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Hold in your mind...

Hold in your mind
that when you look
upon creation
and all its parts
you are looking upon
the Body of God
and there will be…

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From Stockholm to Sydney – exploring the City Index

I recently made a trip from Stockholm to Sydney. Sydney is really an iconic city, so beautiful and full of nice people! My hometown Stockholm and Sydney are located 15584 kilometers away from each other – roughly a 24 hour flight – and both cities are measured in the Ericsson City Index 2016. 347 kata lagi

Ericsson - Networked Society

Moving Swiftly through the inevitable

Life gives us endless chances to learn about letting go and allowing for change. We often go around looking strong and doing everything that makes us seem as though we have let go, moved on and healed. 502 kata lagi


Knock Yourself Out--Carefully

I’m a lousy patient. No question about it.

I’ve no problem caring for others who are sick. Except my husband. If he moans and groans… 532 kata lagi

The Evolution of The Living Organization

Every generation experiences significant change due to innovations, disruptions and shifting perspectives. Yet there has been more significant change in the last 50 years than in the previous millenium.  1.392 kata lagi


It's okay to fail...

Lots of people will negotiate with themselves when it comes to their goals. “I will lose 20 pounds by Easter”, “if I lose 3lbs at this weeks weigh-in, I’ll treat myself” or “I’ll skip the gym today, but I’ll go tomorrow” (my personal favourite). 270 kata lagi


This winding and crazy path - perspective.

Wow. It has been an age since I have posted a blog, an age since I have even thought about this blog.

Sitting here and reviewing some of those old poems has brought me to realise just how much has changed this year. 198 kata lagi