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FAQ! How does a computer detect temperature, for example, its core?

All modern computers have lots of sensors. One of those are the core temperature sensor.

This is normally a Thermocouple that gets read by the motherboard and then this information can be accessed via BIOS or by a third party software. 124 kata lagi


Useful & Technical Merits of Infrared Pyrometers

Technological advancements of this modern world have numerous merits and advantages that have helped the world in numerous ways. For different nations of the world, it has only boosted and strengthened their infrastructure to a large extent. 394 kata lagi

Non Classé

Arduino Reflow Oven - 9

This time we will connect everything together and test each separate part! Joining everything together is “just” a matter of making the connections between the pins on the Reflow Oven Controller Board and the devices! 1.814 kata lagi


When your furnace goes out...

You’ll be left in the cold—but not if you know how to change its thermocouple. This is the part of the furnace that shuts off the gas if your pilot light goes out, preventing that gas from seeping into your home. 100 kata lagi

Sandy Flores

Why I love thermocouples

Thermocouples are probably the simplest, cheapest and most reliable temperature sensors available.

But like many pieces of great technology, their simplicity hides a mystery… 730 kata lagi

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Putting it all together

In my last post, I listed the components needed to build a reflow-oven and the components I chose for my design.

In this post, I will outline the steps I used to build my reflow-oven along with some photos. 3.464 kata lagi