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WUT R THOSE: Transistor Review

Welcome to my new series called “WUT R THOSE.” Throughout this series, I will be doing game reviews of old and new titles. Note that these are first impression reviews and I will finish the game and update the reviews accordingly. 558 kata lagi


Books You Should Read: Instruments Of Amplification

Psst… Wanna make a canning jar diode? A tennis ball triode? How about a semiconductor transistor? Or do you just enjoy sitting back and following along an interesting narrative of something being made, while picking up a wealth of background, tips and sparking all sorts of ideas? 745 kata lagi

Hackaday Columns

1951 – William Shockley inventa o “Transístor “

14 de Julho 1951

William Bradford Shockley, foi um físico norte americano, premiado com o Prémio Nobel de Física em 1956.

Inventou o transístor em 1951 (dispositivo electrónico semicondutor que cumpre funções de amplificador, oscilador, comutador ou rectificador. 122 kata lagi


Jaw dropping facts that will amaze you.Apple is more than enough for India and China. Find how!

The title might surely astound you, but this is in terms of transistor count to the total population.Yes, Apple’s A8x chip used in the iPad Air 2 has 3 billion transistors, which is more than the total population of India and China combined which is around 1.2+1.3 billions i.e 2.5 billions. 81 kata lagi

Transistor Microreview

Transistor Microreview – 19/20

Transistor, like it’s predecessor Bastion, is a beautiful product of the developers at Supergiant Games who are trying new things with each new game release. 88 kata lagi


Computer! Part-1

As our modern days term goes, a machine that runs certain operations is known as a Computer. In the past before our “Electronic” computers, we had counting devices. 428 kata lagi


Affenspinner 4


I’ve done a little more work on the electronics with the arrival of the LEDs. The first thing I did was to set up a multiplexed array of 16 LEDs using 10 pins on the Teensy LC. 441 kata lagi