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Indigo Gathering "The Next Unicorn"

Apakah kalian startup Indigo angkatan 2014 s.d. 2017?
Untuk petama kalinya, Indigo Creative Nation akan mengadakan gathering dengan mengumpulkan semua startup Indigo yang pernah dan sedang mengikuti program inkubasi & akeselerasi dari mulai angkatan 2014 s.d. 60 kata lagi


The 500Gb promo comes to end

Telkom’s 500GB for R50 SmartBroadband Wireless LTE promotion is coming to an end.

The 500GB of Night Surfer LTE data could be purchased by a user for R50, and was valid for 31 days. 93 kata lagi

How I Survived Over A Month Without WiFi

Disclaimer: yes, I understand my inherent privilege and that millions of people don’t have access to WiFi. My problem is a very first world one for a third world gal. 577 kata lagi

My blessed bosom and I are suffocating

I am sitting next to this guy with broad shoulders and because he feels like he paid for a VIP seat,my blessed bosom and I are suffocating trying to be creative with angles to be more comfortable.Now,on normal days, i would throw a dirty look, or out-rightly tell him to be more courteous and make space for my baby’s food,but after a long day in the office,I don’t think I have the grace.I am now planning to top up my Telkom line every hour and maybe, just maybe I may win a car and save my baby’s food from being suffocated by every Jimmy, Anto and Marto whose egos are bigger than their shoulders.I will use my kavitz every where I go and will complain about traffic.And because you elect leaders who dont care about you,you’ll be forced to alight at Muthurwa or Ngara because well the CBD is meant for the driving class.Meanwhile,I will whistle in my kavitz and not offer you lifts because you ought to raise your sons better to respect big bossomed ladies.

Teror Telpon Greater Jakarta

baru baru ini saya dibikin kesel sama telpon dari greater jakarta yang gak tahu diri, maaf kalau saya kasar, tapi kenyataannya seperti itu, mereka telpon lebih dari 3x dan selalu memaksa untuk menelpon terus walaupun sudah saya tolak atau saya abaikan, yang bikin saya kesel itu kalau saya lagi maen game di handphone eh ada telpon dari greater jakarta berkali kali sudah saya tolak sampai lebih dari 5x tapi tetap aja mereka maksa buat telpon akhirnya saya kesal pun saya blokir telpon greater jakarta. 546 kata lagi

Resume Technical Meeting AMIGO

Sebelumnya saya perkenalkan diri saya dulu, nama saya Averiel Akmal Nugraha kelas TI-40-04 di Telkom University dan sedang mengikuti rekruitasi AMIGO 2018. Kebetulan saya tidak bisa hadir technical meeting karena merasa tidak sehat jadi saya akan menceritakan saja kenapa saya mengikuti AMIGO ini. 214 kata lagi

Telkom University

Telkom Rolls Out Mobile Money Transfer.

#TKashIsHere to ensure that all our subscribers will be able to access mobile money in a fast and reliable way.

“Tkash is fast, reliable and personalized.

35 kata lagi