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Interview: Hiroyuki Sanada - Mr. Holmes

From The Last Samurai to Helix, Hiroyuki Sanada’s played some very interesting characters. His latest film, Mr. Holmes, puts Hiroyuki in the middle of a Sherlock Holmes story. 786 kata lagi

Ian McKellen

Japanese Pop Star Gackt Speaks Out Against Lack of Support for Artists Overseas

Japanese pop star/film actor Gackt spoke out against the little impact that Cool Japan has on promoting artists overseas.  He brought up this point after seeing a recent Naruto stage production and observed the lack of people in the audience.   271 kata lagi


100 films in 100 days - The Last Samurai #100films

The 10th film in my 100 movie challenge is The Last Samurai. I was given this for Christmas on Blu-ray as it was on my wish list. 179 kata lagi


The Last Samurai

By Helen DeWitt

Helen DeWitt’s extraordinary debut, The Last Samurai, centers on the relationship between Sibylla, a single mother of precocious and rigorous intelligence, and her son, who, owing to his mother’s singular attitude to education, develops into a prodigy of learning. 301 kata lagi


Top 5 Most Powerful Tom Cruises

Naturally, one wonders who is the most powerful Tom Cruise? It’s a good question because unlike someone like Ryan Gosling, Tom Cruise has been in many excellent action movies. 571 kata lagi


Obsessive reading

I wish I’d saved the blog post. I should have saved the blog post. But I didn’t. So this blog post is a bit hazy on the exact details. 410 kata lagi


Because I wonder about dodo birds and samurai

Every once in a while, I toy with the idea of buying an old school typewriter. The kind that uses paper and a ribbon and makes that clackety-clackety-clack sound. 398 kata lagi