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You wont need Highways in the Future

Despite boasting of having the largest natural asphalt resource, Trinidad and Tobago have struggled with road building and traffic jams. For the past several decades its been the same. 321 kata lagi


Total Eclipse of the Sanity

People are going batshit fucking crazy over the impending apocalypse solar eclipse. Freeways are backing up like a motherfucker. Stores are already selling out of staples like water, toilet paper, and marij…yeah, just the water and toilet paper. 245 kata lagi


Day #24: Make It Through a Traffic Jam with Diarrhea

Life is dirty. Tonight, it almost got a lot dirtier.

It all started out nice enough. Things were going well. I worked a full day, swung by the house & picked up Allie, and we headed to Apex to do a real estate closing. 382 kata lagi

Woman in traffic jam regrets venti latte

Human bladder struggles to store 20 fluid ounces of milky coffee, woman finds. 325 kata lagi


Cable Free Elevators - The Future of the Lift

The first public elevator was installed in a New York City building in 1874. Since then there has not been much change to its design. Most elevators still have a range that is restricted by the cable system that holds it in place, as well as the direction in which it can go. 355 kata lagi

Endless Fire

Kinross Parking Lot

We purchased in Kinross in mid-2008, just one month before the Global Financial Crisis would strike. About six months before we purchased our home Connolly Drive had been extended north from our suburb to link up with Clarkson to help alleviate traffic build-up on Marmion Avenue. 195 kata lagi


Kolkata: The Roads Are Full of Idiots

You must have seen that famous CEAT tyres ad – “The streets are filled with idiots”. You must have even acknowledged it as an apparent fact. 543 kata lagi