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One week at Elephant Nature park

One day a 15 year old girl heard an odd sound up in the mountain, a scream. She asked one of the farmers what the sound was, he explained it was the elephant. 1.743 kata lagi

Khao Lak - Thailand

Rising Above The Waves

Khao lak is a bit like the band Crowded House. In just the same way as you knew more Crowded House songs than you thought you did, I am guessing you know more about Khao Lak than you imagined. 1.117 kata lagi


Escaping The Tiger Then Meeting The Crocodile.

Finally and reluctantly acknowledging me through a drawn face that quite clearly declared that, I seriously can not be arsed with any of your shit ever… 715 kata lagi


Where to Wander: Part I

Well, the past few months have been quite the rollercoaster personally! I moved into a new apartment, started my new teaching job, and have traveled to a few places around Bangkok. 681 kata lagi

Places Worth Seeing

A beautiful drive to Mae Hong Son

After 5 days in Pai, we decided to take a short trip over and through the mountains to a small town called Mae Hong Son near the border of Myanmar. 532 kata lagi