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The Avengers Review

The Avengers was such a fun movie that was completely worthy of taking up at least 15 minutes of every other Phase One movie’s screen time.   524 kata lagi


197107 Avengers #90 - Page 9

A young, naive Carol Danvers. I believe her first Avengers appearance!

Comic Books

These 2 Marvel Movies Have Way Too Many Similarities

You certainly enjoyed both The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. Both of them were undeniably impressive in their own distinct way. However, you will be astounded once you perceive the following things that these movies have in common. 390 kata lagi


Monochrome Mondays

Well if last week’s inclusion of a song was a bit different for Monochrome Mondays, then this week’s installment is different as well. I’m going to start off by saying that the photo featured this week is not a great photo, nor do I intend it to be though of as such. 439 kata lagi

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Taika Waititi wows us all with latest Thor Ragnarok Trailer

Thor: Ragnarok is looking like the roadtrip movie of the year, and Marvel definitely delivered at Comic-Con today. In the movie’s latest trailer, Thor starts out saying he’s been on a “journey of self-discover.” He’s been reunited with Bruce Banner, who vanished after the events of  102 kata lagi

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Snuggie - the third version

This is my third attempt at making a snuggie.  This time it was for my bro-M, sil-S’s hubby.  Remember her Kerokerokeroppi one?  This one included a hoodie and a zipper in front. 263 kata lagi