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Things you wish you’d asked about before banging the door shut

I guess you could say that I’m not a happy traveler. I much prefer staying at home where there are no surprises to horrify me, especially at the end of a long day. 730 kata lagi


Toilet rules

I like the one of “how you shouldn’t seat in the toilet”. It gave me an idea to try :)

Seen in Rigi, Switzerland.


Composting Toilet


We finally got around to making our toilet, it took a while to find the right raw materials, but Pat scored a sweet crate that we painted, cut a hole in the top, and mounted hinges. 62 kata lagi


How to Survive November 2015 - 29

Marraskuun parasta piristystä on lähteä valokuvausretkelle blogiystävä Irwiksen kanssa. Iltapäivästä pyrähdimme tutustumaan paikalliseen nähtävyyteen Pulsan Asemaan. Entinen asema, joka välillä toimi alkoholistien hoitolana, on kunnostettu viehkeäksi Bed & Breakfast – Kahvila – Sisustustarvikemyymäläksi. 8 kata lagi


Toilet Use

It seems universal that there is a problem with tourists standing on toilet seats in public washrooms!!!

Don’t stand on the seat, don’t flush toilet paper and flush the toilet!!!! 13 kata lagi

How To Clean A Toilet with Denture Tablets — Apartment Therapy Tutorials

Electric Tea Kettle
How much do you think this costs?
Electric Tea Kettle Bonavita Gooseneck Electric Variable Temperature Kettle Breville Electric Tea Kettle The Right Teakettle for You… 26 kata lagi