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The flasher stage: advanced level potty training...

…if you can call it that!

We (the monster child) have been nappy free for a couple of weeks now. Fist bump the air in a Chandler style celebration, he’ll yeah! 901 kata lagi

The Doo Doo

DISCLAIMER: This post is not for the squeamish! Be gone with you!

We’ve all been in the retail job boat in some sense or form, am I right? 432 kata lagi


How to make your Toilet be more water Efficient

Know how to make your toilet more water efficient. Learn how you can check the toilet for problems, and see how you can tweak it for a decreased water use. 7 kata lagi

How to Choose Bathroom Sink Faucets

Just about everyone knows that you can conserve water if you turn the off bathroom sink faucets when you are brushing your teeth. However, you can even save water when you turn the faucet on if you use the right items on your bathroom sink faucets. 749 kata lagi

Parenthood, Rio and other things on my mind

The last 3 weeks of my life have been what I would call an emotional roller coaster. Parenthood is so different now that I have a walking, talking tornado named Cub in my house. 386 kata lagi

My Life

Running Toilet: One of the Most Common Plumbing Problems in Saskatoon

Unfortunately, as many people find out, one minute their toilet will be normally working, and then the next it makes a strange sound. Most homeowners know that something is wrong, yet many just hope it goes back to normal after a few more flushes. 110 kata lagi