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Landladies and chauvinism

In Timor there are a number of foreigners who manage land that Timorese people own. They build or renovate a house on the plot that they manage, fixing it up in such a way that foreigners like. 366 kata lagi

Living in a village named Bahareduk...

During our time in East Timor, we were given the privilege of spending some time in a village named Bahareduk. To get to this village of 400 people, we had to sit in the back of a ute for three hours as we drove down a ridiculously bumpy road, along the cliffs of East Timor and over a massive dried up river bed. 851 kata lagi

Mellifluous Meanderings

Short Story: Tales from Timor Leste (2003)

Nobody speeds through the dusty streets of Dili, the taxi driver, named Arulio, tells me in his Portuguese accented Indonesian. This is because the Timorese have not been driving for long and few feel comfortable enough behind the wheel of these bulky machines. 1.396 kata lagi

Development In Eastern Indonesia

First motorbike trip

My first proper motorbike trip. An hour there, an hour back. To Black Rock. We arrived covered in a layer of dust. I felt like I could have carried on driving forever – which probably means it was the perfect time to stop. 201 kata lagi

Last team to TL

Hot on the heels of Cowboy and Snake, TLDP’s last team for 2015 leaves Sydney today. After overnighting in Darwin, they will hit TL’s shores on Saturday.  65 kata lagi

Cowboy and Snake Ride Again

Team 4 returned home last Saturday following an intensely busy 10 days in and around Railaco. It has been a while since Drs Andy Moran (Snake) and Gordon Saggers (Cowboy) have been to TL, so they really noticed the improvements in infrastructure, particularly in the quality of the main roads and the availability of electricity; as well as improvements in public health, especially the reduction in betel-nut usage which has been attributed to a public health campaign. 317 kata lagi

Liquiçá, Timor Leste

“The foolish man seeks happiness in a distance; the wise grows it under his feet” – James Openheim

Visited August 2014