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Toilet Training Sever Autism

No matter what happens from here on with Brendan, one thing I can always be proud of, and one thing I can always know I gave him, was the ability to use the toilet. 1.154 more words


Today's lesson in modern housekeeping for the modern dork: toilet duck

How to effectively use toilet duck to not clean the toilet

People around the country: working mothers, housewives, househusbands, take some pride in ensuring their houses are fit to live in for themselves and their families. 194 more words


public toilet diarrhea

the other day, i was using a public bathroom when a guy came rushing in, jumped on the toilet, and unleashed all hell on the unsuspecting thing. 241 more words

Water They Do Without Me

For the love of cheese, flush the deuce down.

Why is it that my children feel it necessary to override the warm apple pie scented candle in the living room with the scent of swamp butt in the bathroom?   502 more words


Gross felt dog doing gross felt dog things (don't look if you are easily offended by things made from wool)

Warning: this post has a toilet humour gif: don’t look if you are offended by wool pretending to be something else

So I have mentioned before that I am on a social network called Tsu. 237 more words