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Lentmas, Day 3: TIGER haul!

Sorry about the lateness of this post! I worked from 11-7.30 today, and since coming home all I’ve wanted to do is eat paella and drink wine, which is convenient because that’s exactly what I’ve done. 531 kata lagi


Sam I Am

Sam: Orphaned by poachers, Sam is a 5 week old Sumatran tiger cub looking for a family.  No two tigers have the same markings on their coats. 61 kata lagi


Saumur Tank Museum (Part 2)

Continuing from where I left it on Saumur Tank Museum (Part 1) I’ll cover the German Hall on today’s post.

The German Hall contemplated me with several new vehicles I have never seen before and a few ones I had but with some diferences. 941 kata lagi

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Tiger Balm Sports Rub, 1.7-Ounce Tin (Pack of 4)

Tiger Balm is a legendary pain relieving product developed for a Chinese emporer more than a centuray ago during the Ching Dynasty. The commercialization of Tiger Balm dates back more than 130 years ago to Rangoon, Burma, where the father of Aw Boon Haw
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Newly released historic images

Originally published at Asian Correspondent on 11th February 2016

Over 180,000 images have recently been released into the public domain by the New York Public Library, including hundreds of historic images of Asia. 506 kata lagi


There are tigers in the forest.

I used to think I was tame. No one

knows why they are given

a certain task. My task… 250 kata lagi

The Tiger

She runs through the jungle in a coat of black and orange.

Her hair flows gracefully behind her as she bounds after her prey.

In one swift motion she leaps through the air. 121 kata lagi