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Before reading, please say OM (pronounced AUM). Antes de ler, por favor diga o OM (pronuncia-se AUM). Antes de leer, por favor di el OM (pronunciado AUM). 1.258 kata lagi

Great Masters/Grandes Mestres/Grandes Maestros

Happy Mother's Day! Here Are Songs, Scenes, and Movie Suggestions to Celebrate!

Happy Mother’s Day!  Last year I did 3 short posts, this year I am going to combine them all into one big post!  Songs, scenes, and a list of films you can watch if you want to celebrate. 441 kata lagi


The Never Ending Asia of Jogjakarta (Part 4 - Prambanan Temple)

Karena ini adalah hari terakhir di mana William, Afandy, Alexander, dan Sumi akan pulang ke Jakarta (dengan menggunakan kereta!) maka kita memutuskan untuk check-out dari Hotel masing-masing sebelum berangkat pergi. 424 kata lagi


Our Own Nature-The Hindu Trinity

It is true that we just cannot stay inactive, can we? We want to create something, not necessarily unique but a strong compulsion within to play the role of a creator. 374 kata lagi


Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh

Philosophy  of Brahma Vishnu Mahesh or Trimurti, in Hinduism these figures are names of Gods. Brahma is the creator, Vishnu is the manager and Mahesh is considered destroyer and the base of these attributions are Hindu literature. 114 kata lagi