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The Bad News Industrial Complex

Matt Ridley had an interesting piece on his blog last month entitled “Bad News Is Sudden, Good News Is Gradual“. It’s about the timing of news, as stated, and it’s about our bias toward bad news more generally. 969 kata lagi

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extra glass of wine? 30mn, please...

As I was reading The Guardian early today, I came across this entry on how an extra glass (17.5cl) glass of wine was equivalent to 30mn less of life (expectancy), above the recommended maximum of five glass a week. 43 kata lagi


Parental Diet Before Conception Affects Child's Health

A child’s health can be compromised not only by a mother who smokes or drinks during pregnancy, but by the obesity and poor diet of both parents well before the act of procreation, researchers said Tuesday. 471 kata lagi

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A Zombie Graph Lives on Courtesy of the Lancet

I’ve got a new article just out in The Conversation.  Here’s the short version:

  1. The Lancet publishes a false graph
  2. The problems of the graph are exposed, several even in letters to the Lancet.
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How one extra glass of booze can shorten your life, and why it doesn’t matter

Twitter scared the bejesus out of me today with a link to The Lancet, a somewhat more highly regarded publication than this blog, which has published a massive meta-analysis of almost 600,000 alcohol drinkers in 83 studies. 300 kata lagi


After The Lancet papers on back pain, get your Explain Pain game on

Back pain is in the news again, but perhaps this time for the right reason. The Lancet has just published a special series of three papers from a group of researchers from around the globe. 585 kata lagi

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