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Why I Hate Online Selling!

Online selling AKA e-commerce. I used to thoroughly enjoy it and not as in to make a profit but more so that I could effectively recycle items I no longer loved. 397 kata lagi


GOLDMAN: These are the 21 stocks that matter most to hedge funds

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Presenting: the hedge fund darlings of the first quarter. 

Goldman Sachs recently published its Very Important Position (VIP) list of stocks that appear the most among the funds’ largest 10 holdings.  861 kata lagi

Money Matters

My Top 10 Otome Game Heroines

Alright we know there’s a terrible stereotype that otome game heroines are emotionless flat doormats with no eyes or any sensible decision making capabilities. So here I am to bring you 10 ladies who I think deserve mention for breaking this stereotype and generally being an awesome character that makes the game a lot more enjoyable to play. 1.829 kata lagi

Otome Games

Top 10: Animated Film's Most Breathtaking Worlds

Have you ever watched an animated film and wanted to just walk into that world immediately?  Those working with animation have the ability to invent new spaces, shapes and perspectives – meaning illustrated environments tend to be what the human mind imagines, amplified by an infinite imagination.   598 kata lagi


Top 10 Favorite Series Of The 90's

As a TV fanatic, i spent a big chunk of my life watching movies and series, and although my addiction hit high notes in my teens, and against all my attempts, i was not able to watch every show that aired, but i did come pretty close.  577 kata lagi


Top 10 Worst Consoles of all time!

In this day and age there are many horrible ideas, including these 10 Consoles, which range from an incredibly stupid design to uselessness. Here are the top 10 worst consoles of all time. 944 kata lagi