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August favourites

August has been a pretty busy month. I took a trip up north (I think I’m an honorary scouse girl) and had wedding fever. Can one of my friends just get married every week please? 426 kata lagi

My Art Will Go On

At the suggestion of Merby, here’s the second entry in what will (at least for now) be my new regular Tuesday feature, Draw Me A Picture!  153 kata lagi


Iconic Liners: Olympic - Part II

As guns began to shriek across Europe, Olympic found herself at sea. Under the command of the wonderfully named Captain Herbert Haddock, the liner continued commercial sailings until White Star wisely called a halt in October 1914 (the rival Cunard failed to take heed until 1915 when its own… 983 kata lagi


It was sad when the great ship went down... 

Two things I am grateful for… Comfortable shoes, and first class tickets.

Out the door first thing to the Titanic Belfast. So glad I hauled my butt out of bed early to get to the exhibition as it wasn’t too busy for the first bit. 353 kata lagi

Adventures With B.

Iconic Liners: Olympic - Part I

It’d be easy to overlook the Royal Mail Steamer Olympic, elder sister to the infamous Titanic. Titanic (for obvious reasons) completely eclipsed Olympic… 892 kata lagi


Best chick flicks of all time

Chick flicks get a bad rep, mainly for being the genre of film that all men groan at the thought of. Since when did the phrase ‘chick flick’ denote a negative connotation? 813 kata lagi

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