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Natural Daisy Necklaces

I`ve made a new necklaces with eco-friendly tiffany method.

Materials: pendant with a real dried daisy hidden in fusion glass, copper, nickel and silver chain… 25 more words


Chapter Sixty: The College.

L C felt extremely self conscious wearing a “wire.” It consisted of a simple thing thin as a pen, half as long as a cigarette, attached by a tiny alligator clip to the spacer between her bra cups. 1.525 more words

S . E . C . R . E . T - PART 1

S . E . C . R . E . T – PART 1


Cerita ini hanya fiktif belaka yang bertujuan untuk hiburan. The story is mine, so don’t copy paste without my permission. 1.640 more words


Harga Mobil Kencan Para Seleb Korea

BeritaKe.com – Harga mobil mewah bintang top yang digunakan untuk kencan mereka telah terungkap.

Pada siaran KBS “Entertainment Weekly” yang ditayangkan pada tanggal 25 April, reporter melihat mobil yang dikendarai oleh pasangan bintang ke lokasi kencan mobil mereka, dan berapa harga mobil tersebut. 140 more words


DreamWard Bound with things.

This week went really well for me, minus the icky feeling I felt all week. I was able to listen to a good audio book on my way to work each day and had a half day on Friday. 192 more words


Handmade Jewelry

I an 100 % artist. In a free time I like to make jewelry myself.

Here I show you some of my creations.

If you like you can find me and buy on Etsy:  135 more words