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The Titanic was NOT the Olympic

The Titanic was NOT the Olympic

Updated on January 17, 2013

Whatever the event, you can guarantee the conspiracy theorists will put a spin on it. 1.132 more words

David Icke

Women and Children

Remember the movie The Unsinkable Molly Brown? Just the other day I was thinking about that scene on the Titanic’s lifeboat where Debbie Reynolds, who plays the colorful Molly Brown, gives up her fur coat and then her dress to keep those women and children from freezing.  548 more words


6 Hilarious Movie Meme Quotes #movies #humor

Do you love funny memes and enjoy movies? Check out this mix of six movie quote memes! From current to classic movies, there is enough funny to go around. 49 more words


Is Earth losing weight?

Recently, I had a look at how heavy the Earth is, and how we know. This made me wonder – does that number just stays the same, or does the Earth lose or gain weight? 266 more words


Unorganized post. 

I have a couple things to just get down in writing so this will be very choppy. But it includes pictures. So that’s always a plus. 436 more words

More Titanic Fashion Mishaps

And the hits keep floating in! Here we have a sister who ripped her hideous dress in order to swim. Thank god she was drunk and the waters were freezing, we wouldn’t want her alive to reproduce. 120 more words


The Titanic sinking of fashion

Today is another one of those “shooting fish in a barrel” type days! I had no idea what joy a Titanic challenge would bring! Wow! 91 more words

Covet Fashion