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What Finally Made Bendis Turn the Page on His Career

In a recent interview with the Cleveland Entertainer, Brian Michael Bendis sheds a little light on what cemented his decision to move from Marvel (who he had been writing with for 17 years) to DC Comics.

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The Korvac Saga

When I was a kid in the early 70s, I started collecting comic books in a hit and miss fashion. I’d buy issues with covers I liked. 1.041 kata lagi

Comic Books

Marvel Comics Are Eating Themselves

Occasionally, revisiting a story with a fresh take on it has been known to be a good thing. For example, Marvel’s Ultimates were for the most part superior to the originals. 377 kata lagi


Could the X-MEN be joining the Avengers Movie Universe?

In recent news, Disney are negotiating with 20th Century Fox to obtain certain rights on characters, shows, and movies. In other words this could be big for the Marvel movie universe, which is owned by Disney to get characters such as the X-Men and/or Fantastic Four, which is owned by 20th Century Fox since the late 1990s. 605 kata lagi


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Complete Achievement List (XBOX, PS4, PC - 2017)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes was a gigantic game with so much to do that I never approached finishing anything other than the campaign.  So the sequel, naturally, is even bigger with several huge hub worlds, a campaign through time and space, and over 200 Marvel characters to find and add to your army of plastic heroes and villains.  521 kata lagi


Thor: The Dark World Part 3

Loki is speaking with his mother in his cell.


More books mother?


Why so sad?

Figga sees right through Loki’s facade. Loki seems shocked, but continues. 547 kata lagi