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Mineral Insulated RTD

We, dpstar Group manufacture and design mineral insulated resistance thermometers. Resistance thermometers are often called resistance thermometer detectors (RTD) or simply Pt100 sensors. Mineral insulated resistance thermometers consists of an external metal sheath which protects the P100 element from damage and contamination. 208 kata lagi


Probing around: measuring the temperature inside the roaster

During a roast a lot of changes take place in the beans – they increase in temperature, change in density, mass and colour, become drier and change chemically. 1.178 kata lagi


Thermowell │ Thermowell Supplier Malaysia

What is Thermowell?
Thermowell is small tubular fitting which is used in temperature measurement to protect the temperature sensor from damage that could occur during an industrial process. 230 kata lagi


Temperature Sensors

Hi friends,

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In this post, I will explain different Temperature sensors, their working and important characteristics.

These are one of the most widely used and elementary sensors and are present in numerous systems. 797 kata lagi


Custom Temperature Sensors For Your Products

We, dpstar Group supply small or large quantities of Pt100 assemblies and other custom temperature sensors (Thermocouples & Thermistors) for inclusion in our customers manufactured products. 101 kata lagi


PID Controlled Charcoal BBQ - Put an Arduino on it!

At Maker Faire Milwaukee this past weekend,   was showing off his latest build, a PID controlled charcoal grill. While it hasn’t QUITE been tested yet with real food, it does work in theory. 195 kata lagi


Malaysia’s Leading Manufacturer Of Temperature Sensors.

dpstar Group is a specialist in providing solutions for temperature measurement. We design and manufacture:

  • Thermocouples
  • Resistance Thermometers
  • Thermistors and etc…

dpstar Group has supplied temperature sensors to a number of different industries such as Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Monitoring and Testing, Food, Beverage and Catering, Universities and Research. 33 kata lagi