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Forgetting Pentecost

This Sunday is Pentecost and I forgot. This troubles me in a big way. I realize for many the word has little if any meaning. But for me as a believer and as a pastor in a Christian church this is a big deal. 323 more words

HOW you get to profits

Read the thoughts of a B Corp founder as he explores the role of today’s companies and the redefinition of success.

The other two founders and I sat down to discuss our personal values and what we really believed, and how we could translate these values and beliefs into what we wanted for the business.

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Only Until "LIFE" Wakes Up

An extinction does not kill “LIFE”.

A cataclysmic event may realign form, but the “LIFE” does not die.

It lays dormant or stagnant until the “LIFE” moves to spark evolution, which will look like a physical, mental and psychic transformation to the physical representation of the “LIFE” line. 237 more words

In Search Of Truth

Generating Value by Employing Theory of Constraints (TOC)

by Rod Baxter, Principal, Value Generation Partners

What if your customers want more of your product than you can produce, and they want it now? While this is a great opportunity for your organization, what would you do? 515 more words

Operational Excellence

Be a change agent

Who says you can only change on January 1st? Check out this oldy but a goody article and make your June the new January.

Mr. Deutschman, who acknowledged the low success rates of most change regimens, said certain strategies were more likely to bring positive results.

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Tools of Transformation

What’s in the bag of a transformative leader?

  1. Great expectations
    • In order to see change one must be optimistic and visualize the success of the transformation…
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