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Puking on the Titanic

So I briefly mentioned this happening once in an old blog post, but I was thinking about how hilarious this story was, and since I can’t talk about my job, I’m running low on awkward stories, so I’m going to start telling you all about my awkward childhood. 886 more words

Awkward Yet Hilarious

Unknown Facts About The Titanic

By Tejas Singh

10. Out of 12 dogs that were on board, three survived.

9. The Titanic sank 2 hours and 40 minutes after hitting the iceberg. 199 more words


Under the Moonlight

Two people walked on the deck of the ship, the moonlight casting an eerie but beautiful glow on them both. Rose looked across to Jack walking beside her, his hair caught in the breeze, his smile wide and his brown eyes looking up cheekily as he laughed at the story he just told. 1.869 more words


5 Movies that make you want to cry

There are those movies out there, that yes, just want to make you cry

Me personally, no i don’t cry in movies.

Anyway so here are the 5 most sad movies,  37 more words


Life Story - It Was Decision Day And A Chapter Of My Life Was Ending..

After a few hours of restless sleep I awoke at 5:00 a.m., quickly got dressed, packed my suitcase and drove to Becky’s house for our early morning rendezvous. 2.388 more words

Life Story

Love and Death: The Angriest Man in Brooklyn

In 2014, Robin Williams and Mila Kunis starred in a film called The Angriest Man in Brooklyn. This movie tells the story of a man named Henry who discovers one day that he’s dying of a brain aneurysm, and his freaked-out, pill popping, affair-having, crazy cat lady doctor (Mila Kunis) ends up telling him that he has 90 minutes to live. 1.161 more words


Fast and Easy Travel Guide to Belfast

An expert’s guide on the best things to do in Belfast and why this city is a dream destination.

Residents of Belfast are the type to constantly explore their own backyard and visit local attractions frequently.   473 more words