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Is that a problem to you?

Problem is relative. What you consider a problem might not be a problem to me.

111+222 might be a problem to a 3-year old boy but sure not a problem to you. 219 kata lagi

Hon. Psalm

Stressed out; time for wine! 

Proper knackered out and headache and stressed. Need wine. Was so stressful going to work, what should take about ten mins, took an hour, luckily set off bit extra early as I was debating not to, with it being my dogs bday haha. 107 kata lagi

Out And About

Nature | Afterglow or Last light or Twilight

LG G4 Rated as the Best Camera Phone for Pictures @ Searchy.One Search

Description From Photographer if Any:

I want to shoot the sunset and went to Osaka Port. 46 kata lagi


Traffic Jam

Nnena was over the moon! She jumped in glee and screamed as she dropped the phone. It had been the call she’d been waiting for all her life! 1.660 kata lagi

Issues Of Life

Days of the Weak

Monday Mourning: And so it begins when the eyes have not yet opened, the alarm is set to go off, and that dreamy world is slowly slipping away. 845 kata lagi

Help Erickson

I don’t like this life. Every day I must be up very early, sometimes 4, sometimes 3. I need those hours with myself to get the lines right. 2.167 kata lagi