Horizon Reflections

It’s pouring here today, so you know what this means, sustenance for everyone. Love observing nature during the rain. Only the bold ones venture out. The sun doesn’t reveal their shadow. 1.161 kata lagi

Wolf Totem Trailer (2015) HD

A former editor of the political magazine Beijing Spring who was imprisoned for three years following the student movement of June 4, 1989, Jiang (real name Lu Jiamin) spent 11 years in Inner Mongolia as a herder at the height of the Cultural Revolution. 822 kata lagi



Protected and serene, the stream of life flows from her breast,

Within her sheltered warmth her starry children safely rest.

Her lowly form oft overlooked, conceals the Mother’s crown… 34 kata lagi




Run wild, run free and know the touch of wind upon your back

Yet freedom’s totem knows it has a home within the pack.

Part of a greater life, yet still at ease alone, he stands… 35 kata lagi


Japan Trip Day 7

This is the breakfast I love! Fish, eggs, rice, miso soup… Perfect combo!

Today was the last day at Atami. After we checked out from the ryokan inn, as we started to drive, Luca fell in sleep right away. 567 kata lagi


New Band: PlAZA

It was at 5pm when this band popped up on Twitter. And how annoying that was, for as readers may not be aware, as soon as it hits 5, the music industry are down the boozer. 205 kata lagi

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