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The Grimlock

One of the best ways to start this blog is to post a picture of my drawing of the Grimlock which has been featured in the film entitled as Transformer. 83 kata lagi


Solar-Cell Laser Communication System

Forget the soup cans connected by a piece of string. There’s now a way to communicate wirelessly that doesn’t rely on a physical connection… or radio. 196 kata lagi


His and Hers Tablets - Road Warrior Mode

Due to the recent loss of my Nexus 7, I’ve reunited myself with the Transformer TF101 and as it so happens, there is still some surprising development being afforded to 10-inch tablets as far as apps go – as an example, the Facebook interface, on its most recent iteration, appears similarly to an older desktop layout with two columns: one of which (smaller column, right) shows specifically birthdays and events while the other (larger column, left) displays the timeline that you’d normally see. 400 kata lagi


Global Rolling Stock Traction Transformer Industry 2015 Market Research, Share, Trends, Analysis and Forecasts

The market research report Rolling Stock Traction Transformer has been compiled to be an insightful reference point for prominent players as well as fresh entrants emerging in the market. 109 kata lagi

Combiner Wars Rook

Ahh, back to the mainstream first party good ole USA Transformers! We are looking at Combiner Wars Rook, the one that gave Groove the boot…(or did he…hmmm)…So this is the new guy and new mold of the bunch, and I have to say, he has some surprises! 417 kata lagi



A Transformer is a static electrical device, which transfers electrical power from one electrical circuit to other. transformers are magnetically coupled together with or without change of voltage and with out change in power and frequency. 115 kata lagi

Ac Voltage

Vacation Downtime 

When you are with a 4 year old, who loves transformers, in south Florida and the afternoon rains set in you must find creative ways to keep busy. 63 kata lagi