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Only so far

In the past months I’ve realized that you can only get so far and be so good by training on your own.  Often I find my self-motivation is lacking a few weeks into a training program and workouts get pushed back for other social events. 470 more words


Byron Bay Tri

The triathlon went really, really well. A few highlights:

+ Gorgeous weather (beyond perfect, actually)

+ Equally gorgeous people everywhere. Like, everywhere. Byron is already known for having more than its fair share of stunners in both the male and female categories (think carefree, tousled backpackers, tan surfers, model-gorgeous vegetarians, rah rah rah….), but last weekend it was just insane. 294 more words

Road Trip To Penticton...And A Race! My Bare Bones Duathlon Race Report

This weekend my family and I made the pilgrimage from the Prairie flatland that is Edmonton, down through the foothills near Calgary, into and out of the Rocky Mountains, and finally into the vineyards and hills of inland B.C. 1.506 more words



In December I decided I wanted to work out at least 10 hours per week. I made this goal for a couple reasons: I knew I would need to do that for half ironman training so it seemed like a good way to do some unfocused base building and it also seemed like a great way to have something to focus on besides job hunting (which reminds me, I haven’t announced to the blog that I found a job and will be starting in June!). 172 more words


New year, new goals, new adventures

I’m sad to say I’ve neglected posting here this past year, which has flown by incredibly fast.

To recap the year so far:

In January, I decided to start the… 260 more words


2015 Run Training

“Swim like there’s sharks, ride like you stole it, run like they’re chasing you!”

This motto is plastered all over the triathlon world. And my approach to racing triathlons is pretty similar! 565 more words


Introduction To Me

Hello, I’m Emily :)

I am 21 years old and I live in a small town on the South Coast of England.

I have always been a sporty person and the only time I have ever struggled with my weight was for a year during school when I broke my leg. 281 more words