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Walk on by

Walk on by
“Bend your knees
An’bow your head,
An’ pull date rope
Until you’ dead.’ -Paul Robeson (“Ole Man River”)

A slow march playing in the street… 344 kata lagi


Navigating the TRAFFIC JAM of Life and Work

You are cruising along the highway, anxiously waiting to reach your destination. You filled the tank up with gas, plotted the most efficient course, and hit the road right on schedule. 1.000 kata lagi


Hello from Lagos

30th August 2015

I thought I’d drop you an email to say hello and tell you a little about life in Lagos so far in case you are interested. 646 kata lagi

traffic hub of bangkok

Year 2016. “Nobody gives way to anybody. Everyone just angles, points, dives directly toward his destination, pretending it is an all-or-nothing gamble. People glare at one another and fight for maneuvering space. 47 kata lagi


clockwork 5th lion for trafalgar square

london 5.38pm 9.4C thursday 2016 cloud.

i was on the C2 bus, that goes from victoria to parliament hill fields, via berkeley square and oxford st. 485 kata lagi

Arrivée à Los Angeles

Le 28 janvier 2016 après plus de 15 heures de voyage, on prend la route en pleine heure de pointe, direction Atwater. L’avantage du traffic jam, c’est qu’on peut profiter du coucher de soleil sur Downtown.

Traffic Jam