You cannot wake a person pretending to be asleep.


My Dragon Totem

Today I found my first totem animal. It is a dragon, and specifically a water dragon. However online I’ve read that dragons are masters of all elements and are powerful magic totems. 261 kata lagi

Self Discovery

High End 2015: End of Line and Best In Show

The thing about Peat and Scotch

There was a moment I thought I might be in serious trouble. One moment, in particular. One wrong step, and I’d be in it for sure. 2.307 kata lagi

High End

My Interview With Hayley Helmericks of Snake Rattle Rattle Snake

I recently interviewed Hayley Helmericks, who is the lead singer of the Denver-based band Snake Rattle Rattle Snake for BolderBeat. To read more of the interview,  195 kata lagi


The internet is full of rainbows and baby stuff should be too!

So it’s been way too long since I’ve posted and what better day than following the landmark decision of SCOTUS to legalize same sex marriage! 2.169 kata lagi

Travel & Outdoors

Totem - Prologue and Chapter 1

This is the preface and first chapter of Totem,  which I chose to start writing for JTCarlton’s Weekly Writing Challenge which consisted in writing the first chapter of that story that you’ve been meaning to write since forever but that you haven’t even started because, true to form, you couldn’t be bothered to write it. 5.990 kata lagi



This is a close neighbour of mine since last summer. He or she lives around our house. We have followed him or her since baby age. 26 kata lagi