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Goodbye warfarin!

6 months and 11 days after Alister’s Fontan surgery he is doing well and today we are able to discontinue his warfarin and transition back to plain old 81mg ASA. 116 kata lagi

The Fontan

Goodbye Lasix

3 1/2 months after his Fontan Alister has finally had his last dose of Lasix, one of two diuretics that was started to help dry up his chylothorax. 147 kata lagi

The Fontan

Our first trip to the ER post-Fontan

The Thanksgiving long weekend is always a time of reflection, and giving thanks for the blessings bestowed upon us; for our family, it is no different. 548 kata lagi

The Fontan

Another first!

Today was Alister’s first-ever full day of daycare. His nanny Kaitlyn is expecting a baby of her own but did a great job of preparing him for this transition. 146 kata lagi

The Fontan

Team Alister’s Allies does it again

Today 17 of our dear friends and family joined our team Alister’s Allies. It was COLD but our whole team came out anyway.

Our fundraising efforts paid off and we won the top fundraiser prize. 201 kata lagi

The Fontan


Great news Alister’s chylothorax has not re-accumulated. He’s allowed engage in regular activities, eat regularly and start daycare.

Alister was much more cooperative today and we got all of the required tests done without too many tears. 9 kata lagi

The Fontan

The fat free diet is done

After 80 days on either a fat free diet or complete fasting Alister is allowed to eat fat again. He started with bacon! Chest X-ray to see if his chylothorax has returned on Tuesday.🤞🏻


The Fontan