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Work Begins

Work has indeed begun upon the Titanic themed novel. I’ve written only a small introduction so far. The point of the introduction has been to see whether I can capture the essence of what I hope to convey. 253 kata lagi


Scale Those Walls

Proverbs 21:22

A wise scaleth the city of the mighty, and casteth down the strength of the confidence thereof.


The Concise Oxford English Dictionary…

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Hey guys!

So my next touristing trip in my homeland of Northern Ireland was to the Titanic Quarter in Belfast. *History lesson time!* If you didn’t already know the famous ship, the RMS Titanic that sank tragically in the North American Ocean in 1912, was built in Belfast. 422 kata lagi


Review: Titanic - The Musical (*****)

Hey fellow theatre-goers!

Three days ago I went to see Titanic: The Musical. Yes, an actual musical about the titanic. I’ll be honest, when I booked my tickets I had my concerns about the show and whether it would just be the romanticised Leo and Kate story that was released in cinemas 19 years ago, but the production was so much more than that story, and actually told a touching, heart wrenching tale of the real life people who lived and died on the maiden voyage. 467 kata lagi


Sunday Night

Cousin is watching a programme called Suits where the most commonly used line by any character is I don’t give a shit about…. If there were a swear box it would be getting quite full. 467 kata lagi


the north.

our street in cushendall

filled with flowers

and friendly locals

high tea at culloden estate filled with tradition and treats

┬ást. patrick’s cathedral in armargh… 33 kata lagi


Sl Art: The Vordun, the Titanic, Celeste Forwzy and Fancy Decor

Second Life is an ever evolving place and it is hard to keep track of all the changes. I happened to bump into a Titanic exhibition that was at The Vordun gallery. 571 kata lagi

Traces Of A Second Life