Call of the Night (Redux)

Howling in the wind
He calls his identity
into the dark night

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Call of the Night by G A Rosenberg

Boar Totem

Boar Totem Meaning

The boar (or Pig) is the classic warrior spirit. The survivor. It represents leadership, courage and strength to various cultures. The boar teaches you self-confidence and the value of hard work to reach your goals. 208 kata lagi


Totems Around Town: Bulldog on the loose!

I usually carry my Totems with me everywhere. Not just because I may encounter a situation that requires me to take some deep breaths and stay calm, but also because you never know when you’re going to have a photo op!! 101 kata lagi


Lojik Takes A Trip To The Deep Side With New LP 'Totem'

One of the things that holds back many promising producers now a days, is that they are scared to venture into other genres and areas of music, due to the fear of being a jack of all trades and a master of none. 321 kata lagi


The Search

And I think sometimes we are all just searching for who we already are. I sat there that night, on an hour and fifteen minute cab ride, to my left a 300 lb man talking about the testosterone level of bull sharks, and to my right steep, rigid and winding cliffs with edges that rivaled the torn holes in the knees of my own blue jeans.The sky ahead darkening into dusk and then night, and all I wanted to do was write. 355 kata lagi


Spider Totem

I haven’t found a spirit animal I feel is relatable since the Sloth.
Until now.
I don’t “like” spiders, but this totem does have some relatable parts for me. 358 kata lagi


Turtle Totem

Turtle Totem Meaning

The brilliant message from this little Turtle Totem is not to push yourself so fast that you make errors and miss opportunities.  The Turtle has the wisdom of knowing that all things come in perfect and divine timing, sharing the golden lesson of patience. 238 kata lagi