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I am a Battery: Harvesting Heat Energy

If you get tired of charging batteries, you might be interested in energy harvesting demo. He uses a peltier device (although he’s really using it as a thermocouple which it is). 193 kata lagi

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Hacker Creates Thermal Probes by Welding with a PC Power Supply

decided to build his own thermocouples from bare wire. is interested in measuring the temperature of Liquid Nitrogen and for this he needed T-type probes. While you can buy these for about 20 bucks, he felt this was too expensive for what is essentially two pieces of wire and decided to build his own. 185 kata lagi

Misc Hacks

Sealing Thermocouples Into Refrigeration Lines

I thought I would provide some media to help describe my method of installing thermocouples into refrigeration lines.  I’ve found in working with the Ebullator… 771 kata lagi


Cannibalizing the Ebullator

I’ve moved on, in regards to what I think can be learned from the first flooded evaporator system, I have been calling “The Ebullator”.  Far too many limiting features were preventing me from moving on to the next step in my research, and the modifications needed would not have been worth the effort.  366 kata lagi


Suppliers for kiln materials

I got my gas kiln built a couple of years back.

The kiln was designed and constructed by Mr. Naresh Kesharwani (http://www.nareshkesharwani.com).

I procured the required materials, as it would allow me to learn about thermocouples, burners etc and get to know suppliers. 62 kata lagi

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