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Thailand thoughts

Today we will have an interview with Lazy Pig. Let’s see what she has to say about her trip to Thailand.

So Lazy Pig, what did you think of Thailand? 452 kata lagi


Holiday season relief for an introvert

It’s no secret, yup, I’m an introvert. I prefer long stretches of time where it appears to an uninformed person that I may in fact be catatonic and unresponsive to external stimuli. 893 kata lagi


Mba Desi merupakan perempuan yang sangat  aneh, benar-benar aneh. Dia suka memakan kotoran, baik itu kotorannya sendiri bahkan kotoran orang lain. Entah apa yang ada dibenak mba Desi ini. 22 kata lagi

An Ode to Indian toilet


Dear Indian Toilet,

Nothing screamed of your slow demise more than the Harpic advertisement, where you were heartlessly replaced by your western counterpart. Renovation after renovation, you were destroyed, only to survive in areas that were yet to be touched by westernization and joint problems. 410 kata lagi


OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush

OXO’s Compact Toilet Brush & Canister is the perfect addition to any size bathroom. The unique Canister design allows the Toilet Brush to be stored within easy reach. 135 kata lagi

I Feel Like Feces: a poem

Staff Writer

I feel like feces,
Cow manure,
With no greater purpose,
Than grass fertilizer.

I feel like feces,
Residing in a toilet, 80 kata lagi

Sword And Shield