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Titanic and the Security of a Woman

Early in my marriage, maybe even before I was married, I heard a speaker say that one of the main things a woman seeks in marriage is… 1.407 more words

Christian Living

Be smart, be stylish, be striving AND be skinny?!

Life wise. I’m feeling pretty on top of things. Most days.

Some days I feel like telling my exams to shove themselves back up Ed Balls arsehole, letting my job know it’s losing another slave and watching my schedule slowly fall apart in a pool of my own tears. 659 more words

Titanic - the end of an era

Titanic, min vackra springare har återigen fått ett återfall av hälta fram. Han är ju opererad i båda benen för korperaltunnel syndrom (läs mer här… 464 more words


AJ Updates (Part 1)

Earth Day banners all over Jamaa! Can you see the awesome earth day banners placed all over Jamaa by AJHQ? Check them out, they really are something! 103 more words

Intersection of Life and History

Every once in a while history and real life collide.

This year marks the 103rd anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

Given the number of film and articles written and dispersed over that time, I don’t think I need to retell the story. 149 more words


Belfast for one Day

If you saw on my Facebook Page I went to Belfast for one day just to sort some things for my VISA . In case you don’t know I have been accepted to participate in a summer school in USA and because I am Romanian I need to get a VISA. 364 more words


Movie Moment: Titanic

Dear World,

Yesterday, on April 15th, the “unsinkable” RMS Titanic sank in the waters of the North Atlantic, 103 years ago. I first learned about this infamous ship in third grade and I’ve never forgotten about it. 104 more words

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