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The Firefox Book Project

Ok. If you’ve ever looked around my site, you would have come across a page involving this very topic. (If you haven’t found it yet, look around – I challenge you!) 228 kata lagi


Power Transformer Supplier in South Africa

As per IEC 60076 Part-1, Power transformer is defined as a static piece of apparatus with two or more windings which, by electromagnetic induction, transforms a system of alternating voltage and current into another system of voltage and current usually of different values and at the same frequency for the purpose of transmitting electrical power. 31 kata lagi

Power Transformer

Pourquoi faire appel à un copywriter ?

Un investissement, des bénéfices

Les bonnes compétences

La communication  c’est le domaine du copywriter, qui est un peu le guerrier des mots. A travers des messages et discussion qu’il crée, il peut dévoiler auprès de vos clients le coeur de votre entreprise pour vous aider à augmenter vos bénéfices.  165 kata lagi


TRANSFORMER: The Last Knight

I’ve seen the movie for the first time and I’m quite lost because I haven’t watch the forth sequel of the movie. I am not a fan of the movie series but everytime I watch the different installments like the first to third installment, I kinda like the story, the characters and how the movie is produced. 97 kata lagi


SongADay: Lou Reed - "Walk On the Wild Side"

Artist: Lou Reed
Song: “Walk On the Wild Side”
Album: Transformer (1972)
Label: RCA
Genre: Glam Rock

-that iconic bass line
-Lou Reed’s storytelling… 119 kata lagi


Transformers: The Last Knight

Sinopsis :

Optimus Prime menghilang saat Autobot dan umat manusia sedang dalam perang melawan serangan Decepticon. Kunci untuk menyelamatkan masa depan terkubur bersama rahasia masa lampau dalam sejarah yang tidak pernah terungkap akan keberadaan Transformer di muka bumi. 235 kata lagi