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Turning points in Timor-Leste

January 2011 was the month I spent as an intern in Dili. It was an amazing experience:

I got to write a super interesting report… 431 more words


Amazing Oecusse...Easter and Other Times

Last week I was privileged to spend three days going to Oecusse, Timor-Leste. Oecusse is a Timorese enclave within Indonesia and was the first location of Portuguese colonisation (the Portuguese later moved the capital to Dili). 1.534 more words


Why We Should Unite to Say NO to Australian Aid Cuts

Just last week the Australian Government announced that it was cutting the Australian Aid budget, sadly, yet again. The first budget cut is expected to cost… 692 more words

My Life

The Aid Industry: "Can we really get by on doing good with good intentions only?"

by Palwesha Yusaf Follow @Shutterseed

Sásá ha’ a nalo ó batar la fulin, kôlelemai. (Why does your corn not grow?)
Sásá ha’ a nalo ó hare la burit, kôlelemai.
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There may be some inane posts coming up. We received some bad news this morning and we’ll eventually be running out of stuff to do. 48 more words


Timor-Leste 2

From the Xanata Gusmao reading room, museum and art gallery (see later), an early Portuguese chart of Timor and islands to the north

(Well clearly this blog isn’t doing a good job of going private. 557 more words