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Timor Leste coat of arms

Seen on the gates of Palacio do Governo. I’ve always been wary of countries with guns on the flags or coat of arms. Usually these are the most fucked up places somewhere in Africa permanently disturbed by military conflicts. 20 kata lagi

Berlin Nakroma and Dragon Boat, Timor Leste

Berlin Nakroma is the only big passenger ferry in Timor Leste presented by the German government. It commutes between Dili and Atauro and Dili-Oecussi.

In the head picture out can see people disembark after a trip from Oecussi. 138 kata lagi

COLUMN: The Trouble With Timor-Leste’s Consensus Politics

For most of the last 15 years since Timor-Leste gained its independence, it has been marred by political division and partisanship. Today, the problem is the opposite: there is not enough division 1.229 kata lagi

Diplomat Column

A parrot and a boy

First parrot seen in Timor in 2,5 years and not in the wild. Generally speaking animal world in Timor is very poor, partly due to its isolated location and partly due to ubiquitous human activities. 203 kata lagi

Timor Leste


Timor Leste is a very smoking country as well as Indonesia. Good thing is that many young people start to realise the harm of it. Many of my local friends have been trying to quit but fail because it’s really hard to do when there’s smoking environment everywhere around you. 59 kata lagi

Cruise ship in Dili

Some more pics of the cruise ship that anchored in Dili at the past weekend.