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To the Boy that I Can't Apologize Too....

Dear You Know Who,

When I first snapchatted you, I never knew what was in store for us.  I didn’t think I was going to fall for you. 1.436 kata lagi


Birthday Blog

I’ve made it a tradition to blog on my birthday.

Birthdays make me even more introspective than usual, and I often feel compelled to write around this time of year.  757 kata lagi

💖 me in a special way...

that song played today, reminded me of six years back when I heard AZ’s ‘Love Me Now’ sample this song.

I was coming home from Iraq around that time. 127 kata lagi

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On the Shoulders of Giants

I can’t believe that I leave for Cyprus and Greece in just 2 weeks. I know that there never was much time, but 2 weeks goes by so quickly. 571 kata lagi

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