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Portugal in East Timor: Civilization at What Cost?

Portugal in East Timor

Civilization at What Cost?

Ivo Mateus Goncalves[1]

It is more or less one week until East Timor’s government and their people will commemorate 40 years declaration of independence (November 28 1975-28 November 2015) and 500 years of Portugal’s presence in East-Timor. 1.825 kata lagi

The Kraik Kracker

Dili to Gleno without the blacktop

I started out wanting to check the exact directions to help you onto the Comoro River road, so before I explain what that led to, here they are: 428 kata lagi

Timor Leste

Neighbourhood break-ins

It was a strange weekend.

Monday was a public holiday and, for a couple of weeks now, most of the foreigners in Dili had been planning to spend the weekend either in Jaco Island or in Atauro. 1.532 kata lagi


West East Timor - a four-day classic: Day 4 Maliana to Dili

Well-slept and after yet another wierd Asian concept of a western breakfast, I was out early onto the smooth and black. And just on the edge of Maliana is some brand spanking new German autobahn, complete with paint and the odd road sign. 132 kata lagi

Timor Leste

West East Timor - a four-day classic: Day 3 Suai to Maliana

The best day of the lot, this. Some of the roughest road I’ve been on, but a great ridge route for much of the way, finishing off with a curvey descent down to Maliana. 332 kata lagi

Timor Leste

West East Timor - A four-day classic: Day 2 Samé to Suai

The last time I made this trip, I left Samé just after the rain and before the cloud. I took the same route – down to the cop shop at Daisua /Loti, turned right to Hato Udo then left at the roundabout there down to bridge at Cassa over what must be a Google Maps typo, the ‘Rib Be Lullc’. 394 kata lagi

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