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The Lord's Lair

the old man spoke up in a bar
said i never been in prison
a lifetime serving one machine
is ten times worse than prison       The Clash… 761 kata lagi


SO WHAT'CHA WANT by the Beastie Boys is even better with muppets

The real question isn’t whether adding muppets improves this song. The question is why muppets make it insanely great.

Here’s my theory: contrast always works, and using muppets maximizes the contrast and irony. 107 kata lagi

2 Music Video Monday

Ingin merasakan tinggal di rumah teletubbies? Berkunjung ke Yogyakarta, yuk..

Infoproperti.com – Yogyakarta bukan hanya terkenal dengan wisata pantai dan juga candinya saja loh. Ada satu lagi wisata yang wajib dikunjungi saat ke Yogyakarta, tepatnya di wilayah Sleman yaitu rumah teletubbies.  155 kata lagi


How Teletubbies scare the wits out of me!

I was accompanying my niece in her quest to buy stuff toys. Searching through various toys she brought my attention to some:

“Mama, can I buy one of those?” She asked. 795 kata lagi

My Story

I dream of teletubbies rampage

I know it’s wrong but I have worked out how to kill the teletubbies….and for that matter several childhood favourites. Surely I’m not alone on this? 426 kata lagi