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A rose's aroma

Though a rose is a classic
beauty, each one is different.
Where and when it bursts
into bloom,
what colors adorn it,
and how its petals fade… 28 kata lagi


Many Truths

There are many truths;
we have not the complete truth
about God, our neighbors, or ourselves.
If we had, we would have nothing to learn…

9 kata lagi

Best Way to Handle Inventory in Retail Business

  • Customer: “Just a cobb salad, romaine lettuce only, no egg, ranch dressing on the side, extra bacon and cheese.”
  • Store Personnel: “Sorry, that’s out of stock.”
399 kata lagi

Use Liquid templates in Logic Apps

As explained in a previous post, Logic Apps has already some basic actions to transform objects and arrays. However, from the moment transformation between JSON objects becomes more complex, it turns out to be insufficient. 517 kata lagi

Logic Apps


Excerpt from “My Lovedance”

In January, I realized Mom was dying.

In July, she died in my arms.

The first half of 2015 forged my soul in the most transformative fire. 1.265 kata lagi

Change- Part1 of 2.

So i’m in study mode right now, preparing for a final exam. As stressful as these times can be, it’s the best time to learn (for life and for exam!). 545 kata lagi