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This is a normal thing to see on a bike ride, right? Biked 2 hours today, and beat the rain!

Tri Mummy

After the fab experience running my first ever half marathon last year, I was then told by my Chiropractor that  I shouldn’t run because of my bad back and the foot injury that I developed during training. 339 kata lagi

Free Triathlon Guide from Sundried

Even just thinking about taking on a triathlon is a daunting, let alone actually taking the plunge and signing up for one and actually doing the bloody thing. 187 kata lagi


TRI Responds to Reports of Enforcer Attack

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) After corroborated pilot reports that a TRI-Enforcer-type ship was involved in an attack on the convoy transporting engineers to Amananth, Dominic Serus, Vice President of TRI-DEF (TRI Defense & Security), released the following statement. 172 kata lagi



Don’t eat the Mars Bar and Get Fat
Choose the new age sesame seeds instead
And escape on a god canoe

© 2017 Andrew Watkins

Feb.13-19 2017: A New Way of Thinking


AM: 30 minute bike on the trainer

PM: 4 miles easy


AM: 4 miles easy

PM: 8×400 meters with 1:10 rest

73 – 77 – 75 – 77 – 71 – 71 – 73 – 70… 219 kata lagi

Cross Country

A New Start

I started the new year off with a win at the Ice Man Dip & Dash. It is usually completed by crazy-hungover people who didn’t get enough stimulation from whatever New Year’s Eve party they attended the night before. 432 kata lagi

Cross Country