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Analog Turkey - 2017

“Pour l’amour d’une rose, le jardinier devient esclave de milles épines ” – Proverbe Turc

Around The World

Kenapa harus menggunakan plugin Lazy Load? dan apa kegunaannya? Dengan menggunakan plugin lazy load di blog WordPress kita maka akan memberikan dampak yang cukup besar ketika website/blog kita diakses. 388 kata lagi



Definition of theory:

 a belief, policy, or procedure proposed or followed as the basis of action



I don’t know if this is because I am a nerd or if it is what makes me a nerd, but I live life by creating my own theories. 139 kata lagi


The Nightmare

She wakes with a start. Her heart racing and her breathing uneven she reaches for her phone. It’s 3 am. She can’t figure out why she’s so panicked. 123 kata lagi


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The second feature for the day. This short story is the first installment in misskrizzm's 'The Nightmare' series. The spook factor is strong in this one. Go check out the next part!

Goblins and ghouls

Goblins and ghouls
Monsters and witches
Scheming up plans
To scare off our britches

So many out there
Lurking under our beds
Oh these are the things… 161 kata lagi


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We have a poem by Michelle Cook for today's feature. Most of the time Halloween inspired pieces focus on just the spooks and scares. The cheery tone in this poem is a nice change, I think. Remember to check out our previous features here. There's still a week left to join in with our October theme! Welcome in Halloween by showing us your Nightmare inspired creations.

choosing a theme for your next little party!

Choosing a theme or a color concept is easily my most favorite step of planning a party! It’s the third step in the 10 steps to planning a fabulous little party! 552 kata lagi

Event Planning

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