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Brasilia Espresso Machine PID Upgrade Brews Prefect Cup of Energy

Coffee, making and hacking addictions are just bound to get out of control. So did coffee maker hack. What started as a little restoration¬†project of a second-hand coffee machine resulted in a… 249 kata lagi


Unmanned Rig

The last project of my undergraduate life was an industrial embedded system. Wabco, a major hydraulic system manufacturer, wanted a system that would continuously monitor a testing rig. 347 kata lagi

My Projects

PCB Laminator Is Its Own Project

One of the easiest ways to make PC boards at home is to use the toner transfer method. The idea is simple: print the artwork using a laser printer and then use a clothes iron to transfer the toner from the paper to a clean copper clad board. 229 kata lagi

Tool Hacks

A Wireless Wood Stove Monitor

has a wood stove in his basement for extra heat in the winter. While this is a nice secondary heat source, he has creosote buildup in the chimney to worry about.   199 kata lagi

Misc Hacks

How to choose the right thermocouple

Thermocouples are temperature measuring sensors, where it produces a small voltage depending on the temperature it is exposed to, which can be measured and recorded using an external device. 215 kata lagi


Reflow Oven Build - Part 2

In Reflow oven build – part 1 I showed how I modified a simple toaster oven to function as a reflow oven. In this part I will explain the reflow oven controller. 354 kata lagi