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Finishing Up Transistor: Story, Gender, Endings

Vague ending spoilers for Transistor


So that happened.

In all, a good game that should’ve been better.

DAMN every time I thought it couldn’t get weirder. 2.434 more words

Indie Bits Review: Transistor

Despiertas de tu shock, un hombre desconocido yace a tus pies muerto por una espada de diseño extraño clavada en su pecho. La espada se ilumina y comienza a hablarte como si fueran viejos amigos. 1.070 more words

Gaming - Review

People Have Different Playing Styles, That's All

Rather dull gameplay discussions for Transistor


So what did I do? Oh, right. Found those dead guys, got on the bike again, feeling endy, but I’ve thought that before. 852 more words

Podcast 20. Bazinga!

Could this be our most nerdy podcast ever? We talk technical spec of OCULUS RIFT, behind the scenes photography inside the dev studio of NO MANS SKY, text-based adventures with FALLEN LONDON, combat systems with TRANSISTOR and the morality of the WITCHER 3 – Wild Hunt. 23 more words


Transistor: Too Much Story?

Musings about Transistor, not really spoilers


So, played Transistor. I unlocked some bigassed door that I had to unlock for some reason.

I find myself irritated at this game, not because it’s bad, but because it should be great and it isn’t. 1.225 more words

Analysis: Transistor -- Definition of a Complete Experience

The following is a detailed analysis of the game Transistor focusing mostly on mechanics and design of the game as a whole. Discussion of major plot points will be avoided where possible, but there will be spoilers pertaining to design choices up to the end of the game. 4.552 more words

Failing to Utilize Full Awesomeness

More minor Transistor spoilers


I’m at the bit of Transistor where the sword starts feeling bad (“I’m starting to lose you”). I just ate pizza. 1.130 more words