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No, Google did not try to buy us, says Telegram founder

Reports in the Russian press that Google tried to acquire the Telegram messaging app last year for $1 billion have been firmly rebutted by Telegram founder Pavel Durov. 245 kata lagi


B4J: ABTelegram bots library

Bots are the next hot thing in 2016! So in my spare-spare time I’ve been working on a wrapper for the Telegram API v2.0. It has a rather unconventional API but I’m reworking it to make it very easy to write bots in B4J. 1.276 kata lagi


Messaging bots won’t replace apps

Facebook’s long-expected addition of chatbots to Messenger recently confirms early signs already seen with SlackTelegram, and Kik: Chatbots are all the rage, and along with the shift to conversational commerce, represent one of the major trends in 2016. 1.105 kata lagi

.tutte le schede monografiche dei punti fiduciali in un Bot Telegram

Nell’attesa che l’Agenzia delle Entrate metta a disposizione di chiunque i suoi dati, attraverso dei servizi aperti e liberamente accessibili a tutti, ho creato un Bot Telegram per ricercare e scaricare le schede monografiche dei punti fiduciali per l’intero territorio nazionale. 151 kata lagi


Electric Telegraph - Blantyre

The electric telegraph was a system that permitted communication via electrical signals. The first commercial systems using Morse code but later were able to transmit words. 358 kata lagi

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Have Phone, Will Chat (and Study)

CHATTING  is the lifeblood of teens. When class is in session and no chatting is allowed, our iPhones, Samsungs, and Xiaomis come out to play. 713 kata lagi

Student Essays


What do you call an instant telegram? How about… Instagram. Created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger, Instagram, a free social media app that is used share your life with friends through pictures, was designed to make the photo sharing process ore simple. 95 kata lagi