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January 19, 2019

smog filtered through
unnecessary brake lights
head banging

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Storytime - Traffic jam

God dammit, stuck in traffic again! Yeah, sure, go all out with the honking, that will help! How about more of you take the bus or bike to work and leave the roads to people who actually need to take the car! 889 kata lagi


A Year of Smiles - Day 12

Reason to SMILE #12: NO TRAFFIC

You’re headed to work on your usual route.  You left your house a few minutes late so you’re praying for an uneventful commute. 129 kata lagi


Reflections of the Road

Mankind has invented many horrendous torture devices throughout his stay on this earth.  A few that come to mind are those virtually invisible Bluetooth phone earpieces that cause you to assume the user is talking to you but of course they’re not – only you don’t realize this until after you’ve already held a 5 minute conversation with yourself, those automated voice response systems on help lines that force you to say words until you are screaming at a robot which only makes things worse…both for your self-esteem and getting the department you so desperately need which is why you called in the first place, and self-checkout lanes with overly sensitive scales that proudly announce to everyone that you have an unexpected item in the bagging area…a dozen times. 908 kata lagi

Everyday Musings

Cairenes stuck in traffic

Cairene men stuck in traffic smoking. What else is there to do?


#1858 - Some Stuffs from Indonesia


It has been almost two weeks since my year end trip to Indonesia started. So here are a few stuffs/thoughts I encountered during these two weeks in the country: 1.102 kata lagi