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2nd December 2016. Mike Quinsey.

Clearly the sooner the announcement is made confirming the currency changes the better, and so relieve the tension and concern of those who wait for much needed funds. 1.297 kata lagi

The Journey

Fissures Healing

“At this time he was still studying for his PhD.  It was in 1937 that his life went through a transformation.  His dissertation had been well received but he had a disaster when he went to explain his work at an oral examination and suffered from a severe memory lapse.  111 kata lagi


I’ve gotten back into yoga after decades away, and my body is both loving and hating it. I look like the tin man in most of the poses, but I’m beginning to feel my muscles let go as I make the connection between breathing and releasing tension. 292 kata lagi


Fires of Anger and Hatred

The fires of anger
and hatred
we stoke within
sear and blister
in time
our own hearts
and minds.

© 2016 Dennis Ference

My book of original inspirational verses, …

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Hairstyle - Transformation! @nora1352...

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Who killed the creativity?

Returning to work and play after loss is difficult at the best of times. But if they are also your creative outlet, or they require you to be creative to perform, then returning to work or play becomes even more challenging. 313 kata lagi


A Long Road To A Fresh Start

I have chosen the feminist point of view to finish off my novel. The main character of my book is a thirteen year old girl named Baby who had to grow up with no mother and a drug addict for a father.  783 kata lagi