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40 Day Fitness Update

I honestly can’t believe we’re already forty days into this journey, so first of all, I’m incredibly proud of myself for sticking to this for this long. 271 kata lagi


Becoming What We Behold

I once told the story of a man named Robert. In going through a personal transformation, he transformed his organization. As he reflected on the profound change in his organization, he wondered why it now seemed so easy and why there was now a positive culture. 143 kata lagi


Transpiring Praise

His presence is heavy like dense summer air

Can be cut by a knife,

But melts flesh like butter,

Soft and pliable to His touch, 138 kata lagi


The Dog Days of Summer

It’s the end of July, and the summer has been way too summery. While we did have quite a few relatively nice days, the heat and humidity have pretty much negated those glorious few days. 137 kata lagi

True Community

This past week was quite amazing in that I had gracious time to be alone when needed, and the privilege of spending seven days with my family and my only grandson, John Luther. 879 kata lagi


Sheep and being led by the Spirit (part one)

What can we learn from sheep about being led by the Spirit? Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me… 849 kata lagi


Smart Moves - Think Positively - Back to the Future

Smart moves-think positively series

We should all be concerned about the future of because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there… 309 kata lagi