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Jamal Moss - Acid Taken Over [0000000-003]

‘Jamal Moss has cultivated an unmistakable sonic vocabulary. Genre signifiers are contorted into perplexing polyrhythms of perpetual dynamism and velocity. The chirps and squelches of acid heritage are subverted and lunged into new zones without sacrificing spirit. 30 kata lagi


Qnete - Play-Doh Stories [777_15]

‘Hello, I am Qnete and these are my Play-Doh Stories. Some of them are already three years old and it feels like I’ve become somewhat of a different person since then. 74 kata lagi


Geffen - Ultima Weapon EP [RAWAX023]

Rawax returns 2018 with a new EP by Davide Disanto aka Geffen from the lovely Bari. Four raw cuts is good Rawax tradition.



Apa yang Harus Kamu Lakukan Jika Windows 10 Gagal Booting

Anda hampir tidak akan pernah menemukan masalah dengan Windows 10 karena OS ini merupakan OS yang sangat stabil menurut developer.  Namun sebagai OS yang paling stabil sekalipun, masih akan terdapat beberapa masalah yang sering terjadi dan dapat menjadi sangat susah untuk diselesaikan. 632 kata lagi

Autechre remixes from 1994 to 2007

Autechre did a number of amazing remixes in the 1990 especially in the golden era of Warp records and IDM and ambient techno. I collected them into 15 tracks and made a mix out of it with the following tracks : 111 kata lagi



Love this SAL DULU shit, man wish this was around 15 years ago, the world was in a dark place and needed this chill beauty to maintain. TYKO my brothers, TYKO.



With over thirteen years experience of playing a chief role in Melbourne’s underground techno scene, Ranjit Nijjer can lay claim to contributing to a few special moments in it’s history. 1.160 kata lagi