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Have you ever worked so hard to achieve a goal, but then you don’t seem to notice the results of your efforts? This could happen for several reasons. 226 kata lagi


The Best Lessons...

Psalm 4:4-5

Ephesians 4:1-4

We attend Church, we read books, we listen to teachings. We learn so many wonderful and valuable lessons to help us in life. 188 kata lagi

Hard Learned Lessons

The Road to Wholeness

The road to Wholeness, for most,
is known by its potholes,
dead-ends, hairpin turns,
construction zones, detours,
and uncharted expanses.
It’s the wise traveller
who invites Faith to ride shotgun…

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Being Good While Being Yourself

“Just be yourself!” This is a message often heard in today’s society. “Be authentic, be genuine, don’t let anybody tell you that you need to change!” The Christian message seems to be the exact opposite with the instruction “be transformed” (Romans 12:2), a call to repentance, and testimonies of changed lives. 1.339 kata lagi

Shrunk Sermons


fading out

I am left without

the weight I felt

from all the doubt

that brought me here

ever so near

the dreams I had… 107 kata lagi


Changing Colors

Everyone knows that Northern New England is famous for its Fall foliage. During September and October, thousands of people will visit the area to view the hillsides and valleys ablaze with brilliant colors. 451 kata lagi

God is doing a New Thing, are you?

Approximately 2000 years ago EVERYTHING changed; or two days ago if you have read “a thousand years are as one day; one day as a thousand years” (2 Peter 3:8). 1.428 kata lagi