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Thank you, Michael Piazza, for restoring my faith in church.

Dear Michael Piazza,*

Thank you for restoring my faith in church.

Oh, I don’t mean “a church”.  I have great confidence in the congregation I serve, after all, and I know there are other good faith communities out there, too.   936 more words


Death comes calling

It’s interesting how many people are leaving this plane of existence. Croaking if you will.

Vibrations are lining up left right and center to lead Souls back to perfect alignment with their Source. 426 more words

Everyday Connection

Flashback Friday

What a journey so far! On the left was a picture from Huntington Beach. My wife and I had been dieting for a few weeks and I was so stoked to be able to wear size 33 shorts. 74 more words


A New Approach to Designing Educational Technology

Reposted from Slate:

Neuropsychologist David Rose spent years helping kids with learning disabilities participate in school by creating digital textbooks with pop-up graphics, text to speech, flexible fonts, and other customizable features to fit individual needs. 195 more words

There is light.  And there is dark.  There is duality.  The light contrasts the night as the day moves into the deep.  Still, there is evidence of light, shining, as the moon wanes and leaves in the thicket reflect the water.   76 more words


"Mental Illness" is Transformation

Hi guys… I hope this post reaches you when you need it. There is more to come under the headline “”Mental Illness” is Transformation”. But for the time being check out Eleanor Longden in her TED-talk “Voices inside my head”. 500 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Time For a Transformation Winning Weekend

Listen all weekend for your chance to win tickets to see Radio One Richmond’s Transformation Expo Saturday March 21st at the Richmond Coliseum with TD Jakes. 25 more words