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BMW - A real transformer !!

Transformers – The movie, as many of us would have watched released in 2007 firstly, and might be a great fan too. Transformers came out with the idea of turning almost every vehicle into a robot. 272 kata lagi

Technology Update's

Sending Music Long Distance Using A Laser

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen DIYers sending music over a laser beam but the brothers and are certainly in contention for sending the music the longest distance… 283 kata lagi

Digital Audio Hacks

Вистински BMW транформер

Турски инжинери направија вистински транцформер

Real Transformer Built from BMW


Viral Video: BMW Becomes Working Transformer

Someone turned a BMW into a real-life Transformer!

A company in Turkey modified a BMW so it works like a real-life Transformer. They use a remote control to drive it around, and it looks like a normal car. 29 kata lagi


Titan Returns Highbrow

Hey all! Did you miss me? I know I missed all of you…ok, like the three of you…but man you guys are awesome! Anyway, we continue with this FANtastic Titan Returns line! 595 kata lagi


Faraway Moon Osprey. It'd be a wicked band name.

Is this a good picture?  Or not?

I posted it on my Facebook with the disclaimer that I knew it wasn’t a very good photo.  I saw an Osprey V-22 military aircraft flying past the moon  over my neighborhood the other day, and I thought it would make an amazing shot.   219 kata lagi