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Tablet Weaving Tips & Tricks - Part 1

Through the short years, I’ve been tablet weaving I’ve learned a lot of little things that would have made life earlier from the start had I known these things. 515 kata lagi


How to Google like a pro: Internet 101

So you Google everything. That’s ok, I do too. Virtually anything you could ever want to know about or learn to do is somewhere on the internet if you can just find it. 1.129 kata lagi


Tips for Posing in Pictures 001

If you’re reading this you probably enjoy photography either from behind the camera or as the talent and are looking to improve your skills… (Tips are at the end of the blog post) 633 kata lagi


Blogger vs WordPress  !


Blogger is a blog publishing tool developed at Pary Labs . Then it’s bought by Google.Inc. Initially it was as simple as a weppage then Google made many changes in both look and perfomance wise. 206 kata lagi


Why You Feel Like You Suck Even Though You're Doing A Great Job

This post was originally published on the MIMS Career Blog.

Aisyah (not her real name) was frustrated.

Last night’s shift made her feel like she never even went to nursing school. 742 kata lagi


Monday Inspiration

Coco Chanel makes an excellent point. I constantly remind myself that in my personal endeavors I do not have to compromise my vision. Keeping high standards for yourself and others means you want the best for yourself. 6 kata lagi