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Ladies And Gentlemen: Rudolf Waldemar Brem

Go and get your copy of that sparkling gem called TOILET STORIES today. Rudolf Waldemar Brem as Manfred Kasunke a.k.a Le Dude is the greatest brilliant evil character since that hungry intellectual dude in SILENCE OF THE LAMBS or Malcolm McDowell’s Alex. 39 kata lagi


Feng Shui Fun On The Run

The powerful pull of Water energy makes this descent feel like being flushed down a toilet.
Learn how each of the elemental energies interact when you SUBSCRIBE at… 32 kata lagi

Feng Shui

Romance and gingerbread man

Us runners have a lot of funny rituals around running. Stuff that we do pre- and post run. Especially if we are doing a longer run as things have to be “just right” because the last thing you need is a niggling seam to be chafing your skin at 15km mark (Vaseline, my old friend) or the gingerbread man chasing you. 391 kata lagi


The Squat and Shake

Backpacker Magazine recently released an article giving tips to women on how to pee in the woods without toilet paper. But for anyone who has ever had to pee behind a tree before, this article was fairly degrading (and also suggested using a stick as toilet paper, which just sounds painful). 461 kata lagi


People Transforming Paint?

I have been absolutely rubbish and have published a blog post in forever! Let me explain. Flash cards have taken over my life, I have blue ones, pink ones, narrow ruled ones – who knew there could be so many variations of a piece of card. 520 kata lagi