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Top 10 Dice Games

I love dice.  I probably have an unhealthy obsession with dice, to be honest.  For a while, in my DnD group, when we would start a new campaign or a new character, I would go out and buy a new set of polyhedral dice. 898 kata lagi

Board Games

Top 10 Most Overhyped Books!

Salutations, lovely fellow bloggers! I’m back again with another random post that is not a book review; like I said in my last post, because of college commitments, I’m biding my time until I can sit down and read books again and review them :( 1.386 kata lagi


6 Top tech blogs to keep in touch with in 2018

Tech blogs and news helps us to keep updated about latest trend and happenings in the world of technology, gadgets and gizmos. As we have entered into a new year of 2018, there is an absolute certainty of technology advancements became to unravel as time passes. 51 kata lagi


Creepy Deep Web Stories That Would Definitely Change Your Mind About Visiting.

Haven’t heard of the deep web before? Well, aren’t you lucky? The deep web consists of hidden websites that you need a special browser(Tor) and a direct link to access. 647 kata lagi


Icefield Parkway is THE Must See

Icefield Parkway

The Icefield Parkway provides easy access to the most dramatic mountains and gorgeous glaciers, all from the luxury of your car.  There are lots of pull-offs and viewpoints.  1.565 kata lagi


The Secret

Name of the book:- The Secret

Author:- Rhonda Byrne

Genre:- Philosophical

Publisher:-  Atria Publishing Group

Ratings:- ★★★★★


The traders who made the book and the film ”The Secret”, in accordance with their ancient practice, did not tell the whole secret, they left the secret about the true way of the Secret’s action incomplete. 947 kata lagi


Heroes Of Olympus: The Mark Of Athena

Name of the book:- Heroes of Olympus: The Son Of Neputune

Author:- Rick Riordan

Genre:- Fiction

Publisher:-  Disney Publishing Worldwide

Ratings:- ★★★★

Review:-  568 kata lagi