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Star Trek: Voyager - Random Thoughts (Review)

Random Thoughts is another example of Star Trek: Voyager as generic issue-driven Star Trek.

Random Thoughts is a fairly standard political-commentary-as-science-fiction-allegory plot, with the crew encountering a race of telepaths who have built a utopian society through the careful regulation of thoughts. 5.195 kata lagi

Star Trek

Torres o como la edad no influye en los goles

  • En el Atlético de Madrid los últimos grandes fichajes de la delantera no han sido como esperaban
  • Torres ha terminado superando, con todo merecimiento, a jugadores como Jackson o Mandukic…
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Kangaroo care—why keeping baby close is better for everyone

(Source: arstechnica.com)

A shortage of incubators and a hunch about marsupials inspired a Colombian doctor to try something radical to save premature babies’ lives. For… 2.342 kata lagi


T jak Torres

Zazwyczaj kupowane i opisywane wina mają etykiety większych lub mniejszych producentów wina. Poprzez system apelacji oraz informacje zawarte na butelkach jesteśmy w stanie przewidywać smak i zapach wina, jego jakość. 210 kata lagi

On This Day: 1st February

On this day in 2009 Liverpool beat rivals Chelsea 2-0 at Anfield.

In the mid-season matchup between the two sides, both teams were tied in 2nd in the league on 48 points, Chelsea leading the Reds on goal difference alone. 164 kata lagi


Serra del Morral


Fizemos essa trilha bem pertinho da cidade pra ver de perto o que o nosso mapa indica como Torreta dels Moros e Torre de Sant Climenç. 881 kata lagi


not an urban outfitters mixtape

Hey y’all, I’m going to start posting spotify playlists with new recommendations on a semi-regular basis. My taste runs *kind of* but not too eclectic within the gamut of indie rock (but hopefully not in the ‘this is the mix playing at urban outfitters’ vein of eclectic). 378 kata lagi