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100 films in 100 days - The Last Samurai #100films

The 10th film in my 100 movie challenge is The Last Samurai. I was given this for Christmas on Blu-ray as it was on my wish list. 179 kata lagi


The Last Samurai

By Helen DeWitt

Helen DeWitt’s extraordinary debut, The Last Samurai, centers on the relationship between Sibylla, a single mother of precocious and rigorous intelligence, and her son, who, owing to his mother’s singular attitude to education, develops into a prodigy of learning. 301 kata lagi


Top 5 Most Powerful Tom Cruises

Naturally, one wonders who is the most powerful Tom Cruise? It’s a good question because unlike someone like Ryan Gosling, Tom Cruise has been in many excellent action movies. 571 kata lagi


Obsessive reading

I wish I’d saved the blog post. I should have saved the blog post. But I didn’t. So this blog post is a bit hazy on the exact details. 410 kata lagi


Because I wonder about dodo birds and samurai

Every once in a while, I toy with the idea of buying an old school typewriter. The kind that uses paper and a ribbon and makes that clackety-clackety-clack sound. 398 kata lagi

Flashback Review: 'The Last Samurai' (2003) From The Editor

“The Last Samurai” is about two warriors whose cultures make them aliens, but whose values make them comrades. The battle scenes are stirring and elegantly mounted, but they are less about who wins than about what can be proven by dying. 821 kata lagi


Do you taint your Ashtanga or martial arts practice by confusing momentum with movement?

Postures, yoga postures and how people get into them continues to fascinate me. Do you find it interesting? Many a practitioner gauge themselves by how many postures they can get into, how far they are, in say the Ashtanga series. 540 kata lagi