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Fall apart to be put back together.

Sometimes we gotta fall apart before we can be put back together in a more profound way. If something is falling apart, let it. It may actually be leading you in the direction of what you’re asking for. 69 kata lagi

Self Improvement

3 Steps approach to Transformations

Over the years I have been involved in many transformation projects, reorganizations, culture changes and so on. I have read many books and articles on how to best achieve success in transforming organizations. 657 kata lagi

Service Management

Poem: "The Selkie's Complaint"

Since it’s National Poetry Month and also crunch time in my classes, I thought I’d get in a quick post with a poem of my own. 175 kata lagi


The evanescent bridge of Knowledge

The evanescent bridge of Knowledge

by Dr. Dorit Kedar

Knowledge is based on daily enrichment by the flowing real, rather than an accumulation of dogma, necessarily forming part of the past. 121 kata lagi


Your journey is your opinion

I came across a journal of August 8, 2011. I wrote it down to remember it later. Later is now, and I invite you to feel the words, and bring understanding to it, from the heart. 309 kata lagi


How to Change Your Heart

Today, I want to wade into a complex theological topic in about 500 words. Trying to explain desires, disconnect and why we don’t act how we should. 499 kata lagi

Theological Musings