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I’m sure you all have heard about the Telegram. Yes a WhatsApp that comes in Blue. Right.

Okay still give me some background.

Here you go… 709 more words


Telegram: A suitable alternative/replacement for WhatsApp

“But WhatsApp is working so well!!!” – random person on the street

This is phone territory, which I thought I wouldn’t write about, but like most people, I use a smart phone which has now encroached into desktop/laptop territory. 603 more words


Photo Editor and Passcode Lock

Today’s update to our iOS and Android apps reflects the essence of Telegram – a combination of easy-to-use privacy tools and popular mass market features. Photo Editor Each day Telegram users share 35 million photos, and this number is growing by the hour. 12 more words


Flaws in Telegram, the secure messaging App expose Secret Chat messages

Telegram cross-platform messaging flaws allow hackers to bypass encryption and access user messages

Apparently the Secret Chat feature of Telegram saves messages in plain text in the memory dump… 445 more words


Family treasure discovered

This past week I went through some old papers of my parents.

I discovered two telegrams sent to my parents while they were travelling

to South Africa in 1952 on De Waterman… 33 more words

Social Events

Retrotechtacular: Teleprinter Tour, Teardown

This week, we’re taking the wayback machine to 1940 for an informative, fast-paced look at the teleprinter. At the telegram office’s counter, recites her well-wishes to the clerk. 244 more words

Hackaday Columns

Descubre en qué aspectos Telegram es superior a WhatsApp

Descubre en qué aspectos Telegram es superior a WhatsApp, hace tiempo que se conocen algunas diferencias entre estos dos servicios de mensajería pero la mayoría de los usuarios sigue con preferencia a WhatsApp. 285 more words