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f r e e 

run on rails,
laid out to reach

fulfilling the
the needs of many,
who travel
in the same

but you and i… 37 kata lagi


My dad figure is in the ga-rage pumping plants.

A sci-fi world future where plastic is falsified in synthesis and real plastic is a rarity, costly. 19 kata lagi

This Growing One

When I was
A boy,
I was sane.
The older I got,
The crazier I became.
But no one noticed,
Save just a few,
Peoplely patterns,
Who were crazy too.


WWE 2K18 - Universe Mode - Episode Twenty-Four: Enough Is Enough!

After weeks of torture from The Phemon, The Viper has had enough and looks to call The Deadman out but the Underdog From The Underground spoils the moment!, Meanwhile, The Undertaker takes on The Phenomenal One in a massive opening bout! 126 kata lagi


Can we talk about... filo pastry

Picture the following situation: you go on holidays to an exotic enough country and, because you’re on holidays, you eat everything. Chances are your palate is going to experience something new. 548 kata lagi



Written by Jacob Ibrag

We walk away from the things that

make us uncomfortable. Not always, at times

we send an invite. It pushes us and we like to try and… 61 kata lagi


Music to listen to over Thanksgiving

Music I am currently liking – it’s kind of random

Bike Dream by Rostam: I just like the feel of this. Heard this on student radio. 515 kata lagi