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Potty Training Tips 

I fell pregnant with Mya when Eva was around 19 months old so decided that we should attempt to potty train her, if we could, before baby arrived. 438 kata lagi


I no longer want to go to the end of the rainbow

I guess if you own a port-a-potty company, you might as well come up with a funny name.


does your bum look big in this? 31st July 2015

as yet another month trickles to a close leaving us with just reflections of what was and what might have been and what will never be my thoughts turn too house and furniture shops and shopping….. 299 kata lagi


" Underware"

¬† “I was falsly acused of embazlement. I was inocent but was unable to prove it. I could not aford a good lawer. I was found gulty and sentenced to five years in prison. 566 kata lagi