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Why not teach in Madagascar? No, really, why not?

Timezone issues aside, we now do have the technology to make teaching in other countries possible. Why think about this?

According to UNICEF, like many countries Madagascar needs to improve educational opportunities for children. 307 kata lagi


They Named Her Theresa

When you think of the name, Theresa, you’re most likely to think of a Catholic Missionary, who dedicated her life to helping others. Going by just these simple facts, it could be easily confused that we are talking about the same, incredible woman. 548 kata lagi

Social Justice

Samé back to Dili, via Ainaru

On the road to Betano, go through the villages of Daisna and then Loti, although this seems to be just the largest of several hamlets. It’s at the confluence of two rivers, one of which is, apparently, the Rib Carablum while the other doesn’t even get invited onto Google Maps… 309 kata lagi

Timor Leste

Samé: the south coast and off-road

From Samé the urge to ride to the coast and hunt out Australia is impossible to resist. So head south, around a road that curved like Beyonce in a leotard, and with a skin to match (almost). 429 kata lagi

Timor Leste

Dili to Samé, 127 kms, about 7 hours

There’s not too much to report about a ride from Dili to Chicken Pig Province. The road condition varies a huge deal, the weather’s none too consistent either and the scenery is …. 460 kata lagi

Timor Leste

Mantan Wasit Indonesia di Hukum 30 Bulan di Singapura

Mantan wasit Nasional di hukum olehbpemerintah Singapura 30 bulan penjara, karena pengaturan skor di ajang Sea Games lalu, antara Malyasia vs Timor Leste.

Mantan Wasit ini juga pernah di hukum oleh PSSI tidak bolehvlagi meminpin laga kompetisi Indonesia. 34 kata lagi

Ole Nasional

How Does An Education Affect Your Health?

You know that feeling when you’re sick and you promise yourself that you’d do anything in the world to get better?
Or when you’re lying in bed coughing for hours and you just think about how you will appreciate being normal so much more when you’re not sick? 619 kata lagi

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