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Wishful Thinking: Tri: Of Friendship and Madness

When Did I Put This On The List? 

October 8, 2014.

Why Did I Put This On The List? 

It’s a puzzle-platformer with a really interesting central mechanic. 184 more words

Wishful Thinking



Por : Andrés Becerril

Estos últimos años Hemos sufrido con el 2-0 (#DosACero) por parte de Los Estados Unidos a nuestra selección y con el que ellos se auto denominan ‘el gigante del área’ , encima de esto, en el pasado mundial los ‘Ticos’ fueron los que realizaron un mejor papel, llegando al tan ansiado quinto partido , al cual el vecino del norte y ahora los Ticos ya accedieron . 371 more words

Futbol Mexicano

[Calculate IRR] Internal Rate of Return

Best example to calculate the internal rate of return.

The main idea of calcuting IRR is to make the NPV(net present value) to 0. 17 more words



Rest day!

Obviously! Rest means tree surgery!


IMLP Weeks 7 & 8: Energy Bites and Roll Recovery

The last two weeks have been pretty solid for training, and I continue to pick up new tips and tricks along the way.  This week’s favorites include… 369 more words


Rough Start

I was a little dissapointed on how much of my physical condition I lost from last year. It really feels like I’m starting from zero instead of from scratch. 506 more words


OneEightSeven Pirates on the Rampage

By pilot Hifly and Thane Carios

(UUNN HQ) For several days a band of pirates from the squad OneEightSeven had rampaged through system after system, attacking honest traders in both unregulated and factional space. 352 more words