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Just two owls recreating that romantic scene from Titanic

This lovely pair of barred owls are obviously big fans of classic romantic period dramas.

The creatures appear to have recreated the iconic scene from hit movie Titanic, in which lovebirds Jack and Rose stand together at the ship’s bow. 159 kata lagi


Cafe 23. Trust

The twenty-third gathering of TALK-ABOUT café church was on Tuesday 9th February 2016 in Esquires Coffee House. Chris acted as host, and introduced Sandie as the presenter. 873 kata lagi


A New (and Hopefully Improved) Version of the Titanic Will Set Sail in 2018

An Australian millionaire is planning to re-create the original Titanic—yes, the very same Titanic that sunk in 1912 and inspired the 1997 movie of the same name. 164 kata lagi


The World's Lost and Sometimes Found

Amelia Earhart, Roanoke Colony, Atlantis, and the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine among others share one thing in common: they are all lost in history. Well, two things in common really: they are popular discussion topics for conspiracy theorists. 925 kata lagi

National News

10 Movies to Cure Your Wanderlust

So, you want to travel the world forever? Think it could be a dream? Can’t be happy at home or concentrate at work because you’re too busy picturing magical places to visit? 551 kata lagi



  • Gravitationswellen sind unfaßbar winzig, sie können aber (theoretisch) binnen weniger Sekunden ganze Strände leerfegen oder Sternensysteme zerbröseln
  • Die nun nachgewiesenen Wellen wurden mit Laserstrahlen gemessen, die sich selbst unablässig in einem Spiegel betrachten.
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Titanic II Pushes Back The Launch Date

Well that can’t be a good sign. Perhaps the name Titanic is jinxed!!!

You’ve read about the Titanic in your history books. We’ve all seen the movie. 110 kata lagi