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Memes That Make Me Go, “Huh?” 15

No introduction necessary, “Memes that make me go, ‘Huh?'”

Let’s start off with one that seems to have covered the gamut of all crazy persons, who all happen to be women on that one site, but this one interestingly enough, doesn’t contain a cartoon character or minion, just color transition and a little sign to let you know who created it: “CRAZY Moms R’ Us.” We have had crazy daughters, crazy sisters and now crazy daughters. 875 kata lagi


DRC365 #117

Traffic. One of the things I like about Goma is that the traffic is not too bad. But when it rains…. it’s chaos. It took me an hour and half to drive the usual 15 minute journey. 31 kata lagi

Humanitarian Aid Work

Tragedy On The Highway

We left Congress (North Ranch) AZ Sunday morning about 9am to start the trek home to Ohio.  Kathy and I both wanted to stay longer, but we both have responsibilities back east to attend to. 339 kata lagi



london 11.23am grey clouds but sunny , must be gaps in the clouds to allow the sun through. 9.4C saturday 2016

london 12.36pm 13.3C grey clouds friday 2016… 562 kata lagi

STAU | Design | Scenes

Designing 3 different scenes – Home, Traffic, Workplace – with fundamental furniture & accessories (for potential applications).

Romain's Project


Something had happened. He wasn’t sure what, but as the motorway traffic came to a stop, he knew it couldn’t be good. As the drivers around him turned off their engines, he opened all the windows, before doing the same. 35 kata lagi