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Pencarian Dana PWGT Jem. Immanuel Marinding

Untuk menambah kebutuhan dana, OIG PWGT  Jem. Imanuel Marinding mengadakan aksi kelompok kerja dengan kegiatan membersihkan kebun salah satu anggota jemaat.

Istirahat setelah melakukan aksi bersih-bersih kebun salah satu anggota jemaat.

The Mad Scientist

There comes a time when everyone goes a little bit crazy and I believe this is it for me. Over the past few months, I had always dreamed of creating my own little coffee experimentation corner, putting my own blends together and sharing them with the world. 219 kata lagi


Oh My Toraja

One of the things I love about my work is to be able to sample new harvests and a variety of roasts from the farms. On the menu today was a freshly delivered batch of beans from the Toraja region from South Sulawesi. 267 kata lagi


The Return

As you look out over this place there is a cliff with many rock cut tombs not far behind you. Here many human bones and piles of skulls are piled up at the base of the cliff. 322 kata lagi

A Sculpted Land

This carved and terraced landscape is in the highlands of central Sulawesi, Indonesia. This region is known as Toraja land. This was perhaps the first large landscape I attempted (it’s on a full size sheet of watercolor paper). 130 kata lagi