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The One-Transistor Flip-Flop

A flip-flop is one of the most basic digital electronic circuits. It can most easily be built from just two transistors, although they can and have been built out of vacuum tubes, NAND and NOR gates, and Minecraft redstone. 281 kata lagi

Misc Hacks

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018! 1.488 kata lagi

Just finished Transistor for the first time

I just finished the game for the first time about five minutes ago.

I am profoundly touched. I have few words to adequately describe how moved I feel by this story. 219 kata lagi


"You Turned Left": How 'Transistor' Plays With Agency

All of indie developer Supergiant Games’ projects to date have featured silent protagonists, and while that mechanic itself isn’t particularly rare, Supergiant has, in line with their reputation, always taken the time to tie it tightly into their narratives. 4.434 kata lagi



Electronics keep getting smaller
and it’s all thanks to electric
called transistors.

In sixty years
transistors kept shrinking
scaling up and powering down
our electronics with them;

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GDC 2018: An IGDA Scholar's Experience

It was the Iranian New Year during GDC!

To be totally honest, I was surprised that I was selected to be an IGDA Scholar this year. 1.167 kata lagi

Importance of Vce (Collector, Emitter)

The voltage Vce is very important in checking whether the transistor is:

  • (a) Defective,
  • (b) Working in cut-off,
  • (c) In saturation or well into saturation…
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