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A Second Opinion!

Last week I shared about our medical meet & greet with a new doctor for our son with autism.

I mentioned sending the piece to some doctor friends, to get feedback. 242 kata lagi

Care Giving

Put in Their Place

“Blood boiling, Harbard feet stomped on the ground, trying to keep up with Araxia. He couldn’t believe he could be so careless, that some thieves would be able to steal his pack while he slept. 722 kata lagi

Harbard Stonehand

What I'm Reading: Key West Cozy Mysteries

As promised, more Summer Prescott books! It looks like this series was written in between the Frosted Love books, and there are 8 in the set. 84 kata lagi

What I'm Reading


He’d stayed in filthy hostels,

That’s what triggered it.

He feared contamination, germs,

From everything and everyone he met.

He couldn’t open doors without gloves on, 22 kata lagi


Week 24 UK Chapbook Chart 2017 – Tony Hoagland

Once again Hard Rain by Tony Hoagland graces the number 1 position on the UK Chapbook Chart. Hard Rain is consistently the most popular of chapbooks in the UK and remains a favourite amongst readers throughout the world. 221 kata lagi

War of the Roses: It's Going To Be A Hot Summer

Shawn and her boyfriend Tim used to be hot, but has his love turned chilly? Click above to hear the story unfold!

Have a heartbreaking cheater story to share? 16 kata lagi