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Toilets are Gross!

Who wants or even NEEDS to streamline cleaning?

Who wants to clean the toilet LESS but have it cleaner?

Try these, they’re fun to make with your kids and they may just start helping with cleaning the toilet! 162 kata lagi

Essentials For Living

52 things to learn on the loo: review

In today’s blog, I will be reviewing this book; 52 things to learn on the loo!

If you’ve never heard of this book I would highly recommend reading it! 114 kata lagi

Mountains Tall

Another poem from my poo collection.

Mountains Tall

Mountains tall and craggy hills
Are gifted by the gods.
And lumps are added to the top… 73 kata lagi


This x-ray shows SHOCKING image of man's rectum falling out of his body after playing mobile phone games on the toilet

(Source: www.asianmoneyguide.com)

A man in Southeast China was reported to be rushed to hospital in the middle of the night when the man’s rectum fell out of his body. 243 kata lagi

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Poo Poo Spray

Quick project! Quick blog post!

Just a few sprays into the potty before taking care of business and it will trap the bad smells!

1/3 cup… 45 kata lagi

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What's that smell?

As you can tell by the look of disgust on my face, this location is one of my favorite locations and when I say favorite that is a total sarcastic remark. 205 kata lagi