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White Tiger by Lordposh by Lordposh

White Tiger – Taken in a wildlife park recently.
A variant of the Bengal Tiger, these big cats lack the orange pigment that normally gives Tigers their orange colour… 8 kata lagi

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Description From Photographer if Any:

White Tiger – Taken in a wildlife park recently. 25 kata lagi


Synchronicity - A Remarkable Blueprint on How to Lead Our Lives

Do you ever get that? When two random things happen and they’re linked somehow but they happen seemingly without cause? For example, you’re thinking about a friend and then they ring you, or you’re humming a song in your head and then it plays in the shop you’re in. 466 kata lagi


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Tiger Painting - Dreamer

Kitty! Of the big kind! :D

I’ve been wanting to paint a tiger for a while now. The last full painting I did (aside from a few small studies), was back in… 684 kata lagi