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Ingredient profile: Warrigal greens

For our first ingredient profile let’s start with one of my absolute favourites: Warrigal greens!

History, etymology and traditional uses: The small triangular leafed plant is known by many names due to its vast endemic region, which stretches from parts of south Asia to New Zealand, but in Australia ‘Warrigal green’ seems to be the one that has stuck.  418 kata lagi


pitch black

I rip thoughts from pitch black,
place them on white paper
and stare at them until they speak

-M. Taggart


Soul Vs Spirit

It will always be a struggle for people like us here in this world

Just passing by in this transit point like some alien of the universe… 79 kata lagi


Being a Heart-driven Christian (and where I went wrong)

There’s a strange thing that happens when you grow up. We use the words “grow up” to mean someone who is behaving like a child; which I suppose means emotional, overreacting and not thinking rationally. 2.524 kata lagi


Murmel'ing around

I couldn’t think of anything better for the title, my apologies. I wanted some sort of pun for that,but i really couldn’t get anything funny out of my head there. 412 kata lagi