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Travian: Kingdoms Apk v1.1.5432 Mod

The Travian CLASSIC with more than 1.5 million players now as an app.
New features• Choose your role as either KING or GOVERNOR• Turn your village into a flourishing city• Raid ROBBER CAMPS and steal resources• Form SECRET SOCIETIES• Play on both, your PC and/or smartphone• Experience tactics, sk… … 8 kata lagi


ROI considerations for Free2play (Mobile) Gaming

One of my earlier jobs was to manage a free2play gaming company in the Middle East. Over years, this gaming company was found in the… 661 kata lagi


I know, I know I haven’t been updating my blog as promised, but can you please give me a chance to explain myself first?? puhleaseeeee?? 407 kata lagi


Troop statstic

Let’s take a tour into the statistic behind troops in travian kingdoms.

When it comes to attack per cost we can se that clubswinger is the number one unit they have a base attack on 0.22222 and under clubswinger we have axefighter on a 0.1765 value. 146 kata lagi

Travian Kingdoms

Travian play as Teutons

The best way to play as Teutons. Keep reading the article to find out how to play Teutons and end up being top 10. This is proven to be one of the best ways to go and is tested by myself. 474 kata lagi

Travian Kingdoms

What tribe ?

What tribe should I use in travian kingdoms ? It depends on your game style.
Are you a player who are active, like to play aggressive, farm a bit or are you someone who like to play defensive, make some traps, or do you play somewhere there between. 372 kata lagi

Travian Kingdoms

Travian kingdoms

Travian kingdoms is an MMORTS game made from “Travian Games GmbH” and is based on its original since 2004 by a person called Gerhard Müller. The original game is translated into 40 language and has over 5 million players on 300 servers around the world. 116 kata lagi

Travian Kingdoms