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US FDA: the Margaret Hamburg years

Volume 385, Issue 9970, 28 February 2015

WORLD REPORT US Food and Drug Administration commisioner Margaret Hamburg is stepping down after nearly 6 years in office. 175 more words


The Lancet: Can mass media interventions reduce child mortality?

In October 2014, HIFA member Will Snell reported the midline results of a three-year randomised controlled trial in Burkina Faso, testing the proposition that a radio campaign focused on child health can reduce under-five mortality. 210 more words


Andrew Wakefield and the Measles Vaccine Controversy

Controversy over the measles vaccine, and the spate of vaccine noncompliance that underlies the current measles outbreak in the United States, stem mostly from a totally debunked 1998 study by former British surgeon, Andrew Wakefield. 2.061 more words


What a good introduction paragraph looks like?

Putting their research in context is of a major concern for all the health services researchers. This comes from the fact that health services research is not per se a hard science. 106 more words

Authors Guidelines

The Weird Vaccine Panic: Rand Paul Joins the Santa Monica Left by Indulging Bad Science

Mr. Paul is an ophthalmologist, so he should know he was broadcasting misinformation

On Tuesday we rapped Chris Christie for his odd doubts about public vaccines amid a dangerous outbreak of measles in California. 520 more words

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Bad science far outweighs good science.

Via a single article, the Lancet inflicted far more harm on public health than it helped during the rest of its entire existence. The likely permanent reemergence of measles in the United States, going from “virtually extinct” to “endemic,” has the Lancet to thank more than any other single source, Jenny McCarthy included. 289 more words

NIH budget shrinks despite Ebola emergency funds

Volume 385, Issue 9966, 31 January 2015

WORLD REPORT Even with a boost in funding for Ebola research, the US National Institutes of Health’s fiscal year 2015 budget is the lowest in years. 204 more words

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