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Strangers Sympthon [2]

Strangers Sympthon [2]

By: F

Ini hanya untuk hiburan semata dan diharapkan jika ingin copy paste, sertai pula dengan nama authornya. Saling menghargai yaa dan please, dont keep silent!! 3.490 more words


Tim Cook leaves behind Silicon Valley for Hollywood and beyond

”While the geekerati made a big play of the reviews of the Apple Watch once Cupertino’s embargo lifted, the tightly knit circle of influencers in the Bay Area might be sporting a number of review units and developer samples, the real action for Apple’s product placement team is not on the VC-powered wrists of San Francisco, but on the mainstream cultural touchstones of media and megastardom in Hollywood, the Music Industry, and the world’s Fashion Houses,” Ewan Spence writes for Forbes. 208 more words


Tiffany Girl

Title: Tiffany Girl
Author: Deeanne Gist
Publisher: Howard Books
ISBN: 978-1-4767-3853-6

“Being a New Woman isn’t exactly how I’d pictured it. Don’t misunderstand, I love the independence and I love working at Tiffany’s, absolutely love it, but things just aren’t what I expected,” Flossie explains in Deeanne Gist’s novel, … 446 more words

Book Review

Death By Shop Assistant

With some experience in the retail world, I appreciate that the art of selling is just that, an art. Some people have a natural ability, and with others, flogging things is more of a challenge, however whether you are dealing pairs of trainers or expensive watches and jewellery, the basics are the same: take the customers money in exchange for a product, simple right? 508 more words


Tiffany - Week 16

Tiffany’s #52tries – 4 cookbooks + 1 yr : Trying for well-versed in the kitchen.

I read an article about the difference between “productive pursuits” (hiking, travel, etc.) that aren’t connected to a core… 124 more words