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Após empate em 0 a 0, Roma vence Real Madrid nos pênaltis

Real Madrid e Roma não estrearam com gols na Champions Cup. A partida terminou 0 a 0 no placar depois de longos 90 minutos de um Real Madrid bem apático, sem muita objetividade, e uma Roma com bem mais vontade. 352 kata lagi


Francesco Totti: A Modern Gladiator

Gladiator (noun):

  1. A person, usually a professional combatant, a captive, or a slave, trained to entertain the public by engaging in ‘mortal combat’ with another person or a wild animal in the ancient Roman arena.
  2. 764 kata lagi
AS Roma

A Roma Summer Overhaul? 

This season has been a tough one for Roma. We might have learned that this team simply wasn’t as good as we thought. Completely failed in the hype. 810 kata lagi

Farewell Steven Gerrard - The end of an era

“Once in a generation a player comes along to whom nothing seems impossible. Luckily that man wears the No 8 shirt at Anfield.”
It’s hard to imagine a Liverpool side coming out of the stadium tunnel on the first day of the season without Steven Gerrard at the front. 952 kata lagi


Francesco Totti: The eternal man from the Eternal City

 Illustration by Dave Flanagan. View more of his excellent work here


Rome, The Eternal City, has hosted some of the game’s all-time greats: Conti, Falcão, … 1.326 kata lagi


Totti 2017?

When you think of Roma or hear about them, there’s a high chance you think “Francesco Totti”. Right when you thought it was over for Totti it doesn’t end. 536 kata lagi