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Bleeker - Erase You Album Review

In 2016, Rock music is like the Republican Party. While the genre may not have utterly imploded like the GOP has, it has become so visibly fragmented that its identity is nearly impossible to pin down. 288 kata lagi

Black Keys Drummer Patrick Carney Absolutely Hates Lady Gaga's 'Perfect Illusion'

Since the dawn of Born This Way, sh*tting on new tracks from Lady Gaga has become a bit of a national sport. It’s not a particularly fair pastime ( 411 kata lagi

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"It Sounds Like Hulk Hogan Is Playing Guitar" - The Black Keys' Patrick Carney Rips Lady Gaga's New Song

Lady Gaga may have brought the who’s who of rock & roll to work on her latest album, but that doesn’t mean Patrick Carney is an automatic fan. 223 kata lagi


Lady Gaga's 'Perfect Illusion' is Growing on The Black Keys' Patrick Carney

By Radio.com Staff

The Black Key’s Patrick Carney has a new segment on Vice News called ‘Patrick Carney’s High Standards Music Corner’ in which he reviews newly released songs.  198 kata lagi

“In the dead of the night I start to lose control, but I still carry the weight like I’ve always done before. It gets so heavy at times but what more can I do?” …
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A new segment I plan to develop. Bit of a less formal format here and not necessarily like reviews, just my thoughts and opinions on some of my favourite artists and their bodies of work. 960 kata lagi


Tobias Jesso Jr. - Just A Dream (2013)


Based out of North Vancouver, Tobias Jesso Jr. started playing piano in his spare time while working for a moving company. 47 kata lagi