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Semiconductor Electronics: Materials,Devices and Simple Circuits

Hita is preparing for this topic in her IIT-JEE Coaching center.

  1. This topic is in the mains syllabi only. Not there for JEE Advanced.
  2. So there is a tendency to go light on part of students and institutes.
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Olympiad Physics

Pictures From PlayStation 4 Screenshots

If there ‘s one aspect of the 8th Generation of consoles I love, it’s screenshots features. It saves me a lot of time with making my posts and allows me to get that one image for illustrating what I am saying in my reviews. 29 kata lagi




i also got fucking wrecked by transistor what a beautiful game

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Transistor Crash Course

Today we will run through a brief overview of the two main variations of transistors commonly used in circuits, NPN and PNP transistors.

It is critical to understand the basic functioning of these transistors to understand any circuit of moderate complexity. 230 kata lagi