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World Enough and Time review

So, part one of the season finalé, the return of John Simms, that moment, that other moment and really a hell of a lot to chew over. 1.174 kata lagi

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Doctor Who: Season 10, Episode 11 - World Enough and Time

“So, a 400 mile long spaceship reversing away from the gravitational pull of a black hole. We having fun yet?”


Quite the fan pleasing episode from Steven Moffat this week! 1.467 kata lagi

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World Enough and Time Extras

The usual extras are now up for World Enough and Time, including quiz, Master and Missy fact files, and some behind the scenes. No doubt the artwork / extra photos will appear tomorrow.

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Doctor Who: World Enough and Time (Review)

The Moffat era will likely be remembered for its “wibbly wobbly, timey wimey” plotting, so perhaps World Enough and Time is an appropriate end point. 4.645 kata lagi


Have I Got Whos For You (part 76)

There is no God Is In The Detail post this week, folks. I’m sorry. I really can’t spare the time.

However, here’s some alternative artwork for episode 11, ‘World Enough And Time’ – and yes, the BBC acknowledged that it was a deliberate homage to ‘Day of the Doctor’, but I wondered what would happen if you combined them: 64 kata lagi

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Novelization/Audiobook review - 'Doctor Who and the Space War

Hello everyone! :)

Today, I’ve posted my review on the ‘Doctor Who’ novelization/audiobook of ‘Frontier in Space’ called ‘Doctor Who and the Space War’ by Malcolm Hulke. 78 kata lagi


John Simm's New Doctor Who Cool Threads

From io9.gizmodo.com – The Master has always been one of the most snappily-dressed villains in Doctor Who history. So when you’re bringing back John Simm to reprise his incarnation of the villainous Time Lord, he needs a wardrobe worthy of the momentous occasion, and his new getup is so much better than that hoodie he had the last time we saw him.



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