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30DDC- Day Twenty Six

Most Magical Moment

The Disney scene that stirs up the most feelings of enchantment in my heart was also a favorite moment of Walt Disney himself. 66 kata lagi

Overcoming Obstacles of The Mind

Overcoming obstacles of the mind is a key ingredient in empowering yourself to achieve your personal and business goals.  It’s also an important part of managing your mental, physical and emotional energies while you progress your goals. 244 kata lagi


Platforms in the Networked Society – economics and scale

oday most business offerings consist of a product or service that a company creates and then delivers to customers. This is the traditional way – produce and deliver. 208 kata lagi

Ericsson - Networked Society

Digitalization – when the most valuable assets become digital

Digitalization is happening in all areas of life and business; I guess most of you have noticed that. Physical products are either becoming digital services or are significantly enhanced with new digital service capabilities. 100 kata lagi

Ericsson - Networked Society

Capabilities of the Networked Society – available and on-demand

This is my fifth post in a series about mastering the six new assets in the Networked Society. I started with a review of the assets that played a central role when the industrialization started a few hundred years ago, such as capital, factories, and raw material – investment intense, concreate and very physical assets with high barriers access. 204 kata lagi

Ericsson - Networked Society

WOD: ready

Word of the day: ready
Prepare your heart
for what, you know not yet
Still, be ever alert
for what may come


Job 19: Suffering and Rejoicing Well

Job 19Suffering and Rejoicing Well

Thursday, November 26, 2015: Thanksgivng Day in the USA

As we consider terrorist events that flood before us, and as we celebrate a day of Thanksgiving in the USA, let us re-visit this Favorite post and consider how we might suffer and rejoice well. 571 kata lagi