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Wisdom Teeth and Free Lesson Plans

My youngest son had his wisdom teeth surgically extracted this morning. Unfortunately for him, he had 6 of them. Everything went well, and he is now recovering. 139 kata lagi

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Recovering from Tooth Extraction

Graduating in the top 10 percent of his class at New York University College of Dentistry, Avi Malkis holds a doctor of dental surgery degree. As a dentist at Shel Dental and Yankee Family Dental in Connecticut, as well as Oakwood Dental Arts in New York, Avi Malkis performs exodontia procedures, which involve extracting teeth. 247 kata lagi

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Free Treatment to Under 18 – A highly praiseworthy initiative

Have you ever done or even thought of doing something with an altruistic attitude, expecting nothing in return of your efforts and skills invested? Truly speaking, working in a selfless manner with hopes of nothing in return is not everyone’s cup of tea. 426 kata lagi

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Tooth Extraction: What is the Reason and How Much It Costs?

Has your dental specialist specified a tooth extraction? Assuming this is the case, don’t stress. There are numerous reasons that patients require going under the process of teeth extraction in different areas of the mouth with different… 453 kata lagi

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Oppdag Tannlege Hamar klinikk i Norge

Når du trenger å få høyt profesjonell tannlegen, er Tannlege Hamar Clinic Tannklinikken som du virkelig bør vurdere. Dette er på grunn av det høye nivået av profesjonalitet som vi normalt holder seg til når vi leverer våre utrolige tannbehandlingstjenester. 265 kata lagi

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A Little Bit Less Wise

Lucky me, I just enjoyed a week off work! Well maybe enjoyed isn’t the right word…. I had to have all four of my wisdom teeth removed and it was not fun at all. 1.149 kata lagi


When is Extracting a Tooth Necessary?

Despite the range of preventive and restorative medicines in modern dentistry, it’s not always possible to save a tooth. Injury or illness can undermine a tooth’s health immediately or over time. 197 kata lagi

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