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Echoes of Sadness

Teslagrad has been out a few days. I’ve been having a great time blinking around on my laptop. (That sentence makes sense as soon as you get a little into the game.) Blinking is so much fun, so when I get that ability in the game, I just blink around for a while and forget about continuing with the game. 1.031 kata lagi


Tools I can't be without

During the summers, I’m out sailing a lot. It’s lovely to be with my family, enjoy nature and relax, but it does come with a price… This summer, it’s five whole weeks that I have no access to my regular baking and decorating tools! 511 kata lagi


Some luster dust advice..

Have any of you also had the problem with luster dust from sugarflair? They have those high and thin containers that are highly unstable. Each time I paint with them, I pour some color into the lid and take color from there. 197 kata lagi

Tips And Trix

Little red riding hood

Today I proudly present a new quest writer, another hard working member from the team behind Battle of Wisby – Anna.

I’m Anna. When I’m not busy with the Battle of Wisby email, trying as best as I can to answer all of your questions and filing applications, I’m making the odd extra garment for Visby. 661 kata lagi

Textile Crafts

The shield, part 1

I want a proper shield for the Battle of Wisby.

I have never tried to make a shield before, let alone used one, only tried a small buckler at fencing training. 455 kata lagi



It is easy to make 14th century buttonholes. The hard thing is to make them look neat and pretty. The first five hundred is a bitch. 466 kata lagi

Textile Crafts


Tight and tidy rows of buttons seems to have been at the hight of fashion during the later part of the 14th century. Sometimes the buttons were so tightly placed that each button touched the next one. 342 kata lagi

Textile Crafts