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A Compensated Thermocouple Amp, Ready for Arduino

When you want to measure temperature with an Arduino or other microcontrollers, there are a ton of options for sensors. Temperature chips and sensor modules abound, some with humidity sensors built-in and all with easy interfacing and an expansive supporting code library. 204 kata lagi

Misc Hacks

Arduino Reflow Oven - 12

This is it! The very first test with the Ar2uino Reflow Oven to see how well it follows a temperature profile, the Lee Reflow Profile… 1.836 kata lagi


Arduino Reflow Oven - 10

To be able to do the testing we naturally  will have to put everything together! So bring out all the separate boards and the  rainbow cables that we have prepared earlier. 1.527 kata lagi


Infrared Thermometer Supplier Malaysia

Non-contact Temperature Sensors

These detectors measure the amount of radiation emitted by a surface. As the temperature of a body increases, the amount of infrared emitted and its average frequency also goes up. 236 kata lagi


Thermocouple Wire Supplier Malaysia - Compensating and Extension Cable

Thermocouple Extension Cables use the actual thermocouple materials, but in cheaper forms. This is achieved by using cheaper insulations, wider tolerance alloys and thinner conductors (as they will see little thermal stress in their lifetime). 109 kata lagi