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Summer reading - Week 8 - It's the end of the world, and my summer, as I know it, and I feel conflicted

On Thursday I took my son to our local botanical garden, which recently added a beautiful children’s section.  As my son splashed around in the water feature, and I sat in the shade on a gorgeous day, it occurred to me that I may be wrapping up one of the last truly free summers of my son’s life.   624 kata lagi


Ireland Part II - Ten Things to Do in Killarney and Beyond...

Mr Baby shares the second instalment of his Irish Road Trip.  Ten things to do in the stunning Killarney, County Kerry and on the way home via Cork and Belfast. 704 kata lagi


Queen's Island

Today’s townland is right in the heart of Belfast, but it didn’t exist until the 1840s.  When a deep channel was cut through the mudflats of the river Lagan, the material excavated from the cut was used to form the artificial Dargan’s Island.  344 kata lagi


Read MEow: Titanicat

In 1997, the movie “Titanic” was released and it changed my Mommy’s life furever.  Like many teenaged girls, she was obsessed with the movie and watched it, like, 50 times.   344 kata lagi

The Highest Grossing Film of all time...adjusted for inflation is...

6 Degrees of Film recently listed the 100 highest grossing films of all time. But the highest grossing film, adjusted for inflation, would be Gone with the Wind. 320 kata lagi

ICYMI: It's Going Down I'm Yelling, 'Oop'

It’s sad times, but today is the first day without Titanic on Netflix Instant, but all the more reason for you to either dig up your Titanic double VHS tape set, special edition DVD, or script, all of which I have. 981 kata lagi
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