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Portland Traffic is Worse than L.A. Traffic!

Who knew Portland had such bad tortuous traffic ?….little dumpy brown city has morphed into “where hipsters go to retire” and a mecca for musicians and creatives.   153 more words

To Celebrate EDSA 2015, Philippine Government "Recreates" Traffic Jam Scene from World War Z

Today is the 29th Anniversary of the People’s Power Revolution (also known as EDSA I locally, there are EDSA II and III revolutions as well) in the Philippines. 614 more words


Speaking Part 2, Topic of the Day (Traffic Jam)

Today’s Part 2 speaking topic. (This is current Jan – Apr, 2015).

Part 2

Describe a time when you had to wait in a traffic jam. 271 more words


Local Flavor: Swarm of Cattle

A typical scene on roads from near by town gives me a local flavor everytime I cross the highway. The passing cattle bring the traffic to stand still.  188 more words

The Daily Post

Pirate Jam

No, not like the jam you put on toast. Pirate’s pretty small by human standards, but by stick people standards she’s a mountain. And what happens when that mountain wants a snack? 13 more words


NaHaiWriMo #18

Ash Wednesday

the empanada lady double parks

in front of the church

ag ~ 2015