Heron, King of Vessels

The Heron was not a common bird to me as I was growing up. I could only experience his energy when I was close to the beach. 353 kata lagi

Daily Reveal - Sep 13

Daily Reveal – Sep 13


Faith. What does it mean to you? You might be questioning it right now as all these massive things are going on in our world. 189 kata lagi


Daily Reading - Sep 13

Daily Reading – Sep 13

The animals want to come out an play!

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The reveal will be posted at 5 PM CST.


Serpentine Labyrinth

TLS 365 Experience #193
September 9, 2017

Selecting a Totem animal from a card deck at a retreat offered the opportunity to experience the snake. At first apprehension was apparent. 336 kata lagi

The Daily Experience

The child-spirit

In The Native Tribes of Central-Australia, Messrs. Spencer and Gillen reported that the Arunta and some kindred peoples believe that the pregnancy of women is due to the entry into them of spirit-children, at places haunted by the spirits of ancestors of some particular totem; and that they do not believe in human fatherhood, or that the nominal father has any share in procreation, although intercourse prepares a woman for conception. 196 kata lagi


Day 3: My Totem; MaDube

I absolutely looooove being a MaDube.  My totem is a zebra.  The females who bear this totem are titled MaDube.  The men who bear our totem are titled Samaita or Tembo.   483 kata lagi

My Thoughts

The Phoenix & Me

I don’t remember when, but somewhere along the road I learned about the mythical phoenix, and ever since then I’ve identified very strongly with it.   755 kata lagi