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Thank You <3 

My last post dealt was difficult to write and I was very reluctant to post it but I’m so glad that I did. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the wonderful, considerate and thought-provoking comments you guys left on the post. 101 more words

Random Ramblings

Stitched with Love

Danyelle from Pennsylvania knitted hats for preemie babies for her Bat Mitzvah Project!   She knitted and sent us all of these wonderful hats to be included in our next NICU shipment.  179 more words


'The Overseer': A Gentle Success

As a modest and conservative soul, I often shy away from praise and recognition. However, today I’m choosing to draw attention to the fact that days of wandering imaginings have finally brought me some success: ‘The Overseer’ has been made available to purchase on Amazon Kindle, for all to enjoy. 80 more words

Creative Blogger Award

Thanks so much Rustygarnersmith  and Phoenix  for nominating me for the Creative Blogger Award! You guys are too kind, really. I’m honestly not looking for awards when I write. 519 more words


The Winner Is.....

And the winner is…Dolly!!!!

We had a lot of fun with the llama, and we’re glad everyone else had fun. Every once in awhile we need a break from life, find the time to laugh and be distracted by something entertaining. 42 more words

Personal Lives

You can never say THANK YOU too often nor too late

I have been involved in many conversations over the past few weeks about the impact and necessity of a handwritten note. In this age of digital communication, it is easy to think that it is more important to be quick with a response or a thank you. 533 more words


Thank you.

Thank you to the third grade parents who provided healthy snacks to the third grade students and teachers.  Everyone loved the inspirational messages and the food gave everyone extra energy to beat the test! You’re the best!

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