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MAX6675 Thermocouple Shield and Arduino

a K type thermocouple is unlike other temperature sensors like thermistors and Digital Temperature sensors like the TMP36. A thermocouple is made by welding two wires made of Nickle and Chromium, hence NiChrom, to form a junction. 201 kata lagi


Criteria Stainless Steel KType Thermocouple Insertion Probe 3 Set

Cable Railing Systems is different from other alternative materials for use as decking because it has a better percentage of wood in its components. Although Cable Railing Systems does consist of wood, it does not require the same grade of maintenance as wood decking does. 301 kata lagi

Solutions Fieldpiece ATC1 PipeClamp Thermocouple 38Inch to 1 for

The air conditioning filter is one of the most critical air conditioning components in the air conditioning program. With out it, your air conditioning program would be dirty and the air you breathe would be crammed with pollutants. 301 kata lagi

Soldering Iron Temperature Controller Version 2

This post shows how to add a K-type thermocouple to a 120 volt plug-in soldering iron for use with a PID temperature controller. This is a follow up to a… 1.825 kata lagi


I am a Battery: Harvesting Heat Energy

If you get tired of charging batteries, you might be interested in energy harvesting demo. He uses a peltier device (although he’s really using it as a thermocouple which it is). 193 kata lagi

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Hacker Creates Thermal Probes by Welding with a PC Power Supply

decided to build his own thermocouples from bare wire. is interested in measuring the temperature of Liquid Nitrogen and for this he needed T-type probes. While you can buy these for about 20 bucks, he felt this was too expensive for what is essentially two pieces of wire and decided to build his own. 185 kata lagi

Misc Hacks

Sealing Thermocouples Into Refrigeration Lines

I thought I would provide some media to help describe my method of installing thermocouples into refrigeration lines.¬† I’ve found in working with the Ebullator… 771 kata lagi