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Weekend Blues; Titanic&A Seafood Fiesta!

I had a great day today. I had been craving sea food(well, I always do!) so today, I finally went and got some. Met up with some friends at The Captain’s Boil and the food was off the chains!. 502 kata lagi


Titanic Hotel Belfast + Harland + Wolff

Ships in the Night

Harland + Wolff’s former headquarters was at the heart of Belfast’s shipyard. That’s where 1,000 ships including many of the world’s most famous ocean liners were designed and built. 338 kata lagi

Stuart Blakley

Killing her with chivalry.

Over at Instapundit there is an article/discussion offering chivalry as the antidote to feminist charges of toxic masculinity.  Specifically, the article points to the men on the Titanic as the gold standard for noble masculinity. 1.468 kata lagi

Traditional Conservatives

Comes the Darkness

Yesterday I did not write or blog. Instead I put together Adirondack chairs. Four of them. And it felt good. Sometimes you just have to push away from the computer and spend a day making things with your hands. 646 kata lagi


Titanic star Claire Machin - Interview

The award-winning musical Titanic is currently touring the country. It tells the heartbreaking story of the maiden voyage of the legendary ship the Titanic and the doomed fate of the 1517 people who perished when the ship struck an iceberg. 645 kata lagi


Café Parisien

Café Parisien was, as its name suggests, a Parisian style café on the Titanic. Designed as a replica to the cafés which you find through the streets and boulevards of Paris,  it was popular among the younger  passengers. 394 kata lagi

Northern Ireland

Haunting The Deep | Adriana Mather

The witch craft and titanic themes are actually based on real life events and facts since Adriana herself is a descendant of Cotton Mather (prosecutor in the witch trials) and Myra and Henry Harper (actual Titanic survivors)… 474 kata lagi