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21st Century Cures

12 August 2015
A dispatch from our Washington correspondent on the sluggish progress of the 21st Century Cures Act.
Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives last month overwhelmingly passed the 21st Century Cures Act  aimed at speeding up drug development.  69 kata lagi
The Lancet

The benefits of breastfeeding go well beyond health

Dr. Cesar Victora is a world-renowned Brazilian researcher who led the recently published 30-year Brazilian breastfeeding study. He spoke with UNICEF about his research findings and the association between breastfeeding duration with higher performance in intelligence tests, education attainment, and income at age 30. 1.005 kata lagi


New Ebola vaccine found to be 100% effective in recent trial

An Ebola vaccine developed in record time has proved highly effective against the deadly virus in a large trial in Guinea and could now be used to help end a vast outbreak in West Africa, researchers said on Friday. 250 kata lagi


Data on a new Ebola vaccine has been published today. This is how the vaccine works.

Ebola is caused by the a small group of viruses called the ebolaviruses. Symptoms are similar to a severe case of flu, but include… 477 kata lagi

50 Years of Medicare

Volume 386, Issue 9992,  1 August 2015

WORLD REPORT    In July, 1965, Medicare, America’s landmark national health insurance programme, became law. Today, it covers 55 million people. 229 kata lagi

Affordable Care Act

Climate Change and Moral Responsibility - NYTimes.com

On Tuesday, the British medical journal The Lancet will publish a landmark report highlighting the inalienable and undeniable link between climate change and human health. 793 kata lagi

Climate Change

Simple questions predicted health risk

This spring the first data from a large British health survey and information database, called the UK Biobank, was published in The Lancet. UK Biobank consist of more than 655 different measurements of demographics, health and lifestyle factors from about 500 000 middle-aged to elderly brits. 473 kata lagi

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