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BIONICLE: The Legend Awakens - Part 5: The Infected Mask/The Darkness Below/The End

Chapter 8


As Tahu caught sight of the Rahi, the other Toa Mata gathered in the Temple. Gali was the first to notice Tahu’s absence. “Where is our leader?” she wondered. 1.646 more words

TOA releases world’s first mass notification pendant speaker

TOA Corporation, a manufacturer of premier audio and commercial products launched a series of Pendant Speakers. 163 more words


New Summer Sets!

There will be 5 new sets coming out in 2015! All of them are bad guys to fight the toa and seem to be allies of the skull spiders. 18 more words


Bionicle 2015 Videos Part 2

The Videos “Quest for the Golden Masks” and “The Protectors Fight Back” are now available to download below

Quest for the Golden Masks: http://biomediaproject.com/bmp/files/vid/G2/Animations/03%20-%20Quest%20for%20the%20Golden%20Masks%20-%201080%20Compressed.mp4

The Protectors Fight Back: … 14 more words


Bionicle 2015 videos

You can now download the first and second animation videos: Prophecy of Heroes, and The Arrival. The original Toa have finally come back and now they are on the mysterious island of Okoto. 63 more words