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Why I Started... Then Stopped Abruptly 

When I started this blog, it was so I could share my writing and see my process…

I started sharing my writing because a lot of people told me my writing was good, and I should make a book, or blog. 159 more words


Thanks to you - many thank you's :)

To all family, friends, fans, followers and the Universe – thank you, I wouldn’t be on this path if it wasn’t for those of you who are supporting me as I uncrinkle myself from my cocoon to be a new….author hopefully! 12 more words


Memorial Day

Memorial Day
Memorial, in honor of…
the sacrifices, the gift, the call they had to give.
The fallen, and the lives returned to appreciate on Veterans Day…and pass from us– 86 more words


All in a day's work

Her life was forever changed
By the things he’d done
The way his eyes held hers
The way he challenged her
Undaunted by her label… 39 more words


Happy Memorial Weekend From Sarah's Attic Of Treasures and Our Neck Of The Woods.

I was hoping to get this post out a few days ago but I got sick, as in laid up in bed sick. The lupus had a mind of it’s own and I was down for the count. 171 more words

Our Life

Darkness and Light

where there is light there is shadow

some are shadow, some are light

someone must take responsibility for the darkness

until you get seduced by the light you will be stuck in that dark energy… 453 more words

My Journey