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[Review US-Movie] Iron Man (2008): Start Sangat Baik Marvel Cinematic Universe

Dalam rangka marathon MCU, Saya akan mulai menulis review semua film-filmnya dari awal, kecuali film-film yang sudah pernah saya review. Sebenarnya bukan karena ingin marathon dalam rangka menunggu Avenger Infinity War, rencana gini sudah ada sejak lama, Cuma kayaknya nunggu momentumnya yang pas ya sekarang-sekarang ini. 786 kata lagi

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SummerInTheMix2018 by Danilo Perkelman

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Retrograde Youth - “Stairway To Hell”

For every profession a hat, and for every hat a profession. When it comes to headware, direction and purpose are key. The aimless wanderings of youth are best left to bandana’s; free to flitter and flatter, to float and to muse. 104 kata lagi


NOVO MUNDO - “Dezembro” (ASC 004)

 Has the perfect bowl ever been created? You know what I mean. Not in the aesthetic sense. Utilitarianism! I want to take it with me as I venture into the hinterlands, unencumbered and free. 92 kata lagi


AstroPilot – Collection of old tracks 2005 - 2010

“I only recently
discovered Astropilot’s amazing music within the last year or so. I’m happy to find this collection of songs which provide a glimpse into the legacy of his earlier work.

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Review: Vh1 Supersonic celebrates 5th Year anniversary with great extravaganza.

Rave Hoppers Goes Supersonic

Vh1 Supersonic pulled off its 5th edition in the second weekend of February with style being the most premiered festival in the country taking place in Laxmi Lawns – the city of Magarpatta, in Pune.

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Vh1 Supersonic

Andria - “Lotinya”

Nevermind the dentist, it’s all about their treasure chests. The words, “I love having dental work done,” have never been spoken. Taking pleasure, or so enjoying much as enjoying, the benefits of dental work are common, current, and perfectly acceptable. 131 kata lagi