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"Sea Monster Fresh From the Bay" - AsherLite Reviews: Transistor

Just checked out Transistor for PS4. Thought I’d share my experience with you guys. Let us know what you think! I’m considering making this into a full series, but I’d like to get some feedback first. 20 more words

The Transistor Dilemma

The Decision

It’s over.  The Camerata and the Process are done.  The whole world is at our disposal.  We have the keys to the city and we can make everything over again how we want it.   419 more words

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Transistor Review

Transistor intrigued me from the moment I watched its trailer. I was intrigued by the sharp, steam punk visuals and short clip of the song, “ 895 more words

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Fantasy 101: A Lesson in Game Genre, Part 2


Without fantasy as a genre, the gaming industry would be remarkably different. Fantasy is one of the core genres of gaming and most games have at least a touch of fantasy in them. 1.073 more words



She demanded to be fanarted :)
Between this and Life Is Strange (which I also have to draw at some point!), I’ve been enjoying some amazing games recently.

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Four In February Spotlight - Transistor

Back when Transistor was announced, I thought, “This game looks like fun” and when I heard it was made by the people who made Bastion, granted I never played Bastion, but heard good things, I knew I had to pick it up. 731 more words

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