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Nightmare in broad day light.

Upon looking at this picture you would be forced to think that this a car park or a grave yard for old abandoned cars,right?Wrong! This is the scene of the biggest traffic jamb in the word at the G4 Beijing-Hongkong-macua express way. 44 kata lagi


I’ve just returned from a short holiday, which I was able to take due to the Mid-Autumn Festival (I’m telling you, working for an international school is great when it comes to getting time off-you get days off to celebrate both Chinese AND Western holidays!). 496 kata lagi

Life In China

Dirty Hands in A Jam (By Henry Waswa)

I don’t know why things in the city are done much differently from the normal way things should be done. By normal I mean something the village way. 731 kata lagi


World's Worst Traffic Jam!

So you think you face bad traffic jams on Delhi – Gurgaon Expressway. Take a look at the traffic jam in China, when people return from holidays. 22 kata lagi


Traffic jam?

I never heard about people complaining about traffic jams in St. Louis. But this is the hottest topic in Beijing. It’s almost like English people talking about weather. 234 kata lagi

Watch This Gang of Elk Not Care at All About Your Commute, Cause Major Traffic Jam

Residents of Estes Park, Colorado experienced a unique kind of traffic jam when a large group of Elk walked through a busy intersection.

In the video, the elk parade through a large intersection, stopping traffic, and probably making a lot of people late which they clearly don’t care about. 35 kata lagi

The Anthem For Being Stuck In Traffic...

Now I am far from a ‘classic man’ but I have been stuck in a traffic jam many a time. I’m sure you have been as well at some point in your life or another. 15 kata lagi