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Why Do Transformers Hum?

We recently talked about transformers. Not the robots, but the electrical ones. In a follow up to that, we’re going to look at why transformers are noisy. 546 kata lagi

Weird But True

How does Transformers: The Last Knight end?

Megatron then delivers the staff to Quintessa, who begins draining the life force of Earth/Unicron via Stonehenge. When the British military intervenes, Megatron shoots Burton, who dies with Cogman at his side. 138 kata lagi


Generator Step-up Transformers for Power Stations (GSU). Fuji Electric Global.

Generator step-up transformers, which boost the output voltage of generator and transmit the power to the grid, are very important components in power stations. Current value of primary low voltage side is so high (more than 30kA), and these transformers are operated in high load usually. 169 kata lagi

Power Plant

Acclaimed Albums - Transformer by Lou Reed

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 127/250Title: Transformer
Artist: Lou Reed
Year: 1972
Position: #76

I had a surreal out-of-body moment when I had my first listen of  268 kata lagi

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Rectifier Transformer Calculation

The inverse of the very fashionable and entertaining Shocker e.g. 2 in the stink, 1 within the pink; two in the ass one in the grass; two within the butt one within the slut; two within the boot, one in the koot; goin to city with two within the brown, and so on. 517 kata lagi


Mark Wahlberg Originally Had A Crazy Idea For The Air Jordan “Transformer” PE

In an interview published on Jordan Brand’s official blog, Mark Wahlberg revealed that his original idea for an Air Jordan PE for his Transformers film was an Air Jordan 4 that transformed into an Air Jordan 5. 73 kata lagi


World Cup Soccer Redemption Arcade Driver Pcb With Transformer

World Cup Soccer Redemption Arcade Driver Pcb With Transformer
I Have For Sale A Transformer And Driver Pcb For Motor And Lighting System For The World Cup Soccer Redemption Arcade Game. 48 kata lagi