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The Avengers #4.1

Holy shit. This issue took this series from great to amazing. First off – my usual praise for the old school art, the wonderful dialogue, and just how well the nostalgia is nailed (right down to old comic ads!). 68 kata lagi

The Avengers

Robert Day, Avengers and QM director, dies

Robert Day, whose long career included directing episodes of The Avengers and Quinn Marin television shows, died on March 17 at the age of 94, … 207 kata lagi

James Bond Films

Ranking Every Hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

After watching Iron Fistwe’ve updated our ranking of all Marvel’s film and TV heroes from worst to best. See if you agree with our list… 1.115 kata lagi


Disembodied Steed?

In an earlier blog, I discussed the ways in which Steed’s masculinity is sometimes treated dismissively by critics and writers, despite massive evidence to the contrary, in part because of the way the gender binary is constructed in Western society. 2.539 kata lagi

The Avengers

The Avengers: Loki's Stuttgart Suit

For the brief sequence in Stuttgart, Loki is wearing a black suit & tie with a scarf and an overcoat or frock coat. The following cropped screencaps have been lightened to better show the details of the costume: 38 kata lagi


In 55 Words FD MC Challenge - Day 78

Back in the 60’s, there was this TV show entitled The Avengers. It was a very popular show featuring espionage, comedy, sci-fi and whatnot. For many, the height of its popularity was in the years where Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg played the roles of John Steed and Emma Peel. 376 kata lagi