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Film Glamour's Top Ten Overrated Films

There are some films that critics and audiences loved that I could not get into.  They were either too long, unfunny or just poorly developed in my mind.   822 kata lagi


Pride Goeth Before The Fall

     Over 100 years ago the Titanic set off on its maiden voyage from England to the United States. This marvel of modern manufacturing was touted as being unsinkable, due to its design and construction. 325 kata lagi



The water is warm?

She stated queitly

not knowing how to proceed

but Im so tired

the child whispered

and slipped into

the dark ocean… 9 kata lagi


Cork, Charleville, and everything in between

I am very lucky to have people who have supported me on this trip, even back when it was just an idea that I was throwing around. 3.688 kata lagi

A good sinking ship movie?

What’s the first film that you associate with a sinking ship? I reckon the majority would say Titanic (1997)

But what about A Perfect Storm (2000),  Das Boot (1981) or even Poseidon (2006), but those are mine. 32 kata lagi

Last Lunch

For the last lunch on the Titanic,

the kitchen served corned beef and dumplings.

We know because one of the men

who was saved in a lifeboat… 243 kata lagi