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Well, jam.

It’s Saturday morning again, and par for the course, I managed to leave the volume down on my phone (which was returned, praise God!): I missed my alarm and the seven phone calls I received from the driver this morning. 51 more words


Callous Crowd

It was just like any other day
For work I was making my way
On the highway I saw on display
Unmoved, insensitive & callous downplay… 113 more words


I'm stuck in traffic jam! Please help me!

email: mohan.sundaram.73@gmail.com
Twitter : @mohansundaram73
Skype: mohan.sundaram.73

Self Realization

An Alarming Commute

It all started when I was turning right from the main road onto a side street. There was a pedestrian crossing the side street, and I decided it would be wise to go slowly and let her cross. 119 more words

The Impact of Idiocy

Sitting here on the Mass Pike eastbound, and once again stuck in a ridiculous amount of traffic extending my trip to ditional 20-30 minutes, on the Friday before a long weekend. 234 more words

Wedding Jam...

.. on Kurf├╝rstendamm, Berlin-Charlottenburg.


Another Way Around

Situation: You are driving home from work along your usual route. At one of the busier intersections, the traffic is backed up more than typical (usually less than .1 mile, now about a quarter of a mile). 190 more words