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Untitled, original poem #82

sunlight shimmers on your lips
you taste of blueberries
 and love

with lavender oil
 we anoint our hips

you fit me like a glove

JL Harrington

Original poem #81

Wednesday Water Therapy

i am aflame
weighted organically
 atomically as my myriad self
molecules and muons

human reality
 is likened to algal blooms
fronds on a lake
 to be accurate

surely this isn't a poem

JL Harrington

Original poem #80

Poet’s Burden

my rooms were always filled
 with roses
my lovers knew
  how i took my tea
and thus it was
 my life flowed by
while i penned others' dreams


JL Harrington


A few days ago I went back to Facebook. I thought that it was something that I would never, ever do, but I’ve been feeling isolated. 305 kata lagi


Untitled, original poem #79

can only be moved 
 on the surface
so many
 of these earth-clod gods

i can not swim their current
 and stay the course myself
my waters and my world

can't speak and swim
and there's nothing left to say

how will i know the one
i should have never come


JL Harrington

Untitled, original poem #78 (Haiku)

like chameleons

cloaked from sight in waning sun

oligarchs bend leaves


JL Harrington

Untitled, original poem #77

those clouds
those swift
  rushing clouds

did they record
 that bygone name
imprint it in raindrops
brush its syllables
 up mountains
  over oceans
to wander
 with the winds of time

does his dying breath
 still linger in my air

those clouds
those silent

JL Harrington