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JMC 305 - Nat Sound Project

Rachel Shaffer shares her experience with Chi Alpha at ASU.

Elise Stahl

Tempeh ( fermented soya beans )

Hi guys ,

I’ve decided to start writing in English and this topic is  my first post in this language . Why I chose this particular subject , it is because tempeh is my number one favorite food amongst all.  707 kata lagi

Indonesian Food

Canting Family Cooking Class

I don’t cook a lot, and I certainly haven’t on this trip, but I do enjoy a cooking class. I signed up for one and it started with a trip to the morning market. 361 kata lagi


Anxiety and Repugnance 2: Southwest Boogaloo

It all started with a Secret Santa present. I go to the local casino with a coworker of mine and play roulette, maybe once a month. 3.798 kata lagi


In Tempe, Gore and Associates' Military: Mission Cares Serves American Troops

Sometimes, a company already has a great team that works well together, and it’s a thing of beauty to watch them go. That was the case when Gore and Associates held a marketing team meeting in warm and sunny Tempe, AZ. 18 kata lagi

Team Building

The 4 Ps of Small Business — According to a Small Business Owner

What makes a successful small business? Is it the name? The location?

Or maybe it’s your network: The people you know.

According to small business owner, Dennis Miller, “the quality that small businesses often lack is leverage.” Depth of pocket is also a characteristic in which the roads of corporate and small businesses diverge. 751 kata lagi

Pengemasan Tempe Yang Berkualitas

Pengemasan Tempe Yang Berkualitas – Siapa yang tidak mengenal tempe. Salah satu makanan khas dari Indonesia yang sangat disukai dan populer dikalangan masyarakat. Bahkan Tempe sendiri sudah sampai ke luar negeri mulai dari benua Asia, Australia, Eropa bahkan sekarang merambah ke Amerika. 354 kata lagi

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