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I spend 2 weeks on Atauro Island

Botarde Aiden!

For the last two weeks your aunt and I have been on a little island near Dili called Atauro. It’s one of our favorite places in the world and we saw so many interesting things! 372 kata lagi


Life: Peace Corps Update #1

An email came yesterday evening from the placement team for the United States Peace Corps. Seeing this address in my inbox had me at my knees with my heart beating so fast I could barely bring myself to click on the small blue dot to open the message. 297 kata lagi


Chapter 2 | First Impressions... And a Snake.

August 21, 2016. Dare, Timor-Leste.

“My host family is going to think I’m weird.” I declared randomly to a microbus packed tightly with sweaty volunteers. 1.083 kata lagi


"Kultura Politika Militar iha Timor Leste"

Fernando A. T. Ximenes
Agostu 19, 2016

In the Old Testament it is written that King David was blessed with many sons. One of these sons, 1.490 kata lagi

I visit Liquiçá

Botarde Jake and Aiden!

On the 20th of May your aunt and I visited Liquiçá, which is a village about an hour’s drive west of Dili.  272 kata lagi


I visit Mount Ramelau

Bondia Aiden and Jake!

Sorry we haven’t posted much, your Aunt has been busy lately.

Life in Dili is still interesting and I like it a lot!  427 kata lagi