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Cerita Dewasa : Masuk Toilet Cewek

Pada kesempatan kali ini ingin berbagi cerita lucu pendek buat menemani waktu santai kalian, semoga dengan adanya cerita ini bisa menghibur sobat semua para pecinta cerita lucu dimanapun berada. 84 kata lagi

Cerita Dewasa

2,000-year-old toilet paper gives us a whiff of life on the Silk Road in China

(Source: arstechnica.com)

For almost 1,500 years, the many trade routes known today as the Silk Road joined eastern China with western China, India, the Middle East, Europe, and… 744 kata lagi


YIKES! Man Puts Super Glue On His GF’s Toilet Paper. See What Happens Next.

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A man played a prank on his girlfriend by putting super glue on her toilet paper.

Brad Holmes posted a video of his girlfriend, Jenny Davies, who just got outside the toilet and was screaming at him. 6 kata lagi

The driving force of toilets

I’d been working my new florist gig for a few weeks when the john broke. Of course, we were also dealing with a swell in business. 555 kata lagi

Dublin Or Bust: Florist


Guys! It was a set up o!!! Abba set me up WELL! I couldn’t even wait till next Sunday to gist you people this gist. 391 kata lagi


After diapers is the transition phase.  After they figure out where to put it, the next challenge is making sure it all comes off.  This is the challenge of wiping.  177 kata lagi