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Migraine Friday...

Hi everyone

Yay for Friday!

I woke up with a migraine this morning, so I ended calling out sick from work. I stayed in the bedroom for a while, where it was cool, quiet and dark. 425 kata lagi

Hi!  I was nominated from Light4theLord at her blog Dolls N’ All!  So lets start!


1. Post a photostory (it can be short) that includes things that are miniature for dolls, like above. 320 kata lagi



OMG! I am TOTALLY nerding out right now! Thank you, each of you for your follow! :) I never thought I would have this many followers!

Thank You!

Six months ago yesterday, I decided to finally jump into the blogging world. After years of wanting to start a blog, but always finding reasons not to, I set a goal and accomplished it! 220 kata lagi


Celebrating the 1 Year Anniversary!

Hey y’all! As many of you know, yesterday was the one year anniversary of akatheauthor! I am so glad to be able to say that! This blog has given me so many cool opportunities, but I’ll touch on that later. 325 kata lagi

Happy Birthday Weekend

I had a very nice day at Cedar Point. It was super hot and humid, though, so we didn’t do a lot of line-standing. We rode three carosels (Cedar Downs twice); four coasters: Gemini, Millenium Force, Iron Dragon, and Magnum; one swing-ride, and the Sky Ride. 230 kata lagi


Dear Readers

As a writer and blogger, it’s hard to get support. By support, I mean people genuinely sharing the things that I work on or even taking the time to watch or read the work that I do.   204 kata lagi