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lil poetry and words of what identity means pt. 1

Ever since being born, a person’s identity is the most important thing in the world. Try to dispute it.

You are asked your age, name, gender, race on everything you sign up for that actually matters. 423 kata lagi


A Story of Two

They were complete strangers.

How they met was unexpected.

Both from two different sides of the earth.

Yet never knew they’d be connected.

A Story of Two… 3.377 kata lagi


March Madness

It feels like my time here needs to be done. I changed my flight out of Spain for March 31, instead of April 8. I will be in the UK for 2 weeks before returning home. 843 kata lagi

International Travel

On realising change is ok and that I need to let go

I’ve been terrified of this happening for years. I’ve done everything I could think of to avoid it, but nothing worked. I’m here:

I’m the only single one in my oldest group of friends. 653 kata lagi


Tomorrow I have a Chemstry test, and all I wan’t to do is cuddle up in bed and watch a good movie. BUT my mum won’t even consider it. 176 kata lagi


Rainy Writing

After reading some old posts, I realized that I have a tendency to write on rainy days. It’s interesting how that works. I just find the peace and calm of a cozy rainy day to be so inspiring and it motivates me to contemplate and write. 97 kata lagi