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有控制式緊急游泳上升(CESA)是開放水域潛水員 課程中最複雜的技巧。這也是應該學習的重要緊急 程序。成功完成平靜水域的技巧後就應用在開放水 域,能使新手潛水員產生信心面對不太可能發生的 狀況時,像是沒有備用或多餘的氣源時遇到緊急狀 況,他知道還有別的選擇。

規劃技巧使學員達到在開放水域中後勤準備的 要求。這裡澄清幾個重點,幫助你順利設定好這個 技巧。

在 PADI 教練手冊 中開放水域潛水員課程教練 指引提到:


使用繫在水面浮具上的垂直控制繩。確認繩 子牢牢綁在水底,或是以足夠的重量固定在 水底,讓你隨時能單手握住或單腳纏住繩子、 另一手抓住潛水學員來停止上升。一次指導一 名學員進行這項技巧,在這項技巧中,你會同 時與學員和控制繩維持身體接觸。

使用牢固的垂直繩索的目的是提供你儘可能更好的 控制上升速率、減壓停留或減緩上升,並監督學員 的呼氣,看看是否有壓力過大的跡象。為了能夠更 好的控制,你必須同時抓住學員和繩索。或是用手 握住繩子,或是用單腳纏住的方式保持與繩子的 接觸。 50 kata lagi


Commit to Being Healthy| 20 Days Before Race Day

WOW! Today is the day after seven months working towards my 5K goal of being healthy! Twenty days before the race has always the critical crunch time were habits could slip or go extreme. 283 kata lagi


Want To Brush Up On Your Empathy? Like All Skills, Training Can Help

“The struggle of my life created empathy – I could relate to pain, being abandoned, having people not love me.” – Oprah Winfrey


Empathy is described as being able to fully understand and share another person’s feelings. 1.441 kata lagi

Health And Wellness

Applying the Bible to Our Lives: Marathon

A marathon requires endurance training. So does obedience to God. As the Bible says, “let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. 238 kata lagi

God's Chocolate Workout

Karate & brunch in the park, 3 August 2019

White House Bakery. Image: Google Maps

As a change, we will meet in Greenwich Park for an end of term class in the outdoors (weather permitting). 218 kata lagi


Personal Trainer Collective Academy

I just completed my last exam on the Personal Trainer Collective academy and passed all 3 modules with distinction!  Yay!

The course has been excellent.  There are 4 modules, 3 are examined.   264 kata lagi


Jonathan Dane – Google AdWords Mastery Course

Jonathan Dane – Google AdWords Mastery Course

Jonathan Dane – Google AdWords Mastery Course

Everything you need to know to master search & display in a simple, quick, and effective manner. 780 kata lagi