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Tecktonik ; glad that it died.

No, it is not a bad Friday night cocktail that many pothole lickers in night clubs have and If you are 13 and reading this, here is a short recap; Tecktonik was once a popular disease that affected many retarded idiots (from 12 to 21) in the late 2000’s.Take it as Ebola, but less harmful and more damaging to your composure. 438 kata lagi


Pemikiran Alternatif Evolusi Tektonik Sundaland pada Zaman Yura dan Kapur

Oleh: Awang Harun Satyana

Pertemuan ilmiah tahunan Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) ke-38 (2014) yang diikuti 2400 peserta pada 21-23 Mei baru saja usai digelar di Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). 485 kata lagi


Dana Leong's Tektonik, Brooklyn Raga Massive/Art Cafe

Dana Leong’s Tektonik @ Brooklyn Raga Massive

Mike Shobe on trumpet with Tektonik @ Brooklyn Raga Massive

Alicia went out of town and I suddenly found myself in Brooklyn more times than I can count.   575 kata lagi

Live Music

Published in Pretty Owl Poetry

Pretty Owl Poetry is a new online literary mag based out of the USA with some nifty, gritty work. They like the shameful, the surreal, and in their own words: “confessions of crimes & hearts teeming with rattlesnakes”. 32 kata lagi


Tektonik Hodri Meydan

Tektonik & Asilzade Hodri Meydan Dis..