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Fourteen-Year-Old DSS: Shocking Contents!

by Fence

(UUNN HQ) A recently-retrieved DSS has yielded an entirely new kind of data — an image.  As with other DSS, this one was made up on long strings of characters.   226 kata lagi


Sebuah nilai

Ada sebuah cerita pendek yang dikirimkan oleh seorang teman tentang “nilai”. Pasti sudah banyak yang membaca maupun mendengar cerita dibawah ini, biarlah kemudian menjadi pengingat akan arti sebuah “nilai” 468 kata lagi

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Pilot Alleges TRI Enforcer Attack

by Thane Carios

(TRI HQ) TRI Corporation announced today that it has received a report that a pilot had been attacked by a TRI Enforcer around midnight GMT on 116.2.9. 99 kata lagi


La chambre à coucher

Dans l’art du désencombrement, nous allons commencer par le plus facile ou presque : notre chambre à coucher.

Le lieu où l’on dort est censé être un lieu de ressourcement profond. 529 kata lagi


Some nice promo images for The London Triathlon 2016 - entering?

I definitely enjoyed last year’s London Triathlon down in sunny docklands. The only regret was probably doing the shorter distance and not getting in the more iconic views around the Houses of Parliament that you get with the Oly’s bike leg. 103 kata lagi


TX 400 Fresh Film Pics

There’s not much in photography more satisfying than getting a roll of film back. This was literally shot over 6 months so I was pleasantly suprised to see some photos that I had long forgotten about. 345 kata lagi

2016 IMLP Training – WEEK 5

WEEK 5 – January 25, 2016 – January 31, 2016

The participant list for Ironman Lake Placid came out this week, and of course I had to ensure my name was on it. 619 kata lagi