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Infrared Thermometer Supplier Malaysia

Non-contact Temperature Sensors

These detectors measure the amount of radiation emitted by a surface. As the temperature of a body increases, the amount of infrared emitted and its average frequency also goes up. 236 kata lagi


Thermocouple Wire Supplier Malaysia - Compensating and Extension Cable

Thermocouple Extension Cables use the actual thermocouple materials, but in cheaper forms. This is achieved by using cheaper insulations, wider tolerance alloys and thinner conductors (as they will see little thermal stress in their lifetime). 109 kata lagi


Thermocouples VS RTD’S

The following chart indicates some inherent advantages and disadvantages of RTD’s or thermocouples.

THERMOCOUPLE RTD’S Accuracy 158 kata lagi

How To Choose A Temperature Sensor?

There are many things that need to be taken into account when designing a temperature sensor. The key is to determine what are the critical factors which relate to your process or product and dismiss the rest. 139 kata lagi


Resistance Thermometer Inserts

Resistance Thermometer Inserts are commonly used in pocket, thermowell or head assemblies. They are constructed with Pt100 sensors insulated and protected by mineral insulated powder, which is then packed inside a rigid metal tube. 85 kata lagi


Memo: Thermoelectric effects

Active sensors require no power source and they produce output signals directly from the measured physical quantity. Active temperature measurement utilizes direct conversion of temperature difference to electric voltage, a physical process known as  1.389 kata lagi


Cable Resistance Thermometers

We, dpstar Group manufacture and design cable resistance thermometers, often called cable rtd’s or cable Pt100’s. Cable resistance thermometers are very cost effective for temperature measurement below 260°C, although some designs are good up to 500°C. 178 kata lagi