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Hell in the form of a treadmill

OMG how do people run on a treadmill? My first experience and OMG is it boring, soul distroying and so much harder than going out on the open pavement! 210 kata lagi


Ten Questions with Jen McSorley

Where do you think your biggest transformation occurred- physically or mentally, or both, and why?

My biggest transformation happened when I realized I was more than my Eating Disorder. 1.186 kata lagi

Gruntz Fitness

Live the Paradox

We are one
with the Spirit
of emptiness
and infinity.
We are one
with Creation’s stuff,
the sometimes sticky,
sometimes slippery
here and now stuff.

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And then, God created the butterfly to remind us that change is a beautiful thing!

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Compiled by Paulette Motzko.

January 17th 2017 at 10:15 a.m.


Intuitive Intelligence of your Heart

Great video, check this out guys!! “Science shows your heart has intuitive intelligence. The Bible speaks of “an understanding heart.” It now turns out that this metaphor is the literal truth.” If you would like to learn more about activating and expanding your Heart’s Electromagnetic Field please drop me and email at monikafoltman.coaching@gmail.com I am planning one to one sessions dedicated to this topic and online webinar or workshop at Holistica.

Energy Healing

Transform your Mind, Body & Heart

It is Tuesday!  You know what that means, Transformation Time!

The above pictures were my transformation after the birth of my first child.  These changes were made with everyday consistency and the best nutrition dense foods on the planet!   227 kata lagi


Lightning Rod Podcast Episode #3| You Are Living Your Dream

In this episode of the Lightning Rod Podcast, a share a message from Spirit to Me in a moment of frustration.  A reminder for me and perhaps, a reminder for you. 687 kata lagi

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