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WEREWOLVES PT2- Movie Monsters EP3

Hey, all you party animals!

Most of our perceptions of werewolves can be traced back to European Folklore.
A christian interpretation of old european myths developed during the medieval period, 160 kata lagi

A Very Quiet Week 

Warning: further on in this post there are potential triggers for survivors and victims of childhood sexual abuse, and their parents.
Between the business and casual teaching, I have had a work filled week which has permitted not much of anything else. 919 kata lagi


It is not all right with me

I went to San Francisco a few weeks ago for a workshop on grief. One of my intentions was to notice what I notice. Whether I was walking the grounds of the retreat center—hearing birds and seeing flowers, trees and bugs—or sitting in a workshop session, I tried to be present and mindful.When the presenter spoke, I tried to pay attention to the words that caught my attention and the images and memories that came to me. 430 kata lagi

Faith Journey

A beautiful transformation!

A frame so wonderful

Bright and delicate

Mellifluous, soulful, enchanting voice

Grasping attention all the while

Long, silky and straight hair

Flowing smoothly down the nape… 99 kata lagi

Sex, Drugs and Self Loathing

Singer James Arthur has always been open about his struggle with mental illness. His album Back from the Edge is about his recovery and journey back to the artists life. 19 kata lagi



One great way to lean into your Aliveness is by increasing your vulnerability.

When you practice being vulnerable and visible, you discover ways that you have been hiding.   273 kata lagi


One Week Later

Has it been a week already? The end of the semester whirs by between last-minute student make-up work (like the whole semester’s worth for some of them), term papers and finals…ugh. 436 kata lagi