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Open Letter in response to Lancet series on breastfeeding

It’s been a busy week for the WBTi UK team.

Following The Lancet’s series on breastfeeding, published on 30 January, reports in the press largely focused on Britain having “the worst breastfeeding rates in the world”.  122 kata lagi

Breastfeeding Strategy

The Lancet Series on Breastfeeding: Facts

Read more about the most comprehensive review and analyses about breastfeeding at The Lancet.

The depth and breadth of the Breastfeeding Series included 28 systematic reviews and meta-analyses — 22 commissioned specifically for the Series. 23 kata lagi


Virolgy - A Medical Approach - Faunus vs. Homni (Revised 09:52 Z)

I don’t expect The Lancet or Nature Magazine would care to read or value this text or any of my work; nor The Financial Times or Wall Street Journal, they give no free literature. 1.129 kata lagi

The Tricky Subject of Breastfeeding - Why We Do It and What We Need!

I am one in the 16% of mothers in Sweden who are still breastfeeding their baby at 12 months, compared to 34% in Norway and only 1% in the UK. 908 kata lagi


The Trauma of Stillbirths: A Midwife's Story

By Kasule Ahmed, White Ribbon Alliance Uganda

“A stillbirth always traumatizes all of us: the midwife who wants to help the mother to successfully give birth to her child, and the mother who carries the pregnancy for a long time only to hear that her child is dead. 528 kata lagi

Maternal Health

@TheLancet Stillbirths Series—The Facts

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Sign the Call to Action to end stillbirths through leadership, resources, stronger voices, research and action!

For more information about… 8 kata lagi


Stillbirths - A neglected global epidemic reports The Lancet

Despite the fact that the majority of stillbirths are preventable, very little progress has been made to bring down the number of stillbirths. In the past 15 years maternal and child deaths have halved, while 2.6 million stillbirths continue to occur every year – a number much too high to be accepted. 481 kata lagi

Maternal Health