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This is how ISIS has been communicating

It seems pretty ironic that ISIS has been using a messenger service that was created to hide from government intrusion. In this case, the company is Telegram. 162 kata lagi

Paris Attacks-Telegram Messaging App Blocked More Than 160 ISIS-Related Channels

Even though there was no official statement on how Paris attackers communicated, Telegram, a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app, reported to have to blocked more than 160 terrorism related chanels.  379 kata lagi


Is it safe to plan a terrorist attack on Telegram?

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday, questions are arising as to how a group of at least seven attackers from different countries could coordinate their criminal efforts without being discovered by law enforcement. 807 kata lagi

Online Privacy

U.S. Secretary of State Used A Totally Unsecured Private Email System, While The Average 19 Year Old From the Islamic State Used Complex Encryption -- Winners and Losers....

Please don’t lecture us on security, lady.

An undated photograph from Dabiq, an Islamic State magazine, showing Abdelhamid Abaaoud. Credit via Associated Press

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Islamic State group claims responsibility for the shooting of an Italian missionary in Bangladesh

The Islamic State group took responsibility for the shooting of an Italian missionary in Bangladesh on Wednesday.

Piero Parolari, a physician living in the region for almost thirty years, was wounded in the neck after assailants pulled up behind him on a motorcycle and shot at him. 132 kata lagi

Islamic State

After Paris Attacks, Telegram Purges ISIS Public Content

In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, and amid ongoing operations to catch the perpetrators, with fears of further attacks swirling — secure messaging app… 749 kata lagi