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Is Inspection Value Added?

In popular Lean circles, the idea of value-added is represented by the following two criteria;

  • Is your customer willing to pay for the activity?
  • Is the activity physically changing the shape or character of the product so that it increases the product’s value in the eyes of the customer?
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Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haitians is Extended through July 22, 2017

DHS has extended eligibility for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haitians for an additional 18 months. Haitians who currently have TPS status must re-register by October 26, 2015… 479 kata lagi


How do I do Kaizen?

Kaizen is most likely one of the most misused words in lean. There is a strong precedence in the lean community to call a “Kaizen Event” or “Kaizen Blitz” as “Kaizen”. 882 kata lagi

TPS cough and splutter fixed. Petrol, misfire, electrical gremlins what could it be weber

Help goes around and with the help of Brad, Harry, the internet. I have found the fix. The cough and splutter at low revs has stopped. 409 kata lagi

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Should HR Make Hiring Decisions?

One of the biggest problems companies have that interferes with long-term success is variation in people, team, and leadership styles throughout the organization.  This variation wreaks havoc with the company’s culture and leads to a host of problems that directly and indirectly affects performance. 638 kata lagi


Perché non mi é piaciuto The Order 1886

Ho da poco finito il chiacchieratissimo titolo di Ready at Dawn,  e sono rimasto un po’ deluso nelle aspettative.  Premettiamo una cosa: credo sia risaputo che con la potenza di calcolo odierna,  i videogiochi di questi tempi abbiano potuto evolversi in vere e proprie storie interattive al pari di film di alto livello. 403 kata lagi