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Tiger, Tiger - Part seventeen

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“You are far less formal now that we have passed beyond the borders of the Southlands,” Lilavati said, loud enough for the others to hear. 1.049 kata lagi


The Monk and the Forest (Part IV)

‘How could it all have come to this? Nothing makes sense.’

The Monk puzzles in cold sweat about the nature of his current predicament. He quietly resents the repressed existence he lived once, and curses his monastery for putting him in this position. 728 kata lagi


Nồi cơm điện Tiger JAG-S18W sản xuất tại Nhật Bản

                                            Nồi cơm điện Tiger JAG-S18W chính hãng

Cơm là một phần không thể thiếu trong mỗi bữa ăn của gia đình Việt, sẽ thật thiếu sót nếu bữa ăn của bạn thức ăn ngon mà cơm lại bị cháy khét hay nửa sống, nửa chính, bị khô, không chín đều. 710 kata lagi



Tiger cubs are born blind, deaf, and helpless.

Newborn tiger cubs are blind and helpless, weighing from 780 to 1600 grams. The eyes do not open until 6-14 days after birth and the ears from 9 -11 days after birth.

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Unleash the Night by Sherrilynn Kenyon

Overall rating: 3/5

While attempting to deal with the assumed death of her friend, Marguerite (Maggie) Goudeau, visits one of Nick Gautier’s old haunts, the bar known as Sanctuary. 214 kata lagi

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Only Bengal tigers have been found with a white coat, which has far fewer apparent stripes than an orange coat.

Only Bengal tigers have been found with the white color coat.

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