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oleh Elizagusmeri
Bagi penggemar film robotic, tentu tak asing dengan Transformer Science Center, Singapore. Disini dipajang wujud asli robot tersebut, mulai dari serial robot itu dibuat dalam bentuk film kartun hingga populer ke film layar lebar. 222 more words


Transformers Combiner Wars Armada Megatron

Way back on one of the Podcasts (wait, we need to do another one eventually…) me and Figure Fan were kind of making fun of this figure. 556 more words



You shouldn’t ever have to change who you fundamentally are in order to snag a guy, get into a new group of friends, or please an nonessential person.  148 more words


GE & Cutler Hamer substations - $42,500.00

Need details? Go to links below for full specs.

GE Substation
Cutler Hamer Substation

Due to limited space – Both units at blowout price $42,500.00 need to be sold – Milton W. 12 more words


My Wife Can Curl Her Hair Again! The Lights Are Back On In Lakeview!

The power was out in my neighborhood and you’ll never guess why!

1,000 customers lost power Monday night after a rat….yes A RAT…chewed through some lines inside a transformer in Lakeview and caused the things blow out! 64 more words


The Good Prospect for the development of Transformer Industry

In recently years,with the repaid growth in electricity demand,power grid construction and investment in high-speed driving the market demand for power transmission equipment. Huge power transformer industry construction funds to bring opportunities and challenges. 183 more words

High Frequency Transformer