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When we "de-risk" - where does the risk go?

When you do the washing up, you leave your plates clean, the dirt gets washed down the sink. The same when you change the oil in your car or when you go to the toilet. 1.301 kata lagi


Quotes || 1.1

“The power you put in your toilet,

Your dreams need the same power to become reality.”

(Be patient, huge success will come in pieces 🚽)



Weird door lock wins “least trustworthy design” award for third year in a row

Those weird door lock thingos found on many public toilet doors that don’t let you test if it’s actually locked have just won their third consecutive “least trustworthy design” award. 210 kata lagi


There’s a toilet...on my front porch...

Yep, you read that right. I came home the other day to a mysteriously box on my front porch unabashedly labeled “toilet.” I picked it up and thought, “no way this box has a toilet inside” because it only weighed a few pounds. 704 kata lagi


I Drink Toilet Water (and so do you)

Today’s blog is by Laurie Loftin, the ACC Water Conservation Coordinator, who admits too much

Yes, technically, I drink toilet water.  This unfortunate misnomer is often thrown about while on a visit to classrooms. 943 kata lagi

Rest Rooms in the UK

Last night, I was attending a gig at one of my favourite Manchester venues. One of the people from the venue was standing near the stage, which put him right in front of the passage to the venue’s comfort facilities. 194 kata lagi

English Culture

VIDEO: Colorado Wind Storm Sends Porta Potties Airborne

Thankfully these porta potties that got swept up in a windstorm in Commerce City, Colorado were vacant. No injuries were reported but I’m pretty sure some industrial strength showers were taken. 17 kata lagi