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A Country Traffic Jam

When you leave in time for your appointment, you may encounter a country traffic jam in our neck of the woods. Here you see our neighbor’s cows deciding that they wanted to be on the other side of the road. 313 kata lagi

A Year Of Inspiration

Xử kẹt xe bằng công nghệ thông minh

Hồi trước ra đường là người ta sợ gặp tai nạn vì thiên hạ chạy ẩu theo cái mô-típ “phóng nhanh, giành đường, vượt ẩu”. Bây giờ, người đô thị bị ám ảnh bởi nỗi sợ cầm canh thứ 2, đó là “kẹt xe”. 2.063 kata lagi


Never Be Seen This Way ...

Catching my traffic-snarl’d eye

As I queue for a place on the road

Between a rock and a hard place

I spy, beyond a Victoriana municipality fence, 73 kata lagi

Poetry Perhaps?

Rain and traffic jam

Today it rained. A lot. For most people that may seem an ordinary event. Not for my country. Everytime it rains the country is semi paralyzed. 238 kata lagi


Dave Mason's Traffic Jam at Union Chapel, London 3/3/17

I must confess that my introduction to the music of seminal psychedelic-tinged band Traffic was via the cover of Hole In My Shoe by Neil out of The Young Ones (Nigel Planer) in 1984. 598 kata lagi

Live Reviews


Everyday, as we go to and fro, we seem to watch these glittering lights pass us by. Not knowing how many stories these have seen. 122 kata lagi