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Find Your Food: Start Here!

No doubt Finding Your Food is going to be a journey.

It’s going to require sacrifice and tenacity

It’s going to require Vision


a diet that quiets food down and revs You up… 148 kata lagi

A Collage of Reality

Are we really jugglers when it comes to reality?

A Mutable Reality

In fact, the mutable nature of reality as we see it is not strictly related to ourselves. 449 kata lagi

Cusp Of Reality

Quotes I'm Pondering

Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing to do. But to hold it together when everyone else expects you to fall apart and break, that is true strength.

Transform Your Life Project: Week 5

I am satisfied with this 1st week of February!  I started with  self-care Monday which entailed a massage and an epsom salt bath.  I decided to take the day off from working out because I hoped that it would help the positive effects of the bodywork last longer.   671 kata lagi


I am taking a break from setting my new treadmill up because I have a headache and the treadmill is annoying me. Having said that, kudos and gratitude to my neighbour who bolted out of his house to help me lift the huge box into my house. 178 kata lagi


What Is Breathing?

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Alfred: I think we can gradually transition. I feel that I have prepared myself.

Jack: … 3.503 kata lagi