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Saigō Takamori: The Last True Samurai

Hey good night everyone! Konbanwa! こんばんは。

I finally made it home (I am moving to a new apartment and it´s all craziness around here.) So on my way back home (the one I am leaving) I couldn’t stop thinking about what kind of post I would write tonight, and to be totally honest, I am way too tired to figure it out. 455 kata lagi


The tiny samurai

One movie that still give effect to me is the Last Samurai,I watched it from my computer during my university time.I remember that I keep replaying that movie.The funny thing,I didn’t know who played the main character (hero) and was thinking that he was so talented plus with good looking face.After I figured out,I feel ashamed to my self because not knowing Tom Cruise.How come I didn’t know him.  228 kata lagi


Interview: Hiroyuki Sanada - Mr. Holmes

From The Last Samurai to Helix, Hiroyuki Sanada’s played some very interesting characters. His latest film, Mr. Holmes, puts Hiroyuki in the middle of a Sherlock Holmes story. 786 kata lagi


Japanese Pop Star Gackt Speaks Out Against Lack of Support for Artists Overseas

Japanese pop star/film actor Gackt spoke out against the little impact that Cool Japan has on promoting artists overseas.  He brought up this point after seeing a recent Naruto stage production and observed the lack of people in the audience.   271 kata lagi


100 films in 100 days - The Last Samurai #100films

The 10th film in my 100 movie challenge is The Last Samurai. I was given this for Christmas on Blu-ray as it was on my wish list. 179 kata lagi


The Last Samurai

By Helen DeWitt

Helen DeWitt’s extraordinary debut, The Last Samurai, centers on the relationship between Sibylla, a single mother of precocious and rigorous intelligence, and her son, who, owing to his mother’s singular attitude to education, develops into a prodigy of learning. 301 kata lagi


Top 5 Most Powerful Tom Cruises

Naturally, one wonders who is the most powerful Tom Cruise? It’s a good question because unlike someone like Ryan Gosling, Tom Cruise has been in many excellent action movies. 571 kata lagi