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Day 250 (Timor-Leste Day 3)

  • Task 1: Get a photocopy of my passport. SUCCESS. On my ride into town I passed a shop with a small Fotocopy sign in the window.
  • 325 kata lagi

Day 249 (Timor-Leste Day 2)

I surprised myself with how relaxed I was, being in a strange new place. I spent the morning building my bike and then took it out for a ride. 504 kata lagi


Day 248 (Timor-Leste Day 1)

Well, I am officially overseas on my bike! I went through a rollercoaster of feelings as I was packing up my stuff and preparing for my flight. 430 kata lagi


Day 247 (Australia - Darwin)

I just had a nice skype chat with my friend Meghan, but the rest of my day was fairly ordinary. I have felt a bit ‘out of it’ all day, owing to too much alcohol, too little water and too little sleep the night before. 104 kata lagi


Day 246 (Australia - Darwin)

It’s 4am and I just got home after a fun night out that had a slightly awkward ending when I made a hasty exit and found my way back to C2 Apartments. 118 kata lagi


Community Radio in Timor-Leste

In 2014 Vanessa visited community radio stations in Timor-Leste. She visited Radio Lorico Lian in Dili and Radio Comunidade Lian Matebean Baucau.

You can read more and her visit here: aeta_newsletter_dec14


East Timor moving forward

(Image: by EWC student, Teguh Timur from flickr)

Latest news from East Timor is that there are plans by current government to introduce new media laws feared to muzzle hard won freedom of speech, after gaining back its independence in 1999. 40 kata lagi