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7 Shows That Made Our Childhood Amazing

Get ready for a jovial memory ride!

Childhood is the most cherished parts of our lives; where our mind is free from stress and tension of finance and relationships. 490 kata lagi


Warna-Warni Rumah "Teletubbies"

Dolungo, Yogyakarta- Rumah Domes adalah rumah berbentuk setengah lingkaran yang dibangun untuk korban bencana gempa bumi di Yogyakarta pada tahun 2006. Komplek perumahan yang bentuknya mirip rumah dalam film serial anak-anak “Teletubies” ini berada di Desa Nglepen, Prambanan, Sleman, Yogyakarta. 377 kata lagi


Childhood Imagination

When we had the free time in class to brainstorm times when we used our imagination during our childhood, not much came to mind. Despite being a child for many years, I do not hold onto many memories from my time as a kid. 397 kata lagi

Class Assignments

we're not in kansas anymore (Music Monday)

Despite all the mishaps of this day, everything seems to be in Divine Order. One thing smoothly leads to the next, yet nothing is going as planned. 25 kata lagi


Monday Montage

What’s happening, what’s on and what’s interesting this week …

Follow two pilots as they construct and fly the first solar-powered airplane around the world. Tune in as NOVA presents the greatest aviation adventure of our time on… 359 kata lagi

Monday Montage

Teletubbies detained pending deportation!

According to an ICE spokesperson the Teletubbies illegally tried to enter the US with fake British passports. There has been considerable difficulty determining their nationality. They have refused to cooperate with ICE and there is growing speculation the Teletubbies may be extraterrestrials.

1 more sleep

Monday wasn’t that bad. I had a slow day at work. Apparently no one was doing anything in the business as I only received a few emails all day. 342 kata lagi