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Just how bad is Telkom?

I have to rant, just a little.

I tried to upgrade my internet to a 10mb/s line (currently I’m on 4mb/s). It’s 13:00 on a Saturday, but I should be able to call or upgrade via the website, right? 234 more words


Telkom Cetak Double Digit 2014

Telkom sebagai salah satu BUMN milik pemerintah Indonesia menghasilkan pencapaian double digit di 2014 yang lalu. Dengan catatan sebagai berikut :


Change DNS Servers on the Telkom 921VNX PACE Router

The VDSL router that Telkom ships comes with a web-based admin panel, which for some reason will not let you configure the DNS servers that your LAN devices use. 183 more words


Mengenai Jam Malam Telkom University

Salam Mahasiswa!

Mengenai jam malam, sejatinya kampus mempunyai niatan baik, menurut Pak Hendratno (Direktur Kemahasiswaan) salah satu alasan diterapkannya aturan ini untuk mengatur jam tidur mahasiswa 505 more words



I don’t know what’s wrong with our ISP today.
first my lintas arta ISP forcing us to use their DNS server which – with all due respect – is crap, it has no stability, several times a day the dns is not working (failed to resolve domain names), the alternative is by using nawala dns and, at least this one is stable. 407 more words

IT Technical

Kristiono, the New Chairman of the Indonesian ICT Society

The Indonesian Information and Technology Society (Mastel) has just appointed the former President Director of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (IDX: TLKM), Kristiono, as its chairman for the 2015 to 2018 period. 19 more words


MTN Prepaid And Contract Customers Prepare To Pay More

MTN is following Vodacom with price hikes, both prepaid and contract prices will increase.

These price increases will come into effect next month, but to clarify prepaid customers will be effected from April 23rd and contract customers May 13th. 27 more words