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Who Is Sam Bowden?

“It’s probably a combination of a sense of childhood neglect and a desire never to get a real job”. As far as reasons for starting in comedy go, … 1.200 kata lagi


Kwaggle Titantic Tutorial for the uninitiated: 1

At its most basic, in Python we code to create objects in order to do stuff to other objects. In our case we wish to use Python to structure data that has already been provided to us in a CSV format, and to perform analysis on this data using Python. 987 kata lagi



The novel The Midnight Watch by David Dyer is a very different approach to the Titanic story.  It focuses on the crew of the Californian which was supposedly a ship that had been close to the Titanic when the boat went down but did not respond to distress rockets that were fired into the sky.  172 kata lagi

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On Heroism: A Letter to My Children

[Someday, perhaps, I will have children. But today I am just in my twenties, and there is already so much I want to tell them and can’t yet. 1.252 kata lagi


Anxiety & The Art of Traveling Alone 

Hey it’s Lizzie here writing to you from somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. I’m tucked away in the 43rd row next to the window. basking in the glow caused by no one being in the middle seat. 815 kata lagi

Monday Morning Hangovers: Dealing as an Adult 

Next weekend is going to be a shit show of drunk Americans celebrating our freedom, because we, as Americans, are free to get drunk and blow stuff up, so says the Declaration of Independence*. 431 kata lagi

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