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My Neighbor Totoro - #8

There’s no doubt that this movie is a Ghibli classic, beloved and prominent in so many people’s childhoods. It’s a fantastic kid’s film about finding adventure and hope in the form of Totoro, a magical creature that lives in the woods. 316 kata lagi

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Night Lamp ‘Totoro from Tonari No Totoro’

Moshi-moshi ^-^”
Selamat siang dari ‘Kirameku’ :)

Pic: Night Lamp ‘Totoro from Tonari No Totoro’

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February Loot Part 3

Hello, today i finally got the 2 last packages of this month, let’s check it out! 219 kata lagi

Totoro and I

Totoro is always prepared to share its umbrella

WIP Wednesday: Mitten Lining

These aren’t necessarily one of my “longest” projects, but I’ve been working on these mittens off-and-on for a few months now. I’ve taken a number of breaks to work on things such as Mother’s Day gifts, etc. 254 kata lagi