Spirit Walks and Nature Talks 2

Discovery my spirit animals:

Totem animals of my chakras – creating the inner totem pole 

Tips and procedures before beginning meditation:


Weird and Strange Mutants?

Perhaps, a little bit too much of the movies? Hmm … Could it be it’s another form of messages to me from my higher self… 350 kata lagi

Never Look Back!

DREAMS aren’t always about sweet things. It could be some heart broken moment too. Relationship from the past plays an important role on crafted my current lifestyle. 336 kata lagi

Medicine animal card of the day💚

Medicine animal card of the day💚
Card called: card #42  BAT (REBIRTH)
Meaning: step in the mystery of mesoamerican tribal ritual is the legend of bat..
470 kata lagi

wise owl choker necklace


wise owl handcrafted necklace…     it is choker style.. has pony beads of purple,white,brown…..with an elegant bail to hold the wise white  owl charm….with a magnetic clasp….measures: 9 1/2 inches long……great gift for that owl lover or yourself….or great birthday gift. 25 kata lagi


Lady With Her Luggage

There is a moment where I couldn’t understand why Tem left us and reunite with her Divine, without any warning, not a single words … She just left and departed. 453 kata lagi

Body without the head?

When “FEAR” obstruct and buried the seeds inside the consciousness, definitely get it inside the DREAMLAND huh?

The dream … …

There’s a huge concert going on inside a hall! 848 kata lagi