Totem chapter 80 out!

Here it is~

Sorry I took such a long time. :/ This academic semester is proving much more challenging than my last.


Snake Medicine

If animals are living symbols of the cosmic design, snake, with its exclamation point body is the very image of a symbol.  She is a gliding hieroglyph speaking volumes to the psyche about our most primal abilities to heal and renew.Her energy is the cosmic declaration of, ‘Yes, I will survive!’ and it is, for this reason, she is the symbol presiding over all the healing arts.  2.781 kata lagi

Medicine Woman


I was watching the sun set in the wing mirror of my car when a moth came, drawn by the reflection of light.

In its desire to embrace the sun it blotted it from me, and there was the moth, its silhouette, shimmering on a backdrop of rose and gold. 85 kata lagi


Totem-ally Awesome!

It’s pretty universally acknowledged that statement necklaces are IT for brining an outfit to the next level!   Basic jeans & t-shirt outfits are totally transformed with a bit of color and bling in one of these great pieces. 118 kata lagi

Stella & Dot

Mean People Suck

Think everyone wishes you well? Not always! Unfortunately, just like there are people that pray for you there are those that delight in bringing you down. 273 kata lagi

Patience! STAT!

“Patience is a virtue.” Yeah, yeah, clearly those citing this are not currently going through something stressful, anxious or out of control! So what are you suppose to do to get through this difficult time? 204 kata lagi