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8 Jenis Kopi Khas Indonesia

Kopimania, Indonesia merupakan salah satu negara produsen dan eksportir kopi paling besar di dunia, memiliki iklim yang ideal untuk produksi kopi dan karenanya perkebunan didirikan di wilayah lain seperti Jawa, Sumatera dan Sulawesi. 892 kata lagi


Tana Toraja: Living Among Dead

Death is just another part of life for the Torajas and when someone dies, that person isn’t buried immediately. The deceased is not considered dead but sick and keeps on living in the family home. 514 kata lagi


Born to Die: Funeral Ceremonies of the Toraja

In Indonesia, there are over 300 ethnic groups. One of them are the Toraja, who live in the highlands of South Sulawesi. Tana Toraja, the “Land of the Toraja”, is known for its good coffee but also for the – for an outsider rather strange (or, more accurate, strangely fascinating) – funeral ceremonies of its people. 831 kata lagi


The land of Toraja’s Sizzling Highlights

As published in The Jakarta Post
Mon, April 25 2011

Known for its remarkable tenun or woven cloth and funeral ceremonies, Tana Toraja — “the Land of Toraja” — is a lot more than meets the eye. 1.178 kata lagi


Before You Paint Your House White, Look At These Photos

Put down that paint roller. Back away from that paint swatch album of tasteful, neutral tones. This may come as a surprise, but you don’t have to paint your house white, off-white, or gray. 797 kata lagi


A Glimpse of Nene’ Bilong's Rambu Solo

Before deciding to share about this, I was eager to continue posting my South Korea trip, but I was lack of idea about how to write it, I share a glimpse of… 717 kata lagi

My Little Step

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Indonesia rama tlangram thliarkar pakhat South Sulawesi hmuna cheng Toraja hnam ho chu Kristian hnama chhal theih deuh thuak ni tawh mahse mitthi an sawngbawl danah erawh hmasanga an pipu te serh leh sang practice țhin, puithuna atthlak angreng tak “Aluk to Dolo”(‘Thlahtute tih dan’ tihna a ni awm e) an tih chu an la chhawm nung reng thung a. 343 kata lagi

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