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Be Inspired: 05.31.16

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Be Inspired

Failure and Loss

So often have I
come to life
through failure
and loss
that I have
come to wonder
if there is
any other way.

© 2016 Dennis Ference


Lived Prayer

A life reflecting
acceptance, gratitude,
forgiveness, and service
is a lived prayer.

© 2016 Dennis Ference



April 2016 – Transformation of a human to a mix of animals.


Twists and Turns, Flips and Flops: Living in the Danger Zone

My oldest son loves roller coasters. I mean LOVESSSSS roller coasters. And he has since he was little. Even at the age of 4, he decided he wanted to build roller coasters. 740 kata lagi

Anguilla: Then and Now

8 years ago, I went on a vacation that I will never forget. I visited my parents at their home in Anguilla and was given a serious reality check regarding my physical health. 428 kata lagi

Weight Loss Journey

Titus College (01)

Synopsis: My mother has sent me to a new school. The “Titus College for derailed young adults” … I did not know I was off track. 934 kata lagi