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Thursday Thoughts From the Throne

I have been pondering this from the toilet for a long time now:

You know what I hate? Items that have what they are emblazoned upon them. 296 kata lagi


Shittens Poop Wiping Mittens

Keep getting crap on your hands while wiping? Shittens are the revolutionary new way to wipe up and clean up feces while protecting your hands, created by Richie Wilson and first announced on the Howard Stern Show. 97 kata lagi

I'm super freaky about clean

Have i told you about my air vent. Holy Shit. The Damn thing would blow a small dog all over the place. It blows right at my face when I’m sleeping.

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Brent Brents

Twitter : 15 Things We Don't Want To Know : Day 1 > Toilet Time

…Or Won’t Admit We Want To Know –> Day 1 This is the first post in a series called, you guessed it, “15 Things We Don’t Want To Know (Or Won’t Admit We Want To Know)” in your Tweets. 25 kata lagi

Social Web Cafe Article

A Bad Start. A Really Bad Start...

Things started badly this morning. As I followed my normal matutinal routine I turned to flush the toilet and my glasses fell off.

I will allow you a moment for thought here. 208 kata lagi


Door Susanne Lehmann

Bericht van de auteur: in deze column gebruik ik de termen mannen en vrouwen en mannentoilet en vrouwentoilet. Ik heb deze keuze gemaakt om de leesbaarheid van de column te waarborgen.

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When Captain Yale drinks his coffee, he slurps it. Suhhhhluurhp, suhsuhsuhlurrrrp. This happens three times a day. When I drink my coffee, I tip my cup to clear off just enough foam so that when I drink out of the cup the foam does not hit my lips. Treat the foam as a decorative layer. By the time I get to the end of the cup, there is a layer of foam with either a heart or leaf shape, depending on who prepared the coffee. The leaf is definitely executed with more care. The person who prepares the coffee with the leaf looks like he should be from Salt Lake City. I think I annoy Captain Yale a lot because I can't sit still at work. I mean I get it. Blank I hate me at work too. | I spent 5 hours of the work day on some project of mine which involved worrying for an hour about whether Super 77, when dried out between two layers of _, would cause an explosion when run through the _. A tangible sort of worry. A sweat through my poplin shirt sort of worry as I hit Print. No explosion, but the worry was enough to make me reconsider adhesives. Silicon it is. When I see the word silicon I think of those children's toys, those weird infinity wiggle tubes--what exactly was the point of those / the things have nothing to do with silicon / what I am writing has nothing to do with anything. / At 11:30, my phone apes out and rings and vibrates: It's time to go to bed! Stop whatever the blank you're doing! You better not be staring at a screen! | The slurping really bothers me. It's the sort of shit only men who don't put the toilet seat down at an office where everyone shares the same wc do. It is rude. There should be a Seat's Up! alarm in the office wc. Thing'd be going off all day. Tuck yr junk in seat down wash yr hands u fuck. | I got so much done at work today. I responded to all emails within 5 minutes. | Phone says it is time to sleep. Peace Out!