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Fringe Frame presents its third interview, with one of musical theatre’s leading ladies Helena Blackman! Helena is currently leading Thom Southerland’s revival of Titanic at Charing Cross Theatre, London. 1.699 kata lagi

Fringe Frame

The Midnight Watch by David Dyer

The Flawed Watch
This is a compelling account of the Titanic disaster and the ship that did not come to her rescue. As an avid reader of everything about the Titanic, I did not know the story of the SS Californian. 92 kata lagi

Northern Ireland - Touring Game of Thrones

If you are not watching Game of Thrones on TV then switch over immediately and start watching.  It is a combination of history throughout the ages with Dragons and Zombie hordes added for extra spice.   1.170 kata lagi


Ramsay Bolton and King Joffrey are Great for Northern Irish Tourism

When “Discover Northern Ireland” isn’t ruthlessly commodifying the Titanic and all who (two thirds) sailed in her, they’re selling Game of Thrones.  Wonderful for tourism is… 423 kata lagi

Lessons from the Titanic

Occasionally, I enjoy reading posts from other authors and not only do they add to my own learning, they generate ideas for illustrations and points to be made during my sermons. 63 kata lagi


2016 “Late” Spring Books to Read

This is my “late spring addition”..sorry, life got busy! A late summer addition will come mid summer, thanks for your patience, Tracy


Alice and Oliver: A Novel… 6.726 kata lagi


Y digwyddiad y Titanic - 1912

Y noson o Ebrill 14 1912 roedd y Titanic ddal i hwylio i America, Efrog Newydd, Roedd Fredrick Fleet yn edrych allan am peryglon y mor. 221 kata lagi