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FESTIVAL: Rock the Shores

Rock the Shores | July 18/19th 2015 | Colwood, BC

“We are extremely excited by the world-class talent we’ve been able to secure for this year’s Rock The Shores – by far the biggest yet, and unprecedented for Vancouver Island!”, says Nick Blasko of Atomique Productions.

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Denied: Black Keys fan won't let band use Air Force One to tour; 'It's a loaner'

As Twitchy reported yesterday, the president’s #AskPOTUS Twitter Q&A was supposed to be about the Affordable Care Act, but among the 11 questions that made it through were queries about Jimmy Butler’s new contract with the Chicago Bulls, whether peas belong in guacamole, and the president’s favorite band. 202 kata lagi


Arc Your Life

Dan Auerbach, the leader singer and guitarist for The Black Keys’, has announced a solo album under the band name The Arcs, inspired by a group you may have heard of, The Grateful Dead. 87 kata lagi

Dan Auerbach

President Obama Is a Fan of What Rap Group?

The President of the United States, Barack Obama, nearly shut down Twitter after tweeting about what he was listening to this morning:

was listening to Outkast/liberation and the black keys/lonely boy this morning.

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The Black Keys ask Obama for a favor, he extends White House 'invite' instead

AKRON, Ohio — President Barack Obama was on Twitter yesterday answering all sorts of questions — one involved Akron-based band, The Black Keys!

Someone asked Obama about his favorite music and what he’s listening to these days. 143 kata lagi


President Obama's An Outkast Fan Just Like Me And You

President Obama just sealed his legacy today. No, he didn’t do it while dealing with foreign policy, the economy or any of the world’s issues. He did it by invoking the name of Outkast. 160 kata lagi


Barack Obama Listened to Outkast and The Black Keys on July 1, 2015

By Jeremy D. Larson

What did you listen to this morning?

On the way to work I listened to INXS‘ “One Of My Kind” and was singing it to myself on the subway (I spent the rest of my commute reading). 147 kata lagi