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Taman Di Belakang Rumah

Taman di lahan yang sempit sudah cukup lumrah rasanya dikehidupan masyarakat saat ini, konsep taman yang tidak memakan lahan juga membuat perawatannya lebih mudah diatur karena tidak meluas kemana-mana. 255 kata lagi


Active Recovery

Rest and recovery during Ironman training are just as important as the training itself, but you can’t afford to be taking a lot of days off – that’s why you need  230 kata lagi

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TRI Screening in Philadelphia

This Wednesday, August 31, TRI, an award-winning indie film, is screening at the Trocadero theatre in Philadelphia. I just finished watching this movie, and I enjoyed it.  284 kata lagi

Michael Cavacini

Exploratory Run

Went for a little 5 mile exploratory run this morning!


Canadian Theatrical News: Kizumonogatari Part 1: Tekketsu & Digimon Adventure tri. - Chapter 1: Reunion

The summer has been kind of a dry spell for theatrical anime screenings in Canada, but we’re entering the fall with two highly anticipated multi-part film series. 1.336 kata lagi

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Just Tri

Sitting with my boyfriend in the dimly lit basement of his parent’s town house, the two of us high on grass, we were scanning the channels on the old 28 inch tv when we came across a triathlon. 2.958 kata lagi



If this is your first Ironman or half-Ironman distance race and you’re all about wanting to remember this moment forever…get the TriTats.

Here’s the deal with body marking at races: 182 kata lagi

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