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100th Post + Finding Your Personal Style

We did it. Somewhere between November and now, Inbetween Thoughts has managed to get over 6200 visitors, almost 100 followers between our various forms of social media, and now – 100 posts! 656 kata lagi


Birthday Resolutions: A Successful Twist on New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t know about you, but I honestly do not remember what my New Year’s Resolution was. I have tried to remember, I know I even wrote it down, but I can’t find that piece of paper. 1.564 kata lagi


How to Install And Use Magisk on Android

Any person who has a rooted device must be familiar with SuperSU. It has been around for ages and has become the standard for rooting. However, with the latest apps making use of Google’s SafetyNet to check for root status and thus blocking usability, SuperSU is slowly becoming quite obsolete. 1.172 kata lagi


AMAZING! Carlos Erik Malpica Flores: Travel Tips to Visit Brazil

Are you a person who likes traveling and tourism? Then you should not stop learning about great places you could visit in Brazil. Keep reading and know what… 280 kata lagi

Carlos Erik Malpica Flores

How to get past writer's blocks?

What is writer’s blocks ? 

I’m getting this very often now. I’m just writing & writing and boom! My mind goes blank and i can’t seem to think. 266 kata lagi


Best Nail Varnish Top Coats

I’ve been painting my nails for years! Within that time I’ve tried countless top coats, all in the name of providing my nails with a thick (but not gloopy) gel-like appearance that you only seem to get when you walk straight out of a good mani. 1.389 kata lagi


Survival Guide: A-levels

Hey guys, so in the UK we have Primary (5-11) and Secondary school (11-16) and then most people go to college or sixth form after their last year at Secondary school when they’re 16 until normally when they’re 18. 521 kata lagi