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Today in History, October 18: 1954 – Texas Instruments and I.D.E.A. announce the first commercially viable transistor radio for sale. Previous radios had used vacuum tubes and were heavy and bulky. 13 kata lagi

The rumors are true. Unpausing again.

Pause of the Clock is getting an encore screening in Chicago!

Join me on 10 December at Transistor! Michael Glover Smith will introduce the movie and then lead a post-show discussion. And it’s free!

7 Most Amazing Cyberpunk Video Games Ever Made

Cyberpunk is my favorite genre in gaming and in movies too and I would say it is mainly because of Blade Runner when I first watched that in the year 2005 and since then I don’t think there is something as cool as Cyberpunk. 957 kata lagi


How Data is being written and read back from DRAM(Main Memory)?

Main memory in sense we usually refers to the Dynamic Random Access Memory of a computer. This RAM is a massive collection of transistors and capacitors which are sized tiny up to 4 atom size. 177 kata lagi

Transistor, Tattered 'n' Torn, The Marlin Hotel, Ulladulla, 9th September 2017

Impressive duo Transistor opened Tattered ‘n’ Torn.  The two teens blew the hair back on the appreciative audience with their performance.  Definitely an act to look out for. 40 kata lagi


In search of...

I’m on a quest to find this radio. Have you got this in a drawer at home? It’s called an EXPO 70.


When I was a kid, my father gave me this tiny thing. 385 kata lagi


Simple light barrier - Part 3

In the past month I reworked the circuit of the receiver part of the light barrier and successfully tested it in a circuit simulator:

The circuit consist of the photodiode, a simple adjustable threshold trigger and a booster stage. 164 kata lagi

Circuit Design