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BMA Rejects Motion 422 to Decriminalise Sex Trade

A report on efforts to bring some balance into the British Medical Association (BMA) debate on decriminalising the sex trade. 3.086 kata lagi


Study: Patch Offers Radical Pain-Free Alternative To Flu Injection

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Only 40 percent of adults in the US get flu shots every year. Now researchers are testing a new way to deliver the flu vaccine. 269 kata lagi

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HIV Patients Living As Long as the General Population - New Study Shows

New research released last month shows HIV patients treated with the current recommended medical regimen are achieving life expectancy nearly equal to that of the general population. 485 kata lagi

Healthy Byte: Get Up & Move

The perils of sitting all day aren’t good. Researchers have shown that remaining stationary for extended periods of time (like at your 9-to-5 desk job) can be… 252 kata lagi

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Breaking the drug-resistant TB transmission cycle important

Nearly two months after the Health Ministry set a highly ambitious target of working towards elimination of tuberculosis by 2025, a study published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases indicates that India’s TB crisis is all set to snowball by 2040 when one in 10 cases could be drug-resistant. 436 kata lagi


BDSFail "The Lancet and its editor, Prof. Richard Horton, make an about-face and publish a volume dedicated to health in Israel, highlighting its achievements and challenges"

Prestigious health journal publishes edition dedicated to health in Israel
by Rotem Elizera
May 8, 2017

The Lancet, one of the leading and oldest journals in the world in the fields of medicine and health, published a volume dedicated to health in Israel, highlighting its achievements and challenges. 81 kata lagi

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Those in judgment of Andrew Wakefield were corrupt

“People talk about conspiracy, and let’s just put that to one side. Let’s just say there’s a ruthless, pragmatic effort to protect your bottom line…. and that’s what matters to you, protecting policy and profit. 275 kata lagi