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6 tips for speaking English with a non-native speaker

While English is spoken by a large number of people here in Timor-Leste, the vast majority are, of course, not native English speakers. Here are some tips I’ve picked up from my first year living in a country where English  1.151 kata lagi



Embassies are odd places, each have a distinct character, with similarities – separate spaces serve different purposes behind the walls, gates and guards. Embassies often consist of formal spaces with fine china; the grunting heart of offices and activity; the halfway space for meetings and gatherings; and expatriate clubs or recreation centres out the back, where drinking happens. 961 kata lagi


Welcome visitors! Families on Ataúro Island establish their first homestay association

As a long-term nomad, I have stayed in a LOT of different places. One of the most memorable was a homestay on Ataúro Island in Timor-Leste. 79 kata lagi


Jesus & the Ancestors: Religion & Culture in TL

Though located in Southeast Asia, Timor-Leste is an overwhelmingly Roman Catholic country (a result of Portuguese colonization). The Timorese I have met are incredibly devoted to the beliefs of Christianity yet these beliefs do not necessarily contradict with their traditional cultural beliefs. 820 kata lagi


Life Below Water – Darwin in the Coral Triangle

In the February 2018 Darwin Newsletter we explored some of the amazing Darwin supported projects contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 14 – “Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development”. 870 kata lagi

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Walking: between the ocean and the mountains

Dili is cupped between the ocean and the mountains: a narrow strip of flat land before the steep hills.

There is a window in the morning before the heat becomes unbearable.   14 kata lagi


How to get to Atauro Island

I’ve just returned from a beautiful, lazy week away at Atauro Island, which sits 30 nautical miles off Timor-Leste’s north coast. Without slipping too far into hyperbole, it’s an absolute must-visit for every Dili tourist: a beatific island paradise where the diving’s world-class, the beaches white sand and the coconuts just 50c. 687 kata lagi