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Juke Jam | November Edition

YoU aBsOlUtLy MuSt HaVe ThIs MuSiC oN tHiS mOnThS pLaYlIsT

#1 I Like Me Better – Lauv

Honestly, I have not listened to much of Lauv, but I heard this song and fell in LAUV with it.

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Top Ten Skill ?

Hey Math Peeps,

Try out these questions for identifying domain and range (Domain-Range).

Challenge yourself to write the linear equation for any of the lines.

See answers here.


Ten Things All Movies Get Wrong

We all love films. This particular form of entertainment is more popular these days than ever before (citation needed). There’s just something great about chilling out for a couple of hours and becoming immersed in another world while real life just stands outside checking its watch. 1.090 kata lagi

Horror Writer

Ten Ways to Have a Better Relationship...With Your God

I’ve found some relationship advice I want to share. There is a world out there of magazine posts and blog articles giving us “5 steps to…” and “10 ways to…,” many of them centered on relationships. 577 kata lagi


The Top Ten Best Songs by S.E.S.

As SM Entertainment’s original girl group, it’s hard to overstate just how successful S.E.S were when they debuted in the late 90’s. Long before “cute” was the girl group template of choice, the trio built their name on a catchy blend of hip-hop and 90’s r&b.  395 kata lagi


200 Posts: Top Ten

This is my 200th post on Not Exactly Retired, which I started in mid-2015. As we’ve traveled around the United States, spent time in Nepal and served as Peace Corps Volunteers in Moldova, the blog’s audience has kept growing, with more than 26,000 visits so far. 324 kata lagi

My Top 10 Third Doctor Stories (Part 2)

Continuing from my last post My Top 10 Third Doctor Stories (Part 1).

My Top 10 Third Doctor Stories and One You Should Probably Avoid… 1.967 kata lagi

Doctor Who