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  • How about a post that has nothing political in it?
  • How about a post that is instructional and interesting?
  • Think I can do it?

Me personally, sometimes I feel like someone is going to have to… 594 kata lagi


Transistor (Part 16)

Transistor is the best game given away for free, so far, this year on PlayStation Plus. This is of course only my opinion, and I know there are several heavy hitting competitors. 65 kata lagi

Jaxxsin Games

Transistor (Part 15)

You know there really is something magical about Supergiant Games. After playing through Bastion and being absolutely captivated the entire time, I didn’t think Transistor could top that delight. 122 kata lagi

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Tema 4. Cambios tecnológicos

La aceleración que ha habido alrededor de las tecnologías de comunicación parecer fuera de lugar, considerando que éstas apenas empezaron a interactuar con el público el siglo pasado. 154 kata lagi

Desarrollo Y Legislación De Los Medios

Transistor (Part 14)

So I picked up Transistor when it was one of the free games on PlayStation Plus and never really got around to playing it. When I finally decided to give it a go, I was in the middle of playing Bloodborne and was needless to say, distracted as hell. 172 kata lagi

Jaxxsin Games

Transistor (Part 13)

If you haven’t yet been able to play Transistor, I would highly recommend that you get off of your ass and make that happen! Sorry, lol I have just been pumped about this game ever since the opening song completely enveloped me and made me emotionally attached to this world. 110 kata lagi

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