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Japanese toilet roadmap

Japan is all about convenience and customer service. These principles are even applied in the most lowly aspects of life, like for example using the toilet. 120 more words


Toilet Humour

Toilets aren’t supposed to be luxurious realms of bliss and cleanliness. The mirrors aren’t supposed to be gold-plated, and Beethoven isn’t supposed to be chirping in the background on repeat.  390 more words

Ode to a Toilet

Despite the title of this blog, I am not a neat-freak or clean-freak. However, cleaner and neater is generally better, in my view. I just do not have the energy most of the time, and my family has a tight budget. 449 more words


Saskatoon Drain Cleaning: Proper Toilet Management to Avoid Clogs

The toilet is one plumbing fixture in the house that is frequently used. It is flushed several times in a single day and at times, it can get to a point where it could get clogged and overflow. 151 more words