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Germany and France declare War on Encryption to fight terrorism

Source: thehackernews.com

Yet another war on Encryption!

France and Germany are asking the European Union for new laws that would require mobile messaging services to decrypt secure communications on demand and make them available to law enforcement agencies. 315 kata lagi


On How WhatsApp steals your Privacy and About a Good Alternative

It was a Friday.

After surviving 5 hours of horribly soporific lectures on Law, like most other Fridays, I headed to my hostel room with the pleasure of having a couple of weekend holidays. 1.418 kata lagi

WhatsApp-Facebook data-sharing deal probed by UK privacy watchdog

Well that was fast. Just one day after WhatsApp revealed a sea-change in its attitude to user data, by detailing plans to share the mobile numbers and last seen status of its users with parent company Facebook for ad-targeting and marketing purposes, the UK’s data protection watchdog has fired a warning shot across Zuckerberg’s bows by announcing it intends to investigate the arrangement. 870 kata lagi


Paris, Berlin want access to encrypted apps to fight terror

Interior ministers of France and Germany have called for new regulations to let police read encrypted messages. Many Islamist groups use messaging apps, and more police access would help fight terror, officials claim. 475 kata lagi




Burung Rajawali memiliki beberapa musuh, salah satunya adalah Burung Gagak, yang selalu berteriak dan mengganggu.

Kenyataannya kita semua memiliki beberapa “Burung Gagak” dalam hidup kita, anda mungkin punya sekumpulan dari mereka. 180 kata lagi


The new paradigm for human-bot communication

Editor’s note: Xuchen Yao is co-founder and CEO, and Guoguo Chen and Kenji Sagae are co-founders, of KITT.AI. Daniel Li is an associate at… 953 kata lagi