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Rose's Authentic Diary from Titanic Finally Published!

Entry #1: Dear Diary, oh rats! We’re boarding the largest vessel ever built and I just realized I forgot to pack Dramamine or Bonine. The weather predicts smooth waters, so hopefully it’ll be a non-issue. 855 kata lagi



Jack Dawson once said on the RMS Titanic. When the film, Titanic, was released back in 1997, many people became more fascinated about its history. For some, that film was only just a cliché love story about a poor boy being in love to an aristocrat girl. 378 kata lagi


20 years ago (add a few extra days), was the release of Academy Award winner, record breaking phenomenon, Titanic. With an incredible fourteen nominations and eleven wins, this blockbuster spectacle still has audiences weeping our hearts out twenty years after it was first seen. 235 kata lagi

Not one bit of strategy. Not one.

Dear Joan,

I currently have another entry being typed but I have pushed that aside so that I can…vent, cry …or whatever it looks/sounds/feels like in this ever so pretend world of the internet. 668 kata lagi


Kaggle Titanic Competition:: II. Feature Engineering

My last post served as an introduction to Kaggle’s Titanic Competition. I did some Exploratory Data Analysis, identifying some of the more important features, and the possible correlations between them, in a purely qualitative way. 1.447 kata lagi

Data Science

Telus World of Science

Hey Lovely Readers,

I have missed you guys! Where have I been? Working, and then being lazy! I will have to work on my posting capabilities. 1.657 kata lagi

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