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#52 the consequence hoop

Shitting out those sausage rolls now.

Feels like they’re coming out whole.

Why is there always a consequence for free stuff?


Toilet Paper Takeout

Have you ever looked at the toilet paper in a public restroom and thought about running off with it? I have. If I know I’m about to go to a rural spot in say, China, I’ll actually pack toilet paper in my luggage. 22 kata lagi


Bathroom reno, week 5 update

It’s been a good week, readers. Like, a delirious, happy, mock-sobbing kind of week. Maybe real sobbing. Maybe.

When you last heard from your heroes, we were growing weary from the drywall dust that  1.412 kata lagi

Guest Blog. It meant I could have a drink.

This month we are focusing on the needs of people who need help or equipment to stand up from the toilet.

Find out more about our topic and… 472 kata lagi


The day I had an accident on a duck

That’s right, you read the headline correct, but I have to emphasize from the start it wasn’t a real duck – so to clarify there were no real ducks harmed in my toilet. 454 kata lagi

Family Life


So I received the coolest and most useful product! It’s called IllumiBowl! It’s a motion activated toilet night light. It simply attaches to the side of the toilet and works only when the lights are off. 75 kata lagi