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Kamu Orang Toraja? Ini Kegiatan yang Biasa Dilakukan Sambil Menunggu Panggilan Kerja

Anda yang sekarang dalam proses mencari pekerjaan, satu yang harus anda ketahui bahwa “HIDUP ITU KEJAM, BRO” Wkwkwk. Modal Tampang saja tidak akan menjamin kalau kamu akan cepat mendapat pekerjaan. 1.030 kata lagi

Boats on dry land

Why do traditional houses and rice barns in the Tana Toraja region in Sulawesi, Indonesia, have boat-shaped roofs? We are in a landlocked region after all. 195 kata lagi


Buffalo spa

Are you planning on buying a buffalo or two, or more? Or perhaps you have one to sell? A top tip is to go to a livestock market in Tana Toraja, Sulawesi, Indonesia. 181 kata lagi


Living trees and tau-tau

– We are going to visit a baby grave, said the guide.

– Oh, how interesting!, I replied, and continued on the path into the woods.

412 kata lagi

Shake that body!

Toraja, oh Toraja, where can I start?? Spectacular nature, beautiful artwork, a fascinating building style and an intriguing mix of ancient rites and Christian practices – Tana Toraja is a region that made a profound impression on me. 923 kata lagi


Leaving Toraja.


Leaving Natsir’s was a lot tougher than we’d imagined. Indeed, the month we spent there was one filled with emotions of all sorts, an unforgettable experience, which surely opened our minds and hearts. 442 kata lagi


Diana's Torajan Delights.

Natsir’s wife, Diana, spends most of her time in the kitchen. That is from 5 a.m to 7 p.m. Her dream was to open a restaurant. 354 kata lagi