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First, let us start with some things from Transistor (play this game, by the way), such as the beautifully illustrated posters, or the tiny and adorable flash drive that is the Transistor in question. 18 kata lagi


Twintails, Aliens, and a Paper Boat

XCOM 2 is out and if you read any of the posts constantly reading the Whale from the previous XCOM you can guess Draco is excited. 385 kata lagi


Quantum math in solid-state physics

I’ve said it a couple of times already: so far, we’ve only studied stuff that does not move in space. Hence, till now, time was the only variable in our wavefunctions. 3.104 kata lagi


Even More Video Game Music for Writing & Studying

After running a wildly successful music post a few weeks ago, our community wasted no time offering up all the music that they listen to when writing, studying, or otherwise creating that next big thing with their headphones in. 1.111 kata lagi


What do the Stories of Bioshock, Dark Souls, and Gone Home have in Common?

“As an interactive medium, video games can deliver a fundamentally different narrative experience to their users than literature, movies, or TV shows. I’ve always been interested in how video games can use their unique properties to do something new, to present stories which can’t be told in other mediums, or at least can’t be told well. 75 kata lagi

The Idea Factory - history of tech innovation at Bell Labs.

I just couldn’t not share my excitement after stumbling upon one the to the best piece of tech history I’ve read in a while.

It all started when I uncovered my new year, book reading challenge to my friend on Saturday evening. 693 kata lagi

Transistor Is Utterly Beautiful

While I may be getting to the boat late in its cruise, thanks to a new PSN Indie Game Flash Sale, I was able to catch up to the boat that took off with, … 728 kata lagi