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Lehar recently finished his ‘All through the night‘ tour that led him to cites around Europe before heading back to his studio in the woods near Venice to turn his inspirations into music. 1.620 kata lagi

Torture The Artist

My Top 10 Favorite TV Shows

Whether we like to admit it a lot, for a lot of us we spend a lot of time watching TV. So I decided to share my top 10 TV shows right now. 13 kata lagi

My Top 10 Makeup Favourites.

Hey Guys,

I’m back! Again, yeah I know! But I am determined this time to make this blog page the one I have always wanted. Meaning ill be giving you all new posts twice a week, and spending the time to make them the best I can. 1.167 kata lagi


Top Ten Tips: Maximising your Visibility

Being visible used to be important for safety reasons (when crossing the road, etc…).

‘Visibility’ is far more essential to advance your career and social status. 234 kata lagi


Tabitha’s Top 10 Tips for Overcoming Travel Worries

I have a big trip to South America coming up and for the first time ever before a trip I have been shitting my panties. I am not normally one to be influenced by the horror stories people tell; I was chilled through India and did over-land border crossings in South East Asia despite the warnings people gave, but this time, I seek reassurance, dear readers, about the journey that awaits me. 1.488 kata lagi



When we think of makeup we think of a perfect winged eyeliner and that on-point highlighter that makes you look like you were sculpted by the Gods!! 75 kata lagi

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Top 10 Movie Titles That Describe Parenthood

Movies! You remember–those things you used to watch before you became a parent. I’m lucky if I get to watch A movie a year these days. 253 kata lagi