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25. The Last Samurai

There’s a recurring thing in movies called the White savior narrative. Essentially, it’s when a movie depicts a white person coming to the rescue of a group of some non-white nationality or diversity. 373 kata lagi

Definitly Red


Definitly Red

Well, punters we know what it is this weekend don’t we, so no introductions and to the point.

One of the most wrongly spelt words in the dictionary is DEFINITELY, did you know that! 136 kata lagi

The Forty Fiver

Poetics: From Natures Point of View

Today Mish is doing the Poetics prompt at dVerse Poets Pub.  She wants us to write about life from the perspective of nature:  a tree, frog, flower, whatever!  157 kata lagi


The Last Samurai: Japan for Dummies

The return of our feature looking at historical films to disseminate whether they are fact or fiction sees The Last Samurai (2003) come under scrutiny. 910 kata lagi


"Too many mind"

Me nowadays.

The Last Samurai, a  war film starring Tom Cruise, has this line in its script. It came from a mock fighting scene involving Cruise and a samurai. 123 kata lagi

Life & Lessons

Go Billy. Train hard.

I’ve always loved film and stories.  One of the things I like best about the Haidong Gumdo forms is that you can tell as story with them: first to yourself to make the form come alive, and then to the audience through the repetitions of your art. 808 kata lagi


Is This Worth Watching? (Part 3)

The way of the warrior; a grandiose, deity-like figure whose aim in life is to find and fight for whatever it is they deeply believe in, to the death, in bursts of glory, beneath a mountain of expectations, against all forsaken odds. 581 kata lagi