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An update on the education apostolate




In the last two months, two Filipino Jesuits missioned to Timor-Leste completed their assignments.  Both played major roles in our educational institutions.  Fr Robert Rivera SJ worked hard to organize the first days of Instituto São João de Brito (ISJB) before returning to the Philippines last month, and Fr  Weyms Sanchez SJ is scheduled to leave in June, after one and a half years with Colégio de Santo Inácio de Loiola (CSIL). 37 kata lagi



(Pic: The view out to Atauro from the Tibar-Railaco Road)

The WA (Western Australia) contingent which comprises TLDP’s second team for 2016 sets off this Saturday.  107 kata lagi

East Timor: A Secret Paradise.

Timor Leste, also known as East Timor is one of the newborn nations of the world. It is a Southeast Asian country occupying half the island of Timor. 274 kata lagi

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Making change happen: Collaboration, and the power of Storytelling

I’ve been working in Dili, the capital of Timor-Leste (East Timor) this week, and it’s been a privilege as always to spend time in new surrounds. 1.093 kata lagi

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Don't Cut the Australian Aid Budget

I looked at him and I saw myself,

humanly features, characteristics,

movements between two limbs that are universally shared.

I looked at him and I saw myself, 455 kata lagi

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Timor Leste negeri yang indah

Sejauh mata memandang, kita bisa melihat laut yang luas dan tenang yang didalamnya tersimpan minyak bumi dan ribuan ikan segar. Negeri yang tergolong muda ini (sekitar 15 tahun) dan dihuni sekitar satu juta penduduk, menjadi tantangan bagi cendikiawan dan pemerintah untuk memanfaatkan anugrah Allah untuk kehidupan bangsa dan negara. 16 kata lagi

Timor Leste

I move to Timor Leste

Bondia Jake and Aiden!

Wow it’s been a crazy two days! On Friday your aunt and I
left Germany and had a super long flight! When we got to the airport your aunt decided that 31 hours in economy class would break our spirit, so she decided to upgrade to business class.

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