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Apparel Sourcing in U.S. Trade Preference Program Countries


  • Tarek Kabil – Egyptian Ministry of Trade & Industry
  • Ashraf Rabiey – QIZ Minister of Egypt
  • Gabi Bar – QIZ Minister of Israel
  • Mark D’Sa – Special Project Director for Haiti…
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International Trade

Stroke team extends clot-busting ability to 24 hours

Time is a critical element in the treatment of stroke, and now the stroke team at Upstate’s Comprehensive Stroke Center is able to offer more of it to some patients. 278 kata lagi

Health Care

This Is Why You Need To Know About Workers' Comp

If you are a small business with even just one employee, you must have Workers’ Compensation. It’s a topic most entrepreneurs really don’t like to think about. 365 kata lagi


COMMGiving: Change.org Petition Revisited

I’m a newbie with Change.org so I have fixed an email error preventing signatures. If you now sign the petition, your support ought to be received by Mike McCormack of the Toronto Police Union at  42 kata lagi


SPBA Releases Industry Update & 2018 Forecast for TPAs & Self-Funding

The article below was published on October 17, 2017 by PRWEB, written by Chevy Chase, MD.

The Society of Professional Benefit Administrators (SPBA) has released its State of the TPA Industry & Forecast for 2018. 419 kata lagi

Diversified Group

Making Sense of the Executive Order


Insurance risk pools work better when it is a diverse mix of people with different levels of health and risks. 278 kata lagi


Responding to Growing Demand for Transparency

Experts agree that a lack of true price transparency has contributed significantly to the inefficiency in healthcare. Several websites compare the costs for certain procedures at varying hospitals, but it’s still very difficult, if not impossible, to make an informed choice when preparing for a non-emergency procedure. 334 kata lagi

Self Insured Plans