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Top 10 - Pet Peeves

Disclaimer: These are not in a particular order, they just all annoy me!

  1. Drivers not using their blinkers
  2. Toilet paper roll put on backwards
  3. Ditsy girls… you know, those girls that act dumb on purpose.
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10 Things I Have Stopped Buying So Far

Shopping is a therapy for most women especially when they are stressed…well at least I used to be one. Now the time has changed and what I’m enjoying the most now is “Un-shopping”. 1.847 kata lagi



Hello lovelies,

For all of my people in the Western hemisphere, I hope summer is treating you well and that you’re getting plenty of well-SPF’ed sunshine! 402 kata lagi


The best European capitals

Here is the list of my favorite capitals of Europe that I have visited. So remember the list does not included non-capital cities which Europe and also it does not include capitals that I have not visited yet. 690 kata lagi


The TV season is over, so my annual top 10 of stuff:

TV Half Hour:

  1. The Good Place is impressive for turning a concept with a clear expiration into a multi-season storyline that’s as engaging as anything on TV.
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Top 10 Aircraft carriers in the world

These aircraft carriers are evaluated on the basis of size,airwing,offensive and defensive weapons and other state of the art feature

1.Gerald R Ford Class,USA

                                 337 m… 447 kata lagi


What I've been listening to

If you’ve been on the hunt for some sick beats, look no further.
Here’s 10 of my most played songs// songs I’ve been loving through the first half of 2018. 465 kata lagi