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In Whose Shoes Are You Walking That Mile?

This post originally appeared at http://www.teleosis.org in November, 2016.

Most of us have heard some version of not criticizing someone else unless we’ve walked a mile in his or her shoes. 1.040 kata lagi


God is not...

God is not the being
who closely examines me
but the one who permits me
to be myself to the fullest.

~ Raimon Panikkar


With each breaking...

With each breaking
will emerge, in time,
a path to wholeness.

© 2017 Dennis Ference


There is One Church in the City; Not a Bunch of Clubs

I had an opportunity to visit with a church down the road from us this weekend and was impressed with the hospitality and relationship which was extended. 451 kata lagi


The Start of Something New

On April 21st, 2016 I re-started a weight-loss journey. I’m sure you’ve all been there at some point in time, whether it’s five pounds or over one-hundred we all have some sort of goal. 818 kata lagi

The Journey

Remembering that I am (star) dust

Lent. Repentance.(if you have time I STRONGLY ecommend you read that second link). What sort of a Spiritual detox can I undergo for the next 40 days? 746 kata lagi

Fluidity Of Our Experience

I wear one perfume everyday, the smell of which I don’t like. Whenever, I wear it, I shout at it :- “Why do you smell like this… Don’t you understand?… I am not liking the smell.. 527 kata lagi