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Hoo, forgot to post this when I finished it at the beginning of the month.

So, the ending of Transistor was alarming, to say the least. 51 kata lagi

Tone Reflection and Intro Paragraph

Essay Response-

In the essay “Introduction” (the wooden spoon one), the personality is immediately added to the work in the start of the essay by applying personification to the wooden spoon being discussed. 407 kata lagi


About to go live for Extra Life

Hey just wanted to pop in and say I’m about to go live with an Extra Life stream, as a member of team Giant Bomb. The link for my Extra Life profile is… 87 kata lagi

Video Games

Balancing Electricity

From the size of your palm to gripping it with your two fingers. Something that enabled the computer to be what it is today in terms of electronics started off with vacuum tubes. 299 kata lagi

Computer History

Diagrams and Explanation of Transistor Logic Gates


“Diagrams and Explanation of Transistor Logic Gates”

This webpage is part of a site that is used as a quick reference site for wiring transistor logic circuits such as AND, NAND, OR and NOR. 31 kata lagi


IBM to Ship World's Fastest Microprocessor


“IBM to Ship World’s Fastest Microprocessor”

This article is a company produced press release (mostly advertising) about the shipment of the worlds fastest microprocessor at the time that had been produced by IBM. 39 kata lagi


Tiny Electric Unit Promises Wonders


“TINY ELECTRIC UNIT PROMISES WONDERS: ‘Transistor’ the Size of a Corn Kernel May Cut Dimensions of TV and Radio Sets”

The main point of this article is to raise public awareness of what was at the time a new device, the transistor. 307 kata lagi