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Transistor - PART 11 - Shave and A Haircut

After getting a little lost on my way through the beginning of the game, I encounter the “Man” type of the Process, Red gains complete control over the city, and Royce Bracket, last of the Camerata, makes an appearance as a floating television.

Doodling - 10/26/2016

–Transistor Spoilers Kind Of–

I guess I’m mostly finished with this now? I might do some more work on the eyes and lighten the Transistor a bit. 6 kata lagi

Transistor - PART 10 - Back to the Beginning

I head back towards where the game began, fighting through the mounting corruption of the city as it’s taken in by the Process.

Transistor Old Friends Cover

This isn’t the collab I’ve been mentioning for the past few weeks, but it’s exciting nevertheless.  I was just asked to hum on this track from Transistor, and since it’s one of my favorite game OSTs I was like “Hell yea!”.  38 kata lagi

Crystal Dennis Music

Transistor - PART 9 - Process Terminated: Cowards

I finally get to the top of the tower and meet two of the three “surviving” members of the Camerata.

Doodling - 10/24/2016

–Transistor Spoilers Kind Of–

I paint in the Transistor for the most part. Just need those Process bricks and to be faster in general because this has been going on for far too long.

Transistor - PART 8 - ... Nothing Changes

All the Camerata wanted to do was give the people what they “didn’t know they wanted” and, to do so, started stabbing people with a circuit board for some reason.