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3x duurzame kledingadviezen

Als ik eerlijk ben koop ik te weinig slow fashion. Ik weet het nut ervan en streef naar een duurzame lifestyle, maar als het om kleding gaat is het soms moeilijk om ethiek boven esthetiek te laten gaan. 233 kata lagi

Fast Fashion

Plum Paper Planner

It’s here! It’s here! And I’m so excited!

A couple of months ago I did a quick google search looking for ‘customizable planners’ and I came across… 347 kata lagi

Career & Life

An Amateur's Guide to Backpacking- Part 1

Hola amigos,

Welcome back to my sweet little blog. This is my first attempt at a travel post. It’s my “Amateur Guide to Backpacking,” if you will. 1.048 kata lagi

Who to see first on Facebook

Happy New Year dear friends! I hope you are having an awesome month. We have a whole year to create and to share a lot of things, tips and secrets…  With all the changes on Facebook I decided to tell you some little tips so you can at least view and adjust your… 189 kata lagi


Kill Parasites With This One Simple Powder

If you have chronic health issues, chances are by now you’ve looked into everything: western and eastern, allopathic and holistic, standard and alternative treatments. These days we are flooded by a method of options, none that can guarantee results, yet all seeming to require a significant outflow of money from our pocketbook. 792 kata lagi


5 Ways I Stay Content on a Daily Basis

Contentment is defined as a state of happiness and satisfaction, and is a state of being that I value immensely. The state of being content is an intentional act that helps to balance emotions and bring more positive emotions to light. 621 kata lagi


Learning to Master the GRE

By: Madison Thompson

Welcome back to the blog! Let’s get right into it.

This will be my last semester as an undergraduate. Though there was much debate, I made the decision to pursue a graduate degree. 451 kata lagi