is it not merely superior intelligence we are dealing with? Some speak of aliens having bound us to a living hologram...

The effort to view God or Vishnu as superior intelligence or an alien force with some sinister agenda is an extension of our 4 characteristic tendencies viz eating, sleeping, mating and defending. 765 kata lagi

The Holy Trinity

In Hinduism, there are three supreme gods(Trimurtis) – Brahma(the creator), Vishnu(the preserver) and Shiva(the destroyer). The three supreme goddesses are Sarawati(Brahma’s wife), Lakshmi(Vishnu’s wife) and Parvati(Shiva’s wife). 181 kata lagi

Eggy Sudjana Kurang Baca

Barangkali membaca adalah hal paling tabu yang dilakukan oleh Eggy Sudjana. Hal ini tecermin dari kegagalannya dalam memosisikan arti kata esa dan konteks ormas dalam Perppu No.2 Tahun 2017 pada tempatnya. 583 kata lagi

Happy 28 Days to SRK's Birthday! 28 SRK Romances, Part 2

I just thought this would be an interesting experiment, to take a brief look at 28 different films in terms of the romance plots.  and then try to come to some conclusions.  1.059 kata lagi

Elephanta Caves - A World Heritage Site Off Mumbai Coast

The internationally popular and vibrant island city of Mumbai is well-known not just for being the financial capital of India, and home to the world-famous ‘Bollywood’ Hindi film industry, but also for its rich history and numerous tourist attractions. 2.419 kata lagi

My World

Happy Mother's Day! Here Are Songs, Scenes, and Movie Suggestions to Celebrate!

Happy Mother’s Day!  Last year I did 3 short posts, this year I am going to combine them all into one big post!  Songs, scenes, and a list of films you can watch if you want to celebrate. 441 kata lagi