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How Author Helen DeWitt Uses Language to Address the Problems In Her Life

In New York magazine, Christian Lorentzen has an interview with Helen DeWitt, author of The Last Samurai and Lightning Rods. Owing to a combination of misfortunes, misunderstandings and publishing-related snags, the critically acclaimed novelist has been perennially broke. 121 kata lagi


The Last Samurai (2003)

A disillusioned cavalry officer is ordered to train an army to fight against a rebellious samurai in Japan, only to be captured and come to respect his erstwhile foe. 256 kata lagi


Book Review: The Last Samurai

summary from Amazon: Sibylla, an American-at-Oxford turned loose on London, finds herself trapped as a single mother after a misguided one-night stand. High-minded principles of child-rearing work disastrously well. 830 kata lagi

Book Review

I hate Tom Cruise. I love Tom Cruise.

And why the hell is that? I just can’t understand it. Why do I keep going back? It’s uncanny. Sometimes this guy really pisses me off. 298 kata lagi


Life After Regret: The Last Samurai


War. Gruesome battles. Countless deaths. These have traumatized even the strongest of men. For Captain Nathan Algren, the horrors of Gettysburg can’t compare to the blood on his hands. 689 kata lagi


Music the Professor Listens To [Ft. Prof & Umbrellas]


So, I thought I’d tell a bit about what I listen to–when I drive about or am cleaning the house.

(Yes, this professor needs music mostly all the time. 217 kata lagi

Professor VJ Duke

Helen Dewitt on the spark for "The Last Samurai" and the importance of uninterrupted time

As someone who has a day job, I understand that writing is not this romantic pursuit that can just be accomplished at the altar of inspiration. 146 kata lagi