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Is The Mouse A Creature of Great Personal Valour?

(And did Benjamin Britten talk like Terry Thomas?)

This week I listened to the episode of In Our Time (BBC Radio 4) about parasitism.  777 kata lagi


What you talking about?

I recently contributed to “The Conversation” an online platform written by academics about an array of subjects. I wrote about mind control in Toxoplasma and how our microbiome can influence our susceptibility to conditions such as diabetes, cancer and perhaps even our behaviour. 68 kata lagi

Cuddly cats, toxoplasma and pregnancy

A recent case of severe toxoplasma infection in pregnancy at one of my institutions reinforces the need for preconception and early pregnancy hygiene advice.

What is toxoplasma infection? 1.613 kata lagi

Fascinating wildlife fact #22: there's an intestinal parasite that makes rodents unafraid of cats

Mice who have the Toxoplasma parasite in their intestines are less afraid of cats – the parasite can manipulate their host’s psychology and immune response. Humans with toxoplasma are more likely to have car accidents, and it makes women more assertive.


My Pet

Haaaiiii… long time ya nggak ngisi-ngisi blog ini. Maklum lah, kan kemarin baru sibuk lebaran bareng keluarga besar. Maaf lahir batin yaaa…

Beberapa hari yang lalu, aku dikasih dua kitten kece ini. 440 kata lagi

My Thoughts

Toxoplasma infection might trigger neurodegenerative disease

Infection with the common parasite Toxoplasma gondii promotes accumulation of a neurotransmitter in the brain called glutamate, triggering neurodegenerative diseases in individuals predisposed to such conditions. 725 kata lagi