Childhoods night time window of wonder.

Aluminum, brass rod, poplar and dry pigments in oil.
19″ X 36″



Question; can one tell if an artist is left or right handed from the general design?
Red cedar, aluminium, stainless steel rod, plywood and powdered pigments.

19″ X 33″


Your Totem Messages

Totem┬áMessages – What Do They Mean?

You’d have to go through life like a stone not to get a message from some kind of creature on this earth. 140 kata lagi

Totem Messages

From East To West!

Howdy! My previous DreamLand is all about the Ancient China; and now, it’s all about the Western DREAM!

I set an intention on what would be my past life and I got this scenarios in my… 608 kata lagi


Animal Totem

If I were to be one animal in all the world, I would say I am most like the wolf. No, this is not because a wolf is beautiful and powerful. 659 kata lagi

Emoticon Similie

A totem is to a top

As Canon ball is to a globe

If you lost the key fob

Is there any hope?

Travel Back In Time Space!

Ever since dreaming, I was wondering what kind of past life moment I had before? Am I from the Ancient time? China? Celtic? Roman? Mediterranean? Japanese? 422 kata lagi