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Red LED on TI Sensor Tag CC2650

Okay, I admit now. I was dumbfounded when my TI Sensor Tag CC2650 that was in perfect condition stopped sending data to Samsung tab. So I thought issue with tab, installed the Sensor app on my smart phone – nothing. 196 kata lagi


Recap Hari Pertama Kualifkasi Tetutup Dota 2.

Hari pertama untuk kualifikasi tetutup terlah berakhir. Untuk daerah tertentu mereka telah menampilkan pemainan yang terbaik mereka. Beberapa tim dari wilayah tertentu masih belum terkalahkan. 762 kata lagi


Abstracting SET COLOR -- and Connecting to Prior Learning

Have you ever had one of those learning experiences where you thought you knew something going in (and knew it pretty well)…but then someone looked at a problem/task/question in a different way…and their approach broadened and deepened your understanding of what you thought you “knew”…? 1.062 kata lagi

OpenUI5 and OData data bindings with MariaDB - CRUD Full Example- Part 2

As we commented in the previous tutorial, we are going to create a CRUD solution using OpenUI5 as front end, MariaDB as back end and OData as gateway. 1.817 kata lagi


Road TI7 : Tim-tim siap beraksi dalam kualifikasi tertutup.

Dengan telah berakhirnya kualifikasi terbuka. Para tim yang berhasil dari lap satu dan dua tidak dapat beristirahat lama, karena kualifikasi tertutup untuk wilayah akan langsung dilaksanakan. 154 kata lagi


'War of the Planet of the Apes': Quality next chapter to a plot we're all familiar with

From mashable.com –  Clint and Ti from CineFix saw War for the Planet of the Apes but only ONE of them went bananas for it. But they do agree, the latest installment of the classic sci-fi’s reboot is a quality 3rd chapter.They covered anything from chimpan-A to chimpan-Z!


Introducing CS with Flowcharts

Toni and I have spent a lot of time over the past year thinking about pedagogical approaches that are effective for introducing CS topics to learners who are new to CS. 863 kata lagi