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Calibrating The MSP430 Digitally Controlled Oscillator

The MSP430 is a popular microcontroller, and on board is a neat little clock source, a digitally controlled oscillator, or DCO. This oscillator can be used for everything from setting baud rates for a UART or for setting the clock for a VGA output. 214 more words


Keeping warm.

It’s been freezing cold this week, yesterday morning was -42 Celsius with the windchill but I managed to get the truck started to go to a welding shop. 380 more words

Cone Art Bx4227

Troubleshooting Water Heater Pilot Lights - Ace Hi Plumbing, Heating & Air

Troubleshooting  Water Heater Pilot Lights

Important: Before troubleshooting any pilot light problems, keep in mind that pilot flame is always ON and the flame should be mostly blue. 1.004 more words

Water Heaters

Close Prep and Pump Down

I was kind of late today, because I went and rode Soon this morning, but she was lame, so I was kind of cranky about it. 1.189 more words


Do You See What I See?

No, no, no.  Not the tree, this:

My house was coooooold when I got home from work last night.  I didn’t think much of it initially… 602 more words

Year Two

The Network of 1-Wire Devices

is a homebrewer and has multiple fermentation chambers and storage coolers scattered around his home. Lucky him. Nevertheless, multiple ways of making and storing beer requires some way to tell the temperature of his coolers and fermenters. 179 more words


Scientific Instruments Uses and Types

Scientific instruments is a broad term, which is used for tools, equipment, apparatus and machines. Scientific Instruments manufacturers are specifically designed instruments used in scientific experiments, measurements and gathering data in research activities and laboratories. 434 more words