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Star Trek: Voyager - Extreme Risk (Review)

Extreme Risk is another example of Star Trek: Voyager squandering an intriguing premise.

Hunters introduced a number of new and intriguing ideas to Voyager. Suddenly, Janeway was no longer in a long-term relationship with Mark, which made it possible for her to consider romantic entanglements in the Delta Quadrant. 4.129 kata lagi

Star Trek

Manchester United: The Macheda Moment

It was a frantic finish to the 08/09 season and I was approaching the end of my first year of university. Back home for the weekend, with finals around the corner, the United game was on. 978 kata lagi


Video Vault - TORRES

TORRES returns with her new album coming soon as she has signed to 4AD, a much-loved label in my music collection. Her new single “Skim” see’s her sound shift slightly towards a more St Vincent style of electric guitar, but keeping her chugging rock rhythms at the same time. 40 kata lagi


Song of the Week: TORRES - "Skim"

“Skim” by TORRES (AKA Mackenzie Scott) is a bundle of tightly-wound nerves. Its motorized beat hits like a jab to the gut. The singer-songwriter reinforces the sensation with synth swells and distorted guitar lines. 152 kata lagi

The Friday Five - June 9, 2017

It’s late.  I should be getting some sleep since I’m taking a trip tomorrow to visit a good friend and see a concert, but I couldn’t skip posting five bangers for you guys.  313 kata lagi


TORRES - " Skim "

Torres is the stage name for indie rock musician Mackenzie Scott. She’s originally from somewhere in rural Georgia, and she got her start in Nashville. 290 kata lagi