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PureZ MaterialRed Theme

PureZ MaterialRed

“Dark Background with Material Red Color”


• Android 7.0 and Up
• Substratum Theme Manager
• Substratum/OMS Support ROM


Version 1.0 : 177 kata lagi


There for the taking - FINAL ASSIGNMENT

I love abstract shapes in architecture. I am at my happiest tilting, shifting, bending and crouching to get a creative unexpected tight framed image of a building or architectural feature. 82 kata lagi

Serial Student Assignment

This time its final

This journal is packed with notes on the development processes applied towards submission of the final assessment task.

The premise from the Photo Essay studies is images in a story should… 194 kata lagi

Serial Student Assignment

Architecture front and centre

If ever you wondered who is inspirational when it comes to shooting buildings look no further than this crew.

This link may be from 2013 but their style and vision holds true today. 56 kata lagi

Serial Student Assignment

Independence Day Party

Forget about the red coats, the green men are coming! This year add a twist to your July 4th BBQ with an Alien Invasion theme. 52 kata lagi


News: July Theme

Hi all!

We are excited to announce that we are doing a science fiction theme for July!  We will be bringing you writing tips about common science pitfalls in writing, a sci-fi prompt, and THREE original sci fi stories (on that note, we are thrilled to announce that Avery Grey will be guest writing for us as her internet debut).   47 kata lagi