Philosophy, Owls, and Acorns

Today, in my philosophy classes, I discussed with my students a theory that suggests all events are caused by a preceding event, which, in turn, is also caused by a preceding event. 87 kata lagi


Inner Peacock

Arrives at the party having accidentally out-dressed the guest-of-honor. Oops. That’s not to going to fly, under the radar.

Having been unable to decide which color is most complementary? 1.087 kata lagi


The Church of the Latter Day Player

Do you think video games are the next big religion? This video, by Andy Robertson of FamilyGamerTV, explores this interesting idea. Yes, I realize the video is a few years old. 23 kata lagi


Totem chapter 16 out!

Here it is~

Urgh midterms asjkdflajsdkflajs I didn’t even finish one of mine in one of my classes TT~TT.


Movie Review: Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter (1994)

The 5th & totally, definitely final Puppet Master movie continues from the events of the previous film. Shot back to the back with the 4th & opening with a lengthy recap of what took place before. 536 kata lagi

The Disc

Bound and Determined

A new totemic piece that emerged from a piece of quilted western maple. I’ve had that piece of wood for about a year and a half, but it never spoke to me. 244 kata lagi