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Transistor (Part 3)

You know I think I am going to let Supergiant Games take this description box, and just quote their mission has it reads on their official website, … 35 kata lagi

Jaxxsin Games

Transistor (Part 2)

You know there really is something magical about Supergiant Games. After playing through Bastion and being absolutely captivated the entire time, I didn’t think Transistor could top that delight. 122 kata lagi

Jaxxsin Games

Transistor (Part 1)

So I picked up Transistor when it was one of the free games on PlayStation Plus and never really got around to playing it. When I finally decided to give it a go, I was in the middle of playing Bloodborne and was needless to say, distracted as hell. 172 kata lagi

Jaxxsin Games

Hackaday Prize Entry: From Q To NAND

The apocalypse is coming, and the last time I checked, not many people have a semiconductor fab in their garage. We’ll need computers after the end of the world, and ’s project for the Hackaday Prize is just that – … 204 kata lagi

The Hackaday Prize

MOSFET (Metal Oxid Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor)

What a freaking name. Who came up with that? Anyway the MOSFET works not by using the current like the BJT does, but by using voltage. 112 kata lagi

Bipolar junction transistor (BJT)

(This post was meant to be released on the 22nd of July, 2015.)

The BJT has three regions: The base B, the emitter E and the collector C. 142 kata lagi

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