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Happy Birthday to Tiffany

Happy Birthday to Pany Pany Tippany :)
‪#‎ToujoursBelleTiffanyDay‬ ‪#‎티파니생축‬

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Girls' Generation Tiffany Interviews "Mission Impossible: ROGUE" Star, Tom Cruise

Tiffany of SNSD was given the opportunity to interview Tom Cruise as he was in Korea for promotions for the new Mission Impossible 5 movie. This interview will be featured on the KBS show “Entertainment Weekly”. 157 kata lagi


Workwear #1

I am classified as a virtual employee.  95% of my professional life is split between travel and a home office.  My wardrobe is heavily weighted toward casual basics.   151 kata lagi


Florida Is The Home To Some Unexpected Museums

When people think of Florida attractions, they think of amusement parks, alligator farms, aquariums, and the local history and art museums.   Yet Florida has dozens of lesser known museums, some of them quite unexpected. 369 kata lagi

Florida History

A Healthy Week To Boost Fitness

A few weeks, well maybe a month ago, a friend and I were talking about getting together a hardcore diet/ fitness plan that would last one week. 749 kata lagi


Between Choi Siwon and Tiffany Hwang

Choi Siwon & Tiffany Hwang

Saya bawa posting-an untuk para Sifany shippers. Sedikit curhat, ide posting-an ini sudah saya buat sejak tahun 2013 tapi karena sesuatu hal akhirnya saya meninggalkan dunia per-kpop-an dan baru kembali lagi beberapa bulan lalu, itupun engga betul-betul aktif. 2.209 kata lagi

Choi Siwon

Tiffany Reisz L'innocenza - Il gioco - Il Padrone - Il Ritorno

Tiffany Reisz L’innocenza – Il gioco – Il Padrone – Il Ritorno