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Like it's Written in the Stars: Choice, Power, and the "Bad Ending"

Spoilers for Transistor and Life is Strange throughout; warning for discussion of suicide.

What do a voiceless songstress and a polaroid-wielding time-bender have in common? … 3.302 kata lagi


When Indie Game Developers Give Back


It’s been ages since I posted a blog, I know.  I’m sorry I left you guys but real life stress happened that I had to focus on.  178 kata lagi

Video Games

back of cpu reverse

now right side up with different editing style


Bastion Game Review (short)

10/10 I loved the Story and the Narrator and I hope these guys make more games.
Stunning graphics. A game of the year. You Play as “Kid” a white haired stout lad who is wandering around the bastion after the “calamity”. 88 kata lagi


Current Mirror (NPN)

Let’s start with the flowing NPN transistor circuit.

Transistor as a Diode

In the above circuit rather than driving the base from a separate source we have instead directly connected it to its collector. 461 kata lagi