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The neighbourhood Elephanta Trimurti

A trip to the Elephanta Caves, off the Mumbai coast is generally a day’s outing, especially for those living in the northern parts of Mumbai, such as Kandivali. 113 kata lagi


Hindu Dharma: Avatars of Vishnu

In today’s lesson we studied the different avatars of Vishnu. Personally, I really enjoyed this lesson as it is so different to my own religious beliefs. 322 kata lagi

Hindu Dharma

100+1 SYMBOL - Trimurti

The ‘Trimurti’ is a concept in Hinduism in which the cosmic functions of creation, maintenance, and destruction are personified by the forms of ‘Brahma’ the creator, ‘Vishnu’ the maintainer or preserver and ‘Shiva’ the destroyer or transformer. 116 kata lagi


Three in One

Many people want to conquer the world by their knowledge. That’s why some people formulate their common belief that knowledge is power, scientia potestas est… 363 kata lagi


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Trimurti & Duality

Multifaceted, colors in the multiples, many lives
have been portals to a centered being manifest.
The left, in his powerful masculinity, may burn the world to layers… 146 kata lagi

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A Primer on Hinduism

We’re offering here a very basic primer on the structures and central deities of Hinduism.

Hinduism has no one central set of religious rules, practices, or a single faith leader — rather, it might be fair to say that there are loosely organized sects and as many accepted methods of practice as there are adherents. 43 kata lagi

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