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KICAD 4: BJT Oscillator

When beginning with electronics you’ll get introduced to alot of beginner projects. One of those probably uses the 555 timer IC to generate pulses that make LEDs flash or speakers buzz. 178 kata lagi

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Priorized Voltage Source Switch

I have been asked by a workmate if I could design a circuit which dynamically switches to another voltage source if the voltage of the primary source has dropped. 339 kata lagi


A tale of a girl and a gigantic USB sword- Transistor review

DISCLAIMER: Mild spoilers ahead!

I have a sin that I need to confess.

Nay, scratch that- as a particular, glamorous, fictional lady detective once said- “My sins are too many and varied to mention, and frankly, I intend to continue sinning”. 1.447 kata lagi


The Gamesmen, Episode 156 - Sharkferno

Join Hardlydan and Amras89 for game talk and fun! This time, The Gamesmen talk about Nintendo suing people, Jim Sterling’s court case, a sync issue will the… 115 kata lagi


OH man! Spring Game Releases.. mmmmm tasty muffins

Hi, sorry it’s been awhile but its been a busy few months. Been playing a ton of great and horrible PS4 games so i’d figure i would give you an update on what I have played recently and all the amazing stuff coming out over the next few months! 192 kata lagi

An Interview with Darren Korb: Bastion and His Composition Process | #GameAudio

Hi, everyone!

Today I’m here to share a small (but interesting) interview I did with Darren Korb, via e-mail, about his music in Bastion and his composition process. 1.220 kata lagi

Game Audio

Basic Components and Circuits

For our purposes we are going to explore hobby electronics. We will examine just the components you are likely to encounter starting out. We hope to demystify some of the magic of technology while showing you exciting possibilities. 1.562 kata lagi