A new piece hinting at a new direction. With my ‘new’ 100 year old plus metal lathe, more brass details combined with disparate forms. Maybe it’s a return to one of my original intrigues – surrealism. 38 kata lagi


Ceramics in the Community | Tina Folks

Tina Folks is a Patchogue-based fine artist who works in ceramics and public art projects. Inspired by primitive art, along with her fascination for rituals that honor the natural world, Folks’ art is an expression of spiritual growth and the interconnected energies between Mother Earth and her inhabitants. 672 kata lagi


Totem chapter 75 out!

Here it is~

School has officially begun, and I’m already looking forward to winter break…
Well I feel like I don’t have to say it, but yep, summer’s over and school has started, so that means my rate of releasing chapters will definitely go down. 32 kata lagi


Plastique flowers

Apparently carrying a can of refried beans in one’s pocket keeps away dragons and monsters.

Totem chapter 74 out!

Here it is~

Finally back at home, but school starts tomorrow. :(
Sorry for the long break, guys.

Note: I’ve changed the color of the TL notes – I heard that to some, the color I was using before was strangely bright and noticeable, so I’ve changed it to one I think is less noticeable. 13 kata lagi