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The testimony below was delivered at Parham Road Baptist Church on January 10, 2016.

When I started thinking about what to say this morning, I found myself thinking about using the word “walk” to describe my spiritual life.  723 kata lagi


My kids don't make me happy

One day, Ezekiel came up to me and he asked “Mom, do I make you sad?” I said, “No way, love. You don’t MAKE me anything, I am in control of my own emotions. 237 kata lagi

12 Dimensions of Now

There is no now. No static, one dimensional now. In every present now is choice, several dimensions of choice, at least 12. Past, present, future of the past, past, present, future of the present and past, present, future of the future, not to mention the beginning, middle and end, ad infinitum, in any given moment that we call now. 50 kata lagi


Summer of Change..

It is probably ironic that I name my first blog entry the same as my website. Yet, it makes sense. This is my summer of change. 247 kata lagi


Kick Ass Cardio!

Kick your ass cardio! Literally! These butt kickers are no joke!

If you want to use your time efficiently, try this!

Rise, grind, then shine! 22 kata lagi


Most Powerful of Forces

Love is the most powerful of forces. Allowing it to flow through you will shake and rattle the doors and windows of your soul. © 2016 Dennis Ference