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Top 6 Tragic Romances in Video Games

Video games can make us laugh, love, and cry. Today we explore the latter with the top six tragic romances in video games. The events surrounding these romances are as memorable as they are tragic. 1.117 kata lagi


Juice Review:Boo from Transistor

“I got off the plane in Detroit, and waited for my ride to pick me up. What was about to transpire at ECC was nothing short of epic…but damn I needed a vape. 339 kata lagi

Juice Reviews

Love lost to media. 1996.

Whaling, sonic, signals through the wind.

Where are you?

How can electricity be of any use

when you cannot connect with me?

I am wrapped in the pulsing, sensuality of ages, 36 kata lagi


Simple thing that's lacking. 1996.

The simple thing that is lacking

Is sitting in a bar or watching TV.

I cannot seriously say that you

do not get a kick from it… 57 kata lagi


Tunnel Diode VI Equation

We present electrical characterization of damaged hole GaSb-InAsSb nanowire heterojunctions. The tunnel diode is a two terminal gadget with p type semiconductor performing as anode and n kind semiconductor as cathode. 358 kata lagi