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Energy Current-See: You Take You There

Art By Wojtek Siudmak  www.http://www.siudmak.com/

Just a note about the current passage through the shifting and alignment voyage of this Blood Moon we are approaching… for any that are already feeling any intensities (and if not yet, may in the days to come), may note a degree of fear coming up to be transformed… go… 351 more words

Energy Current-See

Thinking Spots

Diana whose blog I follow over at talktodiana.wordpress.com took us on a little walkabout pointing out, by means of photos, significant places in her city. What I really warmed to in the… 198 more words


Family Reunion

First century Christians’ church paradigm was much different than many of today’s Christians. The church was a single worldwide fellowship of believers. A local congregation was a “mini-church” bound together to embody the Kingdom of God in their local community. 273 more words


Experiences are transformed and become capabilities, skills and talents

The way in which the experiences here on earth are processed, is such that only a very small portion of these experiences are retained; every ability one acquires needs much more than what is retained in the end. 180 more words


Raw video from my first show

Alright, in the spirit of transparency I’ve decided to share raw video of the first round of novice bikini prejudging that took place last Saturday at the NPC Southern Indiana Muscle in Evansville, Indiana. 209 more words



I love this. I want to crawl in bed every night knowing that I put in my best effort to make my tomorrows better. I want to make the healthiest decisions possible. 110 more words

Weight Loss