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958. Toilet seat

It was outrageous. Once again the toilet seat had been left up by some thoughtless male. For the second time that day, the toilet seat had to be put down before it could be sat on. 154 kata lagi



As I sit here in this humid bathroom during what seems like the Spring that finally arrived in Chicago, I can’t help but reflect on my past social interactions. 261 kata lagi


Tip Tuesday: Kool-Aid Klean

I know what you are thinking. Kool-Aid. Yes. I’m serious. I absolutely can’t stand a dirty bathroom, especially the toilet. I guess I clean the toilet a couple of times a week. 306 kata lagi


The winds of change in Asean

(Source: themiddleground.sg)

THE US arms embargo on Vietnam is over. President Obama announced the end of the nearly 50-year-old embargo during his three-day visit to Vietnam, in what he called the normalisation of relations with Vietnam after a bitterly-fought war in the 60s and 70s. 443 kata lagi

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