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This is the end, beautiful friend, the end

by Molly Timmers

After three days of travel across space and time, we arrived in Dili, the capital of Timor-Leste. This country is located about an hour’s flight northwest from Darwin, Australia across the Timor Sea. 1.159 kata lagi

Coral Reef Ecosystem

Adventures in Timor-Leste

I have a profound love for weird countries. I seek them out — I guess you could say it’s become more of an obsession. I think the allure is that the media portrays them inaccurately, or ignores them altogether. 1.455 kata lagi


SUPER Timor-Leste... I don't want too leave.

That’s nearly my time up in Timor-Leste and looking back part of me might just feel I should have seen more than just Dili in my month here. 772 kata lagi


Cultural Notes and Observations: Taiwan

  • Bike sharing
  • Very developed
  • Mostly mandarin speaking
  • Not too busy
  • Feels very safe
  • People are friendly
  • Great MRT line
  • Difficult to use a GPS because there are lots of roads and highways on top of each other…
  • 36 kata lagi

How not to climb a mountain

When my friends and I decided to spend a weekend out of Dili to climb Mount Ramelau, I got very excited about the weekend-trip-with-friends and accidentally forgot about the climbing-a-mountain part of the deal. 1.562 kata lagi


Top and bottom 10, month #4

My ten favourite things about living in Dili, at the end of my fourth month here:

  1. Climbing a mountain with some good new friends
  2. Eating kilos of cheese after descending a mountain with said good new friends…
  3. 122 kata lagi

Adara dive trip

I was out of Dili again this weekend, on a diving trip to Atauro Island.

About an hour’s fast boat ride away from Dili, Atauro is home to some of the world’s most biodiverse coral reefs, which sit beneath pebbly, palm-fringed beach under a sky seeming endlessly blue. 798 kata lagi