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The Top 10 Camping Spots - UK

Here’s our pick of the best 10 walks and Hiking spots in England. With Summer just around the corner now is the perfect time to plan your next adventure. 44 kata lagi

Top 10: Songs 

As you can see: My music taste is all over the place, but I’m always looking for new suggestions so comment some of your favorite songs below! 52 kata lagi

Top 10: Books 

I’ve loved to read ever since I was a kid. I usually read books in the Adventure & Young Adult genres. Here are some of my favorites & I suggest them for everyone!! 92 kata lagi

Top10 Modern Dogfighters 


The aerial battle between fighter aircrafts at close range is termed as close combat or dogfighting (also known as ‘ air combat manoeuvring ‘ in modern terminology). 2.030 kata lagi



Hello viewers!

I have compiled a list of my top ten blogs and/or pod casts that would be beneficial on learning about what trauma is and how it affects children. 891 kata lagi

Top 10 List

Best PC games in 2017 so far

Battle Brothers

Like XCOM with lower stakes and axes instead of guns, Battle Brothers is pure fun. Manage a band of mercenaries, earn money to expand your operation and reach more distant contracts on the wide-open map, and fret over decisions in turn-based battles. 439 kata lagi



After months of wanting really bad visit New Orleans, I finally did it.

I finally ended up walking the french quartier, and listening true jazz in every corner, on of those the conservation hall. 134 kata lagi