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Mais torres mudam a paisagem de Miami

A cidade de Miami e seus arredores vivem o maior boom imobiliário de sua história: bolha ou não? Luis Flores é um advogado de Miami que, nos últimos 18 meses, ajudou a fechar acordos de financiamento para projetos imobiliários no valor de US$ 1 bilhão. 1.170 kata lagi


Week of 6.22.2015 : What You Missed, What You'll Be Missing

It’s almost the 4th of July… and everyone is giving into the summer heat with various singles dropping earlier this week:

  • Robyn dropped a new club track with the help of La Bagatelle Magique – check it out…
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Stunning gifs from year 2583 by Gustavo Torres aka Kidmograph. Enjoy! 15 kata lagi


Sunny Saturday Reds

The forecast says today is set to reach 20 degrees across parts of our fair isle (cue thunderstorms and egg on my face!). So if you plan on taking advantage of our 24-hour window of summer with a BBQ, here are a few suggestions to match your grub. 225 kata lagi



The Ruvaush is Romany term for wolf-man. Ruv equals wolf and manush equals man.

Romani lore tells of a werewolf creatures created by a vampire which who can suck the blood of men during the waxing moon. 187 kata lagi

Chelsea Sign Injury Prone Striker in Decline

After an enjoyable evening in the company of Dimitar Berbatov, Niklas Bendtner and Mario Balotelli, The Pundit has a new found respect for the virtue of laziness (there’s clearly something about the letter ‘B’ which discourages hard graft). 394 kata lagi


Wines of The Month: Torres Coronas Tempranillo and Rioja Ibericos

Torres, is one of the most admirable wine brands in Spain and worldwide. The Torres Family is  one Spain’s leading wine dynasty and the  number one world’s most recognizable Spanish brand. 503 kata lagi