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Why did Optimus prime leave us? Why they keep coming back? Transformers 5: The Last Knight-Trailer Breakdown

I must say being a Transformers fan, The Transformers 5: The Last Knight trailer was epic!! It just revealed the plot lines in a hype creating way. 321 kata lagi


Titans Returns Triggerhappy!

Ok, I know…totally against all my values…but had to try a video review on transformers…Methinks this experiment may have me rekindle the passion for writing lol…but ENJOY!


Toroid Transformer

This is the first of a short series devoted to items of technology I have run across in my pursuit of my electronics hobby that were once “cool” but are now seldom used. 448 kata lagi

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Transformers: Hasbro Masterpiece Soundwave

This is undoubtedly must-have for any Transformers G1 fans. Just look at the amount of accessaries for this guy: Megatron (gun mode), Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy (5 cassettes in total), his blaster and Energon cubes. 76 kata lagi

How Isolation Transformer Works?

An Isolation transformer is a transformer, often with stabilized windings, which is used to decouple between two circuits. Isolation Transformer allows ACsignal(Incoming Power Supply) or electric power can be taken from one device and deliver to the another device without electrically connecting the two circuits. 157 kata lagi

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