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Accretion Disc (1)

Every week, I’ll come here and make my confession to you. Because despite my best efforts at reducing my to-watch pile to zero, there are always going to be more movies I want to buy. 98 kata lagi


Adventure prelude

It’s nearly time! One week today I’ll have departed England, embarking on what will be (hopefully) the trip of a lifetime.
Four months ago the idea of this adventure was a just a pipe dream, a distant idea that I continuously told myself I’d never be able to afford. 696 kata lagi


"Talk Doesn't Cook Rice!"

We are so thankful rain this month. The rains have allowed for the villagers to plant according to the annual cultivation period. At times, Thailand can be inconsistent in terms of when and how long the rains will fall. 254 kata lagi


Fun and a whole lot of memories

Thailand adventures 4:

I am an adventure seeker and travelling alone to Phuket, Thailand took some courage.
In fact walking in its hustle and bustle streets with a camera across my shoulder and literally all my spending money tucked inside my wallet was brave of me, but so worth it. 1.100 kata lagi

Living Abroad in Bangkok Thailand: Staying in good health!

The biggest concern with most Expats looking to move to Bangkok (PT/FT) is their “healthcare” needs.  Often people would ask me, “is the healthcare there any good?”  They assume it’s “piss-poor” country so that must mean lousy healthcare.   200 kata lagi

Will Roadhouse

Elephants and Hill Tribes Challenge

“If you put off everything ’till you’re sure of it, you’ll get nothing done.”

Norman Vincent Peale

After weeks of deliberation, I’ve bitten the bullet, taken the bull by the horns, whatever lingo you want to attach to it, I’ve finally made the decision that if i meet my fundraising target I will be going to Thailand in 2017.

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Sleep deprived on Phi Phi

Thailand adventures 3:

On my third night in Phuket, I stayed up all night.

I did not want to oversleep and miss my trip to Phi Phi Islands the next day. 621 kata lagi