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Imaging a Colonial Imaginary for the Future: Update for Westworld S2E3

The third episode of Westworld’s second season opens on a different “park”, one where guests can presumably inhabit the world of colonial-era India and hunt the exotic animals of the Indian Sub-Continent. 192 kata lagi

Top 10: Movies

A friend just posted on his blog about his Top 10 movies, and so I thought I would do the same. Here they are. My requirements are simply that I’ve seen it and I liked it. 1.163 kata lagi

My Five Favorite Movie Love Stories

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. I’m a fan of, well, love. It’s a beautiful thing and one of my favorite aspects in a movie. 1.234 kata lagi


වසන්තය එද්දී හිම දියවෙනු ඇත... මග පැහැදෙනු ඇත... එමග දිග ආ Samurai රණකාමියෝ

හුදෙකලාවේ ජීවත්වන්නන් දෙස පිටතින් බැලුවොත් ඔවුන් සීමාසහිතයි, ප්‍රාථමිකයි කියලා පෙනෙන්නට පුළුවන්. මූලික අවශ්‍යතා හා උවමනා පමණක් සපුරාගත්, ලෝකයෙන් හැංගුණු අයවලුන් ලෙස පෙනෙන්න පුළුවන්.  නමුත් ඔවුනොවුන් අතර ඔවුන් ඉතා තෘප්තිමත් වගේම ශක්තිමත් වෙන්න පුළුවන්.

Terracotta V, The last Samurai.

This is Terracotta V, the last Samurai.  It has been great fun painting these amazing figures, but I suspect this will be my last, I need to move on, lol. 55 kata lagi

Original Acrylic Paintings.

Choking Under Pressure

The Bulletproof Musician has a blog post HERE about choking under pressure. Although he has contextualized for musicians, the principles remain true for anyone. The main idea is that anxiety interferes with attentive focus in action for 2 reasons: 266 kata lagi


Poetry; Rhyming Verse: The Satsuma Rebellion

I went and watched the bloodied battlefields for glory,
Moved ahead; the imperials’ ways are always gorey.
I knew whenever I met the face of death, I could say, 43 kata lagi